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Mar 18, 2022
I know nobody asked for this, but i'll post it anyway!

2x2: 2.69 F U' R' F U' F' R2 F R'
3x3: 35.33 D B2 L2 B U2 B' D2 R2 B R2 U2 R2 F' D L U B2 U2 R' D L
4x4: couldn't find the scramble but time is 6:19.55
3x3 oh: 1:27.31 U2 R' D2 B2 R2 D2 L2 F' D2 B U2 L2 F' L B' U' F L' D B D2
Pyraminx: 14.93 B U' B' U' L' R B U' B r' u

I know this isnt really a member intro but thats the closest i could get. Please add a pbs tag!


Mar 5, 2022
gan warehouse
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2x2 1.29 (F R' F' R U R U' R' solution)
got 1.11 +2

3x3 12.51 L F2 L' U2 L2 B2 F2 L' B2 D2 R F2 D' L' R D' U2 B' D U' R2

4x4: 1:28.67 Rw2 Fw' F' Rw' B2 U2 B L' B2 D' F2 L' Rw F2 Uw' Rw U2 Fw2 L2 F Rw D2 U2 B' Fw L2 Rw R2 D Uw2 L2 Rw' Fw' Rw F L B D' U2 F D2 U F U B2 L

5x5 3:03.05 too lasy to find scramble

6x6 7:19.25 too lazy to find scramble

Megaminx 1:58.70 too lazy... u get the point

Pyraminx 8.46
Dec 23, 2020
my pbs:
2x2 (0.93) R2 U2 R2 U2 R' U2 F U2

3x3 (6.04) U L2 F2 D L2 B2 D2 L2 D R' B D' R' B L R B' D2 F

4x4 (35.45) Fw B L R D' Uw' F D U' L2 Rw' U' R2 Fw L' Uw2 F D' Uw Rw' F2 B2 U2 L' R B' L2 R B2 D' B Fw F2 D' Uw R' L Uw' Fw2 L2

5x5 (1:47.46) Uw' Lw Fw B F' D Dw' R Rw2 L' D' Rw Bw2 U2 Dw2 R' Uw R2 Fw2 Lw Uw F' U' Dw' Uw Lw' D Bw U2 R F' Lw B' U' D L2 U Dw' L U2 L' Rw Dw Uw2 R Rw Dw D2 L D' Dw' F' B2 Bw Dw2 Fw' Rw Dw' Lw2 Uw'

3x3 oh (23.84) B U2 B R2 B U2 F2 U2 R' F' D' R2 B2 U2 R B2 R F2 U (dun rlly pract OH yea)

skewb (1.82) L' R' L U L B' U

sq-1 (35.59) (1, -3) / (-3, 5) / (-3, 6) / (1, 0) / (0, 2) / (6, -2) / (-2, 5) / (-3, 0) / (-2, -3) / (-1, -5) / (3, 3) / (0, -2) / (6, 4) / (-4, 5) / (2, -4)

yep more or less it


Aug 11, 2016
New 4x4 PBs:
Single: 35.31 → 34.84
Mo3: 40.55 → 40.53
Ao5: 41.26 → 40.65
Ao12: 43.70 → 42.57
Ao50: 45.73 → 45.27
Ao100: 46.52 → 45.83

As well as 7x7:
Single: 3:55.01 → 3:38.76 (!)
Mo3: 4:06.75 → 3:53.80
Ao5: 4:07.07 → 4:01.40
Ao12: 4:18.20 → 4:07.61