1. sleepx

    Favourite WCA Events (Post + Present)

    What is everyone's favourite WCA events? Including both removed one and currently active ones. Mine is Skewb. -hotmilo
  2. Z - Canadian Cube Store

    CANcube is a really underrated store. As a Canadian, (previously is the best website to buy cubes. First off, shipping is really affordable. I paid $12 for shipping, and it arrived in 3 days. It has 24/7 email support. Once my friend bought a Silicone Lube from CANcube...
  3. SollsIsCool

    Looking to start a cubing club in the Los Angeles county area. (Southern California, USA)

    I’m going to a bruin cube day 2022 at ucla if anyone else is going tell me
  4. M

    3x3 2 Colour (Blue Green) Official Rubik's

    Hi! Rubik's cube beginner here. Recently bough a speed cube learnt the beginner method and having fun with it! I've had this blue and green cube for 10+ years and never learnt to solve it, until yesterday when I used the beginner method with a bit of intuition and a lot of trial and error! It...
  5. A Cube Program I Made On My Calculator

    A Cube Program I Made On My Calculator

    I made a program that scrambles a cube, lets you insert a time, and calculates your best singles, means, and averages-- all on my TI-83+ calculator. The size is about 3,245 bytes for the full version, which can do 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, skewb, megaminx, clock, and OH/BLD scrambles.
  6. F

    UPDATE: Selling most of my collection (100+ puzzles)

    Hi everyone, Like the title says, I am selling most of my collection. Please take a look through the attached photos and let me know what you are interested in - I will let you know how much I am looking to sell for. I would have loved to include a list of puzzles and prices but it is just a...
  7. Ultimatecuber0814

    Cubing at home 2 (Online Comp)

    Hey Cubers! Another online comp for you guys! The rules will be different from the previous comp, so read carefully! Rules: -Start at 17 November, End at 19 November. -Come to this thread at 17 Nov SGT and forms will be provided in the comments. -Certificate of merit to podium winners -DO NOT...
  8. cuberswoop

    Cuberly Monthly Bracket Challenge

    This will be a Cubing Bracket Competition. There is no limit to competitors, but there must be at least 4 people participating in 1 event. You will sign up at the link at the bottom of the page. The scrambles will be posted in an email to you, as well as a form for you to enter your times in...
  9. Cube (2018)

    Cube (2018)

    When I had a dog, I would always practice 3x3 while walking said dog. (Her name was Nyssa, in case you're wondering.)
  10. Cube Collection (Top View) (2018)

    Cube Collection (Top View) (2018)

    A cool top view representation of my January 2018 cube collection.
  11. SH03L4C3

    ASMR Cube Sounds

    This is a thread where you post ASMR cube sounds and poll on the best one. Just record a voice recorder with the cube very close to the microphone and turn slowly, slowly getting faster until you reach normal tps. Be sure to include: Cube name Mods/Setup Video You don't have to use Google...
  12. CubeRed

    Share your cubing collection

    SHARE YOUR CUBING COLLECTION I decided to post my collection but I didn't see a thread for it. So, I decided I would make one! The "rule" is that you need to post a picture of your collection with the names of the puzzles/accessories you have. I will start. 3x3 The white one is my first ever...
  13. Neatcubing

    [Member Intro] New Cuber Here!

    I am Asian and I'm currently sub 30.I have just started cubing 2 months ago.I genuinely like cubing and I think it is a fun activity.Its always satisfying when I break a new barrier.
  14. Human Cuber

    What? I Colour Graded Your Cubing Video!

    The Biggest Collaboration I did so Far! ENJOY!
  15. M

    Rubik's cube help Project

    Yo guys, can you help me share this project that I am doing. I want to teach some kid from Brazil how to solve the cube, so they have something productive to do in quarantine
  16. A

    looking for smart puzzles developer

    Hello, is there anyone, who understands how to build smart BLE cubes? or maybe contacts of GAN356i developers?
  17. TekO free

    Solving 300 solves in one sitting

  18. TekO free

    Top 5 worst cube fails

  19. TheSlykrCubr

    Celeritadheron: my new premium cube

    So this will be a quick written review on the combination of Angstrom Celeritas, Adheron Heavy, and Lubest Pro, all of which can be bought for $19 at the cubicle. I added this "Celeritadheron" to 4 different puzzles, the YJ YuPo V2M, the Valk 3 Elite M, the YJ MGC 4x4, and the Yuxin Little...
  20. teboecubes

    I Solved All My Rubik’s Cubes! (81 Cubes)