1. cubecraze1

    [Official] 13.12 Average Of 5 (Shepparton Winter)

    Cube: Guhong II Times: 13.75, DNF(14.72), 13.03, 11.25, 12.58 Last solve was a pll skip. Reconstruction?
  2. TimMc

    Speedcubing in Melbourne

    Hi All, Paul, Ninja and I caught up at Melbourne Central the other day :) There's a massive non-functional cube there! :eek: Paul was solving the 3x3x3 blindfolded with a cycle method :D Ninja did a 16 second non-lucky 3x3x3 solve :p And I did a few sub 1.5 second...
  3. edd5190

    Accomplishment Thread

    A thread for accomplishments, hence the title, "Accomplishments Thread". Just post your accomplishments here. I decided to make an accomplishments thread because they have one in TwistyPuzzles and I think it would be nice to have one here too. I'll start: I've finally gotten around to...