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In the last few days, I have been doing a minimum of 50 solves every day, and managed to get two or three sub 1m solves every day. My average TPS for solves is finally 1 or over. However, that is affecting my trigger thumb. I now have to take it very easy for a week to recover from the pain and swelling. Maybe do only slow solving? 🧙‍♂️
I got to the lumbermill and rode my duck to Prufrock Preparatory School. Now I'm at the turban monument at the school, an homage to Coach Genghis. Genghis was a bright student here once, but love for money consumed him.
Victor (my duck) can smell the Red Nexus authorities on our tail. We might be faster together, but that just puts us in more danger. We're splitting up for the walk to a certain penthouse in the city.
I'm heading towards the burned-down Lucky Smells Lumbermill, where my duck, Victor, awaits me. Then, we will be able to head more quickly to our next destination: an old learning institution whose tall, gravestone-shaped pillars stand, not for learning as they once did, but for the misery of the students who attend.