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Lel. Just got a 5.52 on this scramble (PB): 5.52: UR0+ DR2+ DL1+ UL0+ U1+ R3- D5- L0+ ALL2- y2 U2- R0+ D2+ L2+ ALL6+ DR DL

Start with the side that has both a edge-center and edge-edge lucky case, solve that side, then do a corner flip (x2 z), and solve the other side. Insane scramble, beating my previous PB (6.31) by almost 0.8!
I got a 10.xyz, probably because I haven't practiced in a while :\
Sorry you didn't get CR for MBLD, at least you got NR for 4BLD!
Everyone else in 4BLD at the comp (Chris Groenewald and Ruben Grobler) got DNFs LOL.
5x5 and 6x6 (Those are the ones I have) I would recommend 7x7, but I don't have one. After 7x7, it doesn't really matter because bigger cubes tend to be more expensive and there aren't events for them in the WCA. However, if you have bigger cubes and a YouTube channel and do full solves of them or something, people are usually going to watch what you did more. In the end it's up to you.