1. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 1:01.148 Megaminx Single PB! Whaaaaat... I never thought I'd get 1:01. I got a 1:07 ao5 and 1:10 ao12 too. I encourage you to critique this solve! I feel like there's so much I can improve, help?!
  2. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] Megaminx Single: 1:44.368 PB!

    I can't be bothered to learn OLL and PLL for megaminx. For now, this is my personal best: :tu EDIT: I don't know why the video isn't showing. It may have something to do with posting from an iPad. Help?
  3. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 2x2 Average of 5: 2.29 - New PB!

    First 2x2 average PB on camera ever!! I just wanted sub 3, but I'll take sub 2.3 also! haha! I think I might start using a stackmat because it is a small difference with a stackmat. So here are the stats: Best 2x2 Average of 5: 2.29 σ: 0.61 Best Time: 1.99 Worst Time: 3.24 Individual Times...
  4. edd5190

    Accomplishment Thread

    A thread for accomplishments, hence the title, "Accomplishments Thread". Just post your accomplishments here. I decided to make an accomplishments thread because they have one in TwistyPuzzles and I think it would be nice to have one here too. I'll start: I've finally gotten around to...