1. imvelox

    9x9 single 5:48.41 (UWR)

    Never thought sub6 could be possible :p Using MF9 sub5:30 should be possible.
  2. OLLiver

    [Unofficial] 16 Cubes in One breath UWR 4:32

    Finally something good on cam. Currently organising an official attempt within 2 months or so.
  3. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 6.84 UWR Skype TeamBLD Single - Rami Sbahi and Patrick Ponce

    Solve starts at 0:27. I'm in awe. We just got a 6 on cam. I don't even care that the quality isn't that great. I actually caught a 6 on cam. This is UWR, not just YTUWR. Wow - I'm finally satisfied with our on cam single. Cube: YuXin 3x3
  4. OLLiver

    [Unofficial] 13 Rubik's Cubes In One Breath, UWR - Good Camera Angle

    Ok So people wanted a better angle, so I practiced my F2L and bought a new camera and one upped my UWR. Here is 13 cubes in breath, 3:54! I'm currently organising an record attempt. Expect a Unofficial attempt underwater soon
  5. OLLiver

    [Unofficial] UWR! 12 RUBIKS CUBES, One breath, 4:08!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbOwSQZ4XOo cubewizard23 did 11 so naturally I immediately had to do twelve, sorry about the angle, my tripod was literally drooping (lol). This was second attempt, this is also my first breath hold over 4 minutes ever. I averaged over 20 seconds per cube...
  6. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 3x3 SpeedBLD UWR: 6.469!

    Skip to 1:26 for the solve. YESSSSSSS! This was only my third attempt. My first 2 were 8.483 and 10.201. Memorization was something like an hour. Figuring out the PLL took way longer than it should have, lol. Reconstruction: L2 U' R U B' L2 U2 D R' U2 F B2 L2 U2 L2 B U2 B' L2 B2 U' y D' U'...
  7. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 3x3 SpeedBLD Single: 8.483

    Skip to 1:40 for the solve. This solve took me about 1 hour and 20 minutes to memorize, with a 4 hour break somewhere in the middle. No worries, I didn't practice this before because I forced myself to not turn the cube and I have no other 3x3. :P This was my first try (other than me...
  8. OLLiver

    [Unofficial] UWR, 10 rubiks cube solved in one breath!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWC-KVT7PnY This is not fake, I can actually hold my breath for three minutes. I know I didn't do it underwater, but I don't have access to a large volume of water currently. One day I will do it underwater. :) But for now UWR club!
  9. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 8.297 Skype TeamBLD YTUWR Single w/ Patrick Ponce

    Solve starts at 0:40. Waaaat. Patrick was not supposed to be the one who calls the YTUWRs... :P This is also our PB for him calling. Woohoo! Yay for PLL skip. :P Cube: HuaLong
  10. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] [YTUWR] 9.019 Skype TeamBLD Single + 11.44 avg5! w/ Patrick

    Skip to 4:35 for the 9.019. Ay, pretty nice. We've had so m uch frustration with filming. Our success rate usually is about 90%, but goes down to about 60% when we film, along with slower times due to Patrick not being able to memorize as much in inspection. So getting this was quite a relief...
  11. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] [YTUWR] 10.91 Skype TeamBLD Solve w/ Patrick Ponce

    Our teamBLD codes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aPvd-OP8ULJIvNvLndzVnoqOBMe8KYvRl5uCzV3eLKs/edit?usp=sharing Pretty awesome, but we do have a 7.83 UWR single. :P We could easily get a sub-10 on cam, but Patrick rarely has access to his camera. Here's the reconstruction: Scramble: F2 L2...
  12. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 2-man Mini Guildford Challenge UWR - 2:14.999 - Rami Sbahi + Lucas Etter

    Events: 2-5, OH, Pyraminx, Megaminx, Square-1, Clock, Skewb. Lucas: 2-5 = 2:09.418 Rami: OH, Pyraminx, Megaminx, Square-1, Clock, Skewb = 2:14.999 (actual time) Yayyyy... Took us a while to get this. We tried pretty hard before Michigan, but couldn't do it (our best was 2:25ish iirc). We...
  13. CuberRiley

    [Unofficial] 138 Pyraminx Solved while Hula Hooping (UWR)!

    GWR is currently working on confirming this record. Time lapse: Full video: Thanks for watching!
  14. CuberRiley

    [Unofficial] (UWR) Most Rubik's Cubes Solved while Hula Hooping! (42)

    Hey! I'm officially sore for life! I submitted these to Guinness and I'm just waiting to hear back! Here is the time lapse video: And if you want proof this was all legit or you have no life/unlimited free time, here is the full video: Thx 4 watching bro
  15. CuberRiley

    [Unofficial] 28.86 single while riding a bike

    This was fun yet very dangerous
  16. CuberRiley

    [Unofficial] 1.813 POV Skewb solve & Pyraminx Best on Cam FAIL (4.77)

    So last night I hit a REALLY strange scramble, involving a 4 move first side, sledgehammer for second side, and a last 4 center skip. Check out the video here: http://youtu.be/4LOi0tzwHrs Long pause plus I missed the space bar. Should have been sub 3.5 which would be best on cam. Oh well...
  17. Kchiuk

    [Unofficial] 15.83 15puzzle single

    I think, on real 15 puzzle, it's YTUWR.
  18. pjk

    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    This thread is to be used for miscellaneous One-Answer Questions that don't belong in the other One-Answer threads in this forum. ----------------------------------------------
  19. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 1.59 2x2 Average of 12 (+ .524 WR scramble single)

    Time List: 1. 1.736 F' U' R2 U R F2 U' R F2 2. 1.704 F2 R' F2 U' R2 U' F R U2 3. 1.672 U2 F2 R' U R F' R2 U R' 4. 1.966 U R' F U' F R2 F' R' F 5. 1.274 F' R' U2 R F' R2 U R' U2 6. 1.433 U' R2 U R' U' F' U F' R 7. (2.068) R' U2 R U R' U R' F U2 8. 1.634 F U2 F R F R2 U R' U2 9...

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