1. Samuel Baird

    [Unofficial] 4x4 Clock UWR Single 21.41

    Beat an old UWR of mine :P I might practice later this year just to push times down a bit more
  2. DuckubingCuber347

    [Unofficial] Phạm Đức Phước 2.84 3x3 single

    Absolutely amazing solve! 27 STM with 9.51 TPS compared with Max Park's 2.94 which had 28 STM and 9.52 TPS (technically 27 STM if counting U' U' as U2')
  3. JackTriton

    [Unofficial] UWR Bicube 3x3x3 6.749 ao12 + 3.297 single

    Cube: Moyu Meilong 3x3x3 M Bandaged by me Scramble(F:green,U:white,R:red) - 1. 5.917 U L F2 R' F L' F R U F' U' F' L F' R F' L F2 R' F L' U' F R2 U R' F' U F' L' 2. 8.793 U2 L F' L2 U' L F2 U F' L' U L U2 R' F R U' R' F R F' U' R U R U R' F' U' R' 3. (12.390) U F R' F' R U F' L...
  4. JackTriton

    [Unofficial] UWR Bicube 3x3x3 ao5 - 7.053

    Hi, sorry for the frequent post to this trend. Last time I post, I promised that I'll get UWR for ao5. and I'm sure this is it! Cube - Qiyi sail W Bandaged by me Scramble(F:green,U:white,R:red) - 1. R U' L U' F' U' F R U L' U2 R' F' U F U' R' F R U' R' U F R' F' R U2 F' L' U2 5.665 2. R...
  5. JackTriton

    [Unofficial] UWR Bicube 3x3x3 single - 3.524

    So, it's been 2 months since the last time I got UWR on Bicube. after that day, I practiced every day and finally on April 23rd 2021, I got these records! Cube - Qiyi sail W Bandaged by me Scramble (F:green,U:white,R:red) - 1.U2 L F U' R' F2 L' F2 R F' L' U2 R U' L U2 R' F' U L F R U2 L' U2...
  6. 2018AMSB02

    2.73 3x3 Single UWR by Luke Garrett

    Luke Garrett got a 2.73 3x3 single, which I believe is UWR or at least of those generally accepted. Amazing job Luke!
  7. JackTriton

    [Unofficial] UWR Bicube 3x3x3 - 11.280

    After practicing it for 2 months, I finally solved this puzzle in good time! Cube - Bandaged Qiyi sail W Scramble(F:green,U:white,R:red) - U2 L U2 R' F R F' U' R U2 L' U2 R U R' F' U2 L2 F L' U R' U F U' Reconstruction - No rotations in inspection U2 F' L' U' // Center rotation and free...
  8. highnickk

    100/100 2x2 Multiblind Progress Thread

    I want to have a multi blind world record, and 2x2 blindfolded is relatively easy. Also, the best result I saw anywhere is 6/6. I´m taking an incredibly ambitious journey to get 100/100 2x2 multi blind success. I´ll update everyone when I get a new best or something important happens. So far, I...
  9. teboecubes

    Reading the Cubing at Home Regulations 21:04.76 YTUWR

  10. Reddy

    [Unofficial] UWR Corner Twist 3x3 0.40

    I cannot believe I set this UWR after 2 years of practice. I am so amazed at this. I invented a new notation system for the reconstruction l = turn the red-green corner to the left r = turn the red-green corner to the right Done on a Yulong v1 scramble: l l r l r l reconstruction: l I am...
  11. imvelox

    9x9 single 5:48.41 (UWR)

    Never thought sub6 could be possible :p Using MF9 sub5:30 should be possible.
  12. OLLiver

    [Unofficial] 16 Cubes in One breath UWR 4:32

    Finally something good on cam. Currently organising an official attempt within 2 months or so.
  13. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 6.84 UWR Skype TeamBLD Single - Rami Sbahi and Patrick Ponce

    Solve starts at 0:27. I'm in awe. We just got a 6 on cam. I don't even care that the quality isn't that great. I actually caught a 6 on cam. This is UWR, not just YTUWR. Wow - I'm finally satisfied with our on cam single. Cube: YuXin 3x3
  14. OLLiver

    [Unofficial] 13 Rubik's Cubes In One Breath, UWR - Good Camera Angle

    Ok So people wanted a better angle, so I practiced my F2L and bought a new camera and one upped my UWR. Here is 13 cubes in breath, 3:54! I'm currently organising an record attempt. Expect a Unofficial attempt underwater soon
  15. OLLiver

    [Unofficial] UWR! 12 RUBIKS CUBES, One breath, 4:08!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbOwSQZ4XOo cubewizard23 did 11 so naturally I immediately had to do twelve, sorry about the angle, my tripod was literally drooping (lol). This was second attempt, this is also my first breath hold over 4 minutes ever. I averaged over 20 seconds per cube...
  16. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 3x3 SpeedBLD UWR: 6.469!

    Skip to 1:26 for the solve. YESSSSSSS! This was only my third attempt. My first 2 were 8.483 and 10.201. Memorization was something like an hour. Figuring out the PLL took way longer than it should have, lol. Reconstruction: L2 U' R U B' L2 U2 D R' U2 F B2 L2 U2 L2 B U2 B' L2 B2 U' y D' U'...
  17. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 3x3 SpeedBLD Single: 8.483

    Skip to 1:40 for the solve. This solve took me about 1 hour and 20 minutes to memorize, with a 4 hour break somewhere in the middle. No worries, I didn't practice this before because I forced myself to not turn the cube and I have no other 3x3. :P This was my first try (other than me...
  18. OLLiver

    [Unofficial] UWR, 10 rubiks cube solved in one breath!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWC-KVT7PnY This is not fake, I can actually hold my breath for three minutes. I know I didn't do it underwater, but I don't have access to a large volume of water currently. One day I will do it underwater. :) But for now UWR club!
  19. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 8.297 Skype TeamBLD YTUWR Single w/ Patrick Ponce

    Solve starts at 0:40. Waaaat. Patrick was not supposed to be the one who calls the YTUWRs... :P This is also our PB for him calling. Woohoo! Yay for PLL skip. :P Cube: HuaLong
  20. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] [YTUWR] 9.019 Skype TeamBLD Single + 11.44 avg5! w/ Patrick

    Skip to 4:35 for the 9.019. Ay, pretty nice. We've had so m uch frustration with filming. Our success rate usually is about 90%, but goes down to about 60% when we film, along with slower times due to Patrick not being able to memorize as much in inspection. So getting this was quite a relief...