1. GAN 356 X

    What cubes should be removed from the WCA?

    Since I've made a thread on what events should be added, and many people thought events should be taken away before new ones were added, I decided to make a poll on it. 2x2-6x6 are not included because most people will agree are challenging yet don't take too long. Megaminx is also excluded...
  2. u Cube

    u Cube Square-1 Method

    Overview The u Cube sq1 method, created by u Cube (https://www.youtube.com/c/uCubeYT), is a variant of the popular Roux/Lin methods which take a blockbuilding heavy approach to solving the puzzle. It is a very intuitive method, having 9 algorithms in total, making it an easy to learn advanced...
  3. M

    How do you go about creating algorithms for more advanced puzzles like the Square-1?

    Hello everyone! I have been trying to figure out how to solve the Square-1. I have some ideas and tried things that might possibly work / be needed for solving the puzzle, but I really need to be able to write algorithms for this puzzle. My problem is that the Square-1 doesn't have a solid...
  4. Riley M

    Next Step After Begginer Square-1 Method

    I've been solving square-1 for about 2 weeks now and I am averaging a little over a minute. The method I use is a simple beginners method where I put all edges on top and get cube-shape, then I orient all corners intuitively. Next I orient the edges to solve the white and yellow faces using a...
  5. R

    [Unofficial] 10.00 Square-1 Average of 5

    Really nice average :D A bit upset it's not sub-10, but at least it's sub-WR :p
  6. R

    [Unofficial] 11.64 Square-1 average of 12 w/ 7.59 single!

    Really nice average for me! :D Last 5 solves make a 10.82 avg5
  7. R

    [NAR] Sophie Chan - 9.04 Square-1 Single

    Fullstep solve :O Done at BASC8 Congrats! :D
  8. R

    Square-1 Full EP pdf

    Enjoy it :) http://www.mediafire.com/view/gpm38sr90cc3ef4
  9. brandbest1

    Shengshou Square-1

    http://www.championscubestore.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=360 Huh. Interesting.
  10. R

    Square-1 FULL PLL and Baum's Method PDF

    :) Full PLL Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hwurvnnp6dh7na5/ Baum's Method (spanish) Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fjufcrif36fy7na/
  11. brandbest1

    Square-1 Advanced Cubeshape Tutorial

    I made a similar video like this on Cubing World, but I made a new one to patch things up a bit and improve on my previous video on this topic.
  12. CalebW

    Possible to get fast (20-30s) using this method for square-1?

    Is it possible to get reasonably fast using the method described here: http://www.jaapsch.net/puzzles/square1.htm#s2m6? It seems pretty simple: acquire cube shape, pair edges with corners, fix parity, permutate pairs. I'm just wondering how fast this method can be.
  13. L

    Problem with Square-1 optimiser (from Jaap's puzzle page)

    I did a search on the internet for some resolver square. I managed to find on the site http://www.jaapsch.net/puzzles/square1.htm#progs having this application available: -Square-1 optimiser, Version 1, for DOS / Windows. I read the read me file inside the download that says to start the...
  14. JimmyTheCuber

    Which square-1 should I get?

    I've seen reviews on the cubetwist and mf8 v1 and v2 but I still don't know which one to buy
  15. slothphysicist

    WTB Black Edge Cap for Calvin's Square-1

    I was solving my square-1 in school today and when I got to class. Was hoping someone on here would have a spare edge cap preferably with a white sticker on it. I'd be willing to buy it just as long as the price isn't ridiculous. You can reply on here or private message me. Thanks, Andrew
  16. brandbest1

    [Unofficial] 7.97 Square-1 Single

    Finally was able to get a sub-8 solve on cam! Unfortunately I lost the scramble, but it was an EP skip.