1. JackTriton

    [Unofficial] UWR Bicube 3x3x3 6.749 ao12 + 3.297 single

    Cube: Moyu Meilong 3x3x3 M Bandaged by me Scramble(F:green,U:white,R:red) - 1. 5.917 U L F2 R' F L' F R U F' U' F' L F' R F' L F2 R' F L' U' F R2 U R' F' U F' L' 2. 8.793 U2 L F' L2 U' L F2 U F' L' U L U2 R' F R U' R' F R F' U' R U R U R' F' U' R' 3. (12.390) U F R' F' R U F' L...
  2. JackTriton

    [Unofficial] UWR Bicube 3x3x3 ao5 - 7.053

    Hi, sorry for the frequent post to this trend. Last time I post, I promised that I'll get UWR for ao5. and I'm sure this is it! Cube - Qiyi sail W Bandaged by me Scramble(F:green,U:white,R:red) - 1. R U' L U' F' U' F R U L' U2 R' F' U F U' R' F R U' R' U F R' F' R U2 F' L' U2 5.665 2. R...
  3. JackTriton

    [Unofficial] UWR Bicube 3x3x3 single - 3.524

    So, it's been 2 months since the last time I got UWR on Bicube. after that day, I practiced every day and finally on April 23rd 2021, I got these records! Cube - Qiyi sail W Bandaged by me Scramble (F:green,U:white,R:red) - 1.U2 L F U' R' F2 L' F2 R F' L' U2 R U' L U2 R' F' U L F R U2 L' U2...
  4. JackTriton

    [Unofficial] UWR Bicube 3x3x3 - 11.280

    After practicing it for 2 months, I finally solved this puzzle in good time! Cube - Bandaged Qiyi sail W Scramble(F:green,U:white,R:red) - U2 L U2 R' F R F' U' R U2 L' U2 R U R' F' U2 L2 F L' U R' U F U' Reconstruction - No rotations in inspection U2 F' L' U' // Center rotation and free...
  5. TheRouxGuy

    Converting alg.cubing.net reconstructions to videos

    Recently I constructed a few solves and reconstructions on alg.cubing.net . I found no option to export the file. I wonder whether it is possible to convert it into video format. I would use a screen recorder but the background is checker patterned and I dont know how to change it. Please help.
  6. S

    3x3 Gan XS

    Hi! First post here, but after a competition last weekend I decided to buy a gan xs, and have been using it for the last few days. This cube is amazing. Coming from the GTS2M, it makes me really appreciate modern hardware. The tensioning system is very easy to use, just make sure you know which...
  7. A

    [Help Thread] Speed Drop

    A few days again I was timing and I was getting all low 20 secs and today I have started timing and keep getting low 20 secs and low 30 secs. Any ideas on how to stay at one speed range? (ON 3X3)
  8. Speedysolver

    What is the difference between the top cubers?

    SRY for my english ) I have seen a lot solves from feliks,mats and collin theii are really fast and they also do practice really lot.But i cant quiet understand why feliks is allthogh is always faster. Is his lookahead better? Or does he kwow more helpful algs or somthing else. So what really...
  9. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 3x3 SpeedBLD UWR: 6.469!

    Skip to 1:26 for the solve. YESSSSSSS! This was only my third attempt. My first 2 were 8.483 and 10.201. Memorization was something like an hour. Figuring out the PLL took way longer than it should have, lol. Reconstruction: L2 U' R U B' L2 U2 D R' U2 F B2 L2 U2 L2 B U2 B' L2 B2 U' y D' U'...
  10. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 3x3 SpeedBLD Single: 8.483

    Skip to 1:40 for the solve. This solve took me about 1 hour and 20 minutes to memorize, with a 4 hour break somewhere in the middle. No worries, I didn't practice this before because I forced myself to not turn the cube and I have no other 3x3. :P This was my first try (other than me...
  11. E

    How to get more consistent times?

    I once ave been averaging about 25 seconds and i have not yet taken a break from cubing but now my times continuosly get worse and more inconsistent. The slower times are no biggie but the inconsistency is more frustrating than anything. I need help getting more consistent and after i am there...
  12. Z

    Will my average go down soon?

    I've been stuck at around a 23 sec average for the past couple weeks, but in the past few days I've been getting a few 16s daily and occasionally a 14 (only 2). All the other times are around 23. What does this mean, and does it mean my average will go down soon?
  13. mDiPalma

    [Unofficial] 10.69 SpeedBLD FAIL (Petrus method)

    I miscounted the number of d moves and y rotations, so I got the PLL AUF wrong because I'm retarded. :tu I thought I'd post it here so you all can laugh at my misfortune. :mad:
  14. CuberRiley

    [Unofficial] 3x3 8.22 DNF (Last Move Explosion/Pop)

    So in this solve, I was 2 moves away from my first under 7, but looks like my cube decided otherwise It was a dumb scramble though, so I probably wouldn't have counted this to my PB Watch the video here: I am a little disappointed in Dayan, but also in myself. I decided to use the...
  15. lego

    [Unofficial] 3x3 Average of 50: 10.29

    Hi all, hese are the times I usually do , but I'd be sub 10 could give me some advice please appreciate it. :) Edit: forgive me for my basic English.
  16. Baron1213

    Cube suggestions?

    I am kinda new to speed cubing (well I've learnt quite a bit and am pretty close to under a minute).. and was in a doubt whether to buy the Dayan Zhan chi stickered or sticker less. Also I wanted to know if the plastic quality(black or white) would make a difference or not. I prefer a sturdy...
  17. IAmAPerson

    New Method?

    Hello everyone! I am in the process of creating a new method for a 3x3 solve. It has 4 basic steps: Double cross (cross on white/yellow or any two opposite sides for colour-neutral solvers) Corner layer set (putting the corners on their correct layers) Corner orientation and permutation...
  18. K

    Stuck between 20-25

    Speed Cube :- Weilong V1 Best :- 14.30sec I use F2L, full PLL & 2 look OLL. I solve the cross in 4sec, F2L in 11-13 sec and the rest for OLL & PLL. Which part do I improve and how. I am stuck at this level for 2-3 months. Please guys help me.
  19. SpeedCubeReview

    Shengshou Aurora is a super fast cube

    Ok, hear me out. I have a Shengshou Aurora, Fangshi mini, Aolong V2, and Guanlong. After cleaning them, sanding down flashing and using lubix on the core the Aurora was the slowest cube of them all. I recently got a bottle of Maru lube and tried it on each cube. After using it my Aurora is...
  20. S

    Professor cube methods?

    I know how to solve the professor cube decently, and was wondering which of the many 5x5 methods I should learn next. Which method does Feliks Zemdegs use? Thanks