1. jronge94

    How fast can anyone be?

    Hey all a random question popped up again for umpteenth time. How fast could anyone become at speedcubing (if they don't have any clear dissailities that would prevent them physically or mentally to do cubing related stuff). I'm mainly curious what everyone thinks. (especially for 3x3, but...
  2. Ciparo

    2019 Race to sub-x on a 3x3

    Every monday I will post 12 scrambles for a 3x3 race. Everybody can join in. Just post your goal, times and average. You become a graduate, when you meet your personal goal for 3 consecutive tries. Above 10 seconds you set goals of whole seconds. Under 10 seconds you set goals of halve...
  3. TheCube4226

    Hey guys,

    So I need some help recreating a solve. Here is the scramble: R2 B R2 B' L2 R2 B' U2 B L2 U2 R' U B L' B2 D' U B2 L F' It had an X-cross (yellow) which went as follows: y R' U F R' D2. It solves the green/orange pair in the BL slot. The F2L is what I need help recreating. The OLL was R U2' R2' F...
  4. iLarryTheOneLung

    Mini Personal Competition!

    The competition will be closed in a week and I'll post the results! This is a competition kind of like the forum ones, but it only has certain events, listed below: 2x2 3x3 Pyraminx Skewb Redi Cube (Moyu/csTimer scrambles) Kilominx Post your times with a reply and please use the scrambles...
  5. CforCuber

    [Member Intro] For Real this time!

    Hey, On my first post i faked it and did not write everything truthfully. I would like to formally say sorry. I'm an Australian cuber, I like mountain biking, I spend alot of time outdoor! When I'm inside all I do is cube, aha, so here are my stats. I will be posting a few solves in which...
  6. u Cube


    Subscribe if you like the video!!!!
  7. WoowyBaby

    2OP, Unique 3x3 Method

    2OP (said too-ahp) is an interesting 3x3 speedsolving method that is barely related to any other method, switches off between intuitive parts and algorithmic parts, high chance of lucky solves (see examples), low movecount, about 80% moves being RU, decent lookahead due to 2x2x2 being solved...
  8. CJCubing

    MoYu's New WR and WR M about to be released on March 5th - March 10th!

    What are your thoughts and opinions when this cube is released? :confused: :?
  9. CJCubing

    Why and How did you start cubing?

    Here's a good question: Why and How did you start cubing? Here's my story: In 2017, my school had a competition with our students, and grouped us in teams. When I heard Rubik's Cube, being hosted as one of the games, I immediately joined in. After a day, I was ready. When we got to the...
  10. TipsterTrickster

    Solving a 3x3 Blindfolded on a unicycle!

    4 bld next? Also If you have any ideas on future challenges post them here!
  11. arvind1999

    [Unofficial] Arvind Tatiparti - 7.56 3x3 avg5 [Roux]

    avg of 5: 7.56 Time List: 1. (8.23) L2 R2 F R2 F2 U2 R2 B2 U2 F D' F' R D2 F' U2 L B2 F2 2. 7.86 D2 B' R' U2 R2 D' B U R2 D2 B2 D2 B' L2 D2 B' L2 U2 D2 B2 U' 3. (6.92) U2 L' U2 L2 U F2 R2 D' B2 D2 R2 U F2 R' U' L' R F D' U2 R' 4. 7.23 F2 L2 B2 R' U2 F2 L F2 L2 R' U2 F D B F2 R' F2 D'...
  12. Wesley Twiggs

    An OLL case more easily solved with two step, than with one step

    The attached case is more easily solved in my opinion with the common F U R U' R' F' alg followed by the sune case R' U' R U' R' U2 R.
  13. S


    Hello I am cubing 3x3 for a month now and I feel it is going to stick with me, I bought a cube (MF3RS2) and it felt great at the beginning but know it feels a bit more locky and corner twists do occur once in a while. Also when I turn my cube very slowly I can really feel the plastics rubbing...
  14. A

    The Ayam Method and what intermediate corner BLD method to learn

    Hey everyone! My name is Ayyub and I’ve been cubing on and off for a couple years now. I would categorize myself as a cubing hobbyist rather than someone fully dedicated and super interested in cubing (I average ~20 seconds for anyone curious). I am though completely in love with BLD. I first...
  15. SegTendoPPCC42@YT

    3x3 Cyclone Boys 3x3

    Very light, Shades are great! The turning is clean and slick. Its easy to tension and lube. Sold by D'Fantix. Th plastic is very high quality, better than my moyu!
  16. D

    [Review] Gan 354 M

    So I bought a Gan 354 about a week ago and it delivered yesterday, and I must say, I am impressed with the cube. It is very smooth, fast and very controllable, and I love the stickerless shades (still getting used to them though). Coming from a Valk or a GTS 2m, going from 55.5mm to 54 mm is not...
  17. tigermaxi

    Solve of the Day! 3x3, 2x2, Skewb, and Pyraminx

    In this thread, I will be posting a daily scramble and we will see who is the winner of the day! Feel free to add reconstructions or notes. scrambles will be posted at about 12 PM EDT every day. all you have to post is your time and the date. also if you can also post your Cube and Method that...
  18. Absence

    Aolong V2 Mod ( For smoother turning )

    Moyu Aolong v2 Cube4you mod =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Materials: - x1 Moyu Aolong V2 - x1 Cube4you red/orange core I got inspiration for this mod from Pestvic and Yu Nakajima, and I decided to try it on some more current puzzles. The reason this mod works is...
  19. C

    [Unofficial] 18.42 3x3 ao5 | Need tips guys!

    1) 17.59 2) 18.14 3) 19.23 4) 15.10 5) 19.88 =18.32 ao5 Pretty okay ao5 for me. Cube: MoYu Aolong V2 Feedback please guys. Also, does anyone know how to get rid of those black borders? I edit it Sony Vegas Pro 10. Thanks in advance! And is the camera angle okay guys? If not how can I improve...
  20. M

    Selling Entire SpeedCube collection (with Some Rare Other Twisty Puzzles)

    Hello! I have lost interest in Twisty Puzzles over a year ago and decided to put up my collection for CASH offers (paypal). Email me at [email protected] to discuss offers. PRICES ARE NOT FINAL My collection includes : 1 StackMatPro Timer w/ Mat ($15) 1 Shengshou 7x7; Great...