1. S

    Quest to Sub-20(CFOP)

    Hi I wanted to make a thread like this for so long Now I have made one This thread will get deleted when I eventually reach sub-10 I'll be updating it every 3-4 days with my progress This thread will serve as a kind of motivation for me to practice Will start updating it from tomorrow.
  2. YaleZ1023

    I got another PB (14.70)

    This is my 3rd sub 15 second solve! It was a PLL skip with a U2 AUF;)
  3. Immortal Knight- Cubing

    3x3 RS3M 2020 Unboxing + First Impressions! Rlcubeshop! Custom magnetised Version

    Hey guys! In today's video, rlcubeshop sends me over quite a few cubes, out of which, one is the RS3M 2020! To know more about why I feel about it, click on the link below :
  4. A

    NEW Guide to Choosing a Speedcubing Method (Speedcubing.org)

    For a while now I have been working on a guide to choosing a speedsolving method for the Speedcubing.org website because I‘m very interested in methods and the only one in existence currently is the one on this forums which is very outdated. Today I have finally finished an initial version with...
  5. teboecubes

    Rubik’s Cube PLL Tier List

  6. LunarCuber

    ROLL Tutorial

    You may know, there are pretty much no resources for learning ROLL out there. So I decided to make a spreadsheet that teaches ROLL. If you want to request an algorithm, feel free to message me and I'll add it. I'm also doing a video series to go along with the spreadsheet, to make it easier for...
  7. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Dayan Tengyun v2m favourate settings

    What's your favorite settings on the Dayan Tengyun v2m? Please reply down below in this format: Magnets Inner Ring Outer ring Screw depth xx quarter revolutions
  8. KFCubes

    [Unofficial] 9.46 3x3 Single | First Sub-10 On Cam

    I suppose you could consider this a GBA3 episode, but I don't really want to. I've gotten almost 10 sub-10s now, so it was about time I got one on camera. I was actually streaming for over an hour last night, trying to get a sub-10 and I couldn't do it. This morning I was recording for about 14...
  9. C

    GAN 330 + Valk 2M Review | Video + Written Review.

    Hi guys, I have just gotten 2 new cubes, the Gan 330 and Valk 2M. I will be reviewing both in a written review here and more in-depth in my video. Linked here: GAN330: GANS newest cube (aside from the Monster GO collection) has come in a keychain form! Measuring 30mm, it is the perfect size to...
  10. Moyustore

    How to Sponsor a Cubing Team?

    Hi Saludo de Moyustore. Quiero patrocinar un club speedcube en Europa, como España, Italia, Países Bajos, Francia, etc., pero no sé dónde puedo encontrarlos. Si está interesado, por favor envíeme un correo electrónico. mi correo electrónico es [email protected] Este es nuestro sitio web...
  11. Rainger

    Is a budget cosmic cube any good?

    In looking for a decent fast cube a lot of people here recommended the Meilong 3x3 which I tried and thought was good for the price ($4 or less USD). I had never purchased a cosmic cube but after trying the Meilong out I thought why not have SCS do their magic and see the differences between...
  12. Sub1Hour

    Race to sub x on 2-7 relay

    Race thread for 2-7, nothin more, nothin less.
  13. Aerma

    Giving away a YJ YuLong V2 M to keep spirits up!

    The Coronavirus is having a big impact on society, and things have been feeling dark. To counter this, I want to put a little more positivity into the world! I will be giving away a brand new YJ YuLong V2 M 3x3. To enter the giveaway, simply reply with one good thing that's happened to you in...