1. Timona

    Need Help Critiquing Solves

    Can someone pls critique this Ao5? I don't have them on video but I have the reconstructions and I tried to be as accurate as I could be down to every move and rotation. I did the recons immediately I did the solves so I wouldn't forget the exact solutions I used. The recons are linked below. I...
  2. S

    Selling Rubik's Brand 3x3

    Selling 3x3 Rubik's Brand Cube for USD 11.60 I accept cash, Copper, Pay-Pal, or Cash App There are some minor scratches on the cube
  3. Luke Solves Cubes

    Online Cubing Competition May-June 2022, 3x3 2x2, OH, 4x4, 3BLD, Skewb, Pyra, Mega

    Hello, I am a speedcuber and I want to host an online cubing competition in June of 2022. There will be no prizes and it is free to enter. There will be the events that are listed in the title. Please leave the events you want to do in the section, and I look forward to seeing all of you...
  4. CubingPig

    So I just suddenly became sub-25 today...

    No joke, today I just randomly became sub-25. Up until yesterday I was around 27-28 seconds but now I'm getting times like 23s consistently. I have no idea what happened but I just broke my AO5 and AO12 PBs multiple times today. I also got my second sub-20 solve today. However, yesterday I...
  5. Timona

    What's the Easiest Way to Plan First Pair?

    Title says it all. I cant grasp Cubeskills' way of tracking both the edge and the corner at the same time. I've tried it and most times I've even messed up cross. And during competitions, 15 seconds isnt going to be enough for all that so i just want a way that's short and simple and easy to master
  6. Timona

    What COLL Subsets are worth learning?

    I wanna start learning full COLL, i've already learnt all the H cases, since there's just 4 and they're easily distinguishable; there's 2 particular Pi cases that keep showing up in my solves, and I know that if I learn those two cases, i'm probably going to be on track to learn the rest of Pi...
  7. J

    Justin's 3x3 progression thread

    I currently use CFOP with intuitive F2L and full PLL. My current goal is to average sub-25. I currently average 35.28 seconds and my PB is 23.83. I created a reconstruction of it here. I will be doing solves daily and positing the times & scrambles here
  8. joker0918

    3d print Cube stand

    Was bored,then printed
  9. V Achyuthan

    APB Progression thread

    Today's Best Single = 8.59 Mo3 = 11.64 Ao5 = 11.87 Ao12 = 12.75 Ao25 = 12.95 Ao50 = 13.25
  10. teboecubes

    Speedcube Reviews THEN vs NOW (Skit) | #shorts

  11. teboecubes

    Cubing But I Lose $1 For Every Mistake

  12. Astr4l

    New algorithms for cubes

    I felt like making this thread because I haven’t found any yet so I thought this would be a good idea to post some interesting/new algorithms New algorithm for Aa perm: Basically Tperm just with wide R’ moves r U r’ U’ r’ F r2 U’ r’ U’ r U r’ F’ (Orientation) from JPerm’s PLL trainer
  13. V Achyuthan

    Virtual cube progression thread

    Recently I have been practicing virtual cube (ya the 3x3 virtual cube on cs timer) I am averaging around 20-22 (wow 2022) seconds. My PB is 9.71 and PB Ao5 is 17.88. I use CFOP for Virtual cube btw. Anyone have any tips to improve? thanks.
  14. M

    3x3 2 Colour (Blue Green) Official Rubik's

    Hi! Rubik's cube beginner here. Recently bough a speed cube learnt the beginner method and having fun with it! I've had this blue and green cube for 10+ years and never learnt to solve it, until yesterday when I used the beginner method with a bit of intuition and a lot of trial and error! It...
  15. Timona

    Road to NR // Grinding for sub-1:30 5x5 // Timona

    Hello everyone who sees this thread. The name's Guy, AceTheGuy. I'm Nigerian and I've been cubing on and off for around 4 years since 2018. I did the basics, learnt beginners method and got good with it. I should have made this thread a lot sooner but I ignored it. Currently, my main method is...
  16. V Achyuthan

    My Youtube channel progression

    I decided instead of posting a new thread for every method I find like every week I will just make a video about it. So I started a YT channel. Starting from my very first method. The 2 holes method. I made a goal to reach 10 subs by the end of the year. So help me get there. LOL This is my...
  17. itzwoyingg

    3x3 Main Cube Thread

    Share your 3x3 main here! For me, I use a stickerless Gan 356 RS. Btw, also suggest what is the best 3x3 cube to buy? Suggest in below :D
  18. White KB

    Race to Sub-X on 3x3 (2022)

    Nobody's made one of these in 2022, so I thought I would... Here's a Race to Sub-X Thread for 3x3! I hope to keep it updated every week, so have fun! The rules are simple: Every week, there's a new set of 12 scrambles posted. You announce what goal you have (e.g. sub-15), then do 12 solves in...
  19. V Achyuthan

    [Member Intro] I am in a new account

    Hey, this is just V Achyuthan in a new account. My previous account got hacked so I had to create a new one.
  20. Human Cuber


    Always comment if you have anything to ask! It will helps me a lot! Thanks!