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What was your first SpeedCube?

What is your first Speedcube?

  • Qiyi Warrior W/S

  • YuXin Little Magic

  • Cyclone Boys 2x2

  • Gan R/RS

  • YJ Yulong

  • Rubiks Speedcube

  • Cyclone Boys 3x3

  • Tengyun

  • Gans Air


  • GuHong

  • Thunderclap

  • Gan Air (M/SM/UM/...)

  • SengSo

  • Rubiks Speedcube

  • Aulong

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Mar 18, 2016
Illinois, USA
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My parents bought me a Rubik's speedcube for my birthday in 2015 with which I went to my first WCA competition. It was actually quite good, but I've lost one of the screw's so it's not usable anymore.

My first traditional speedcubes though were an Aolong V2 and a Mini Weilong V2. Both were rather outdated when I got them, but the aolong had such overwhelming positive reviews from when it initially came out, I thought it would be a good cube. It was pretty meh. I mained the mini weilong up until 2019 or early 2020 for OH though. Still one of, if not, my favorite cubes to this day.