1. J

    Magnetic Jelly Warrior W

    i bought a qiyi jelly warrior from kewbzuk and put 48 n52 magnets in it. magnets are a bit too strong and make turning quite difficult but its pretty cool and i think its the only magnetic jelly cube in the world heres a video of it in action: (sorry for my terrible solving)
  2. Z

    A Tribute To The Legendary Mats Valk

    Mats Valk is no doubt one of the greatest of all time, so it's time he gets the recognition he deserves!
  3. teboecubes

    QiYi 8x8 Unboxing And Challenge

  4. cuberswoop

    X-man tornado V2 for sale | Free shipping | $23~

    X-man Tornado V2 is selling for $23~ The white and green center caps are slightly scratched, from when a screwdriver slipped. All that is included is the cube, nothing else. Merrcari link. (Please buy here)
  5. FB Cubing

    QiYi M cube bag v2 review

    Is this the best cube bag? This bag has amazing functionality and is really cheap. I love it and let me know your thoughts in the comments!
  6. teboecubes

    Did YJ STEAL QiYi's Cube?

    There's an unreleased YJ puzzle that's nearly identical to the QiYi O2 Cube, and some people have said that YJ copied QiYi. I looked at the histories of both cubes, and made a video about the whole situation. I think this is one of the only videos on YouTube to really go into this topic, so...
  7. Shrek

    Should I buy a qiyi ms 3x3?

    I have seen many reviews and imo qiyi is the best cubing company but I'm not sure if I should buy the QiYi ms
  8. SH03L4C3

    What was your first SpeedCube?

    For example, Mine was a Cyclone Boys 2x2 off of amazon.
  9. sillyturdle

    ALL SOLD 19 puzzles (9 Magnetized) including Valk3M, YLM9x9, Monster go M, RS2M - 125 shipped US

    ALL HAVE SOLD I’ve been having some trouble trying to sell locally and it's got to the point where I just need them gone. I realize that the price is almost suspiciously low but I would literally give them away if anyone were in driving distance. There are some great cubes, and some not so...
  10. C

    GAN 330 + Valk 2M Review | Video + Written Review.

    Hi guys, I have just gotten 2 new cubes, the Gan 330 and Valk 2M. I will be reviewing both in a written review here and more in-depth in my video. Linked here: GAN330: GANS newest cube (aside from the Monster GO collection) has come in a keychain form! Measuring 30mm, it is the perfect size to...
  11. Owen Morrison

    Come join the Qiyi club for an epic head to head cubing race with the MGC and MOYU cults!!!!!

    I am creating a Qiyi club for people who like Qiyi and their sub brands. Requirements for joining the Qiyi club: You must have 3 or more Qiyi WCA event puzzles or you must main 2 Qiyi WCA event puzzles to be eligible to join.. Valk cubes and X-man cubes count! To be a Member you need 3-5 Qiyi...
  12. teboecubes

    Unboxing the X-Man Volt V2 and QiYi Dino Cube

  13. sillyturdle

    27 puzzles, 8 magnetized, 8 lubes, $180 Shipped

    I want to sell my (almost) entire collection of cubes et. all because I have other interests now. I know that 180 shipped is waaaaay lower than what all this is worth but if I don’t get any takers at this price than I will go lower. AS OF RIGHT NOW I do not want to price invidually, this is for...
  14. R

    Selling 356X, Moyu Aofu Gts m 7x7 and Qiyi/X-man Spark M 7x7

    Good condition for all of the puzzles, they are all stickerless and include original box and accessories (Including GES nuts + Magnets ect). Puzzles are decently lubed, tentioned and broken in From Australia Prices are negotiable, but right now they are around 69 AUD - GAN X (Numerical 50 AUD -...
  15. AdamsImmersive

    QiYi WuJi 7x7 - how much force is safe to apply?

    I’ve never dissembled a cube above 3x3, but I’m considering replacing a slightly damaged corner on my new QiYi WuJi 7x7. 1. Is the right approach to remove a pair of adjacent edges next to it first—by turning those 2 layers to 45 degrees and... twisting/pulling the 2 edges together as one? 2...
  16. N

    Magnets size

    What is size of magnets in Galaxy v2?
  17. 2018AMSB02

    Selling or Trading Valk 3 Mini, Valk 3, and X-Man Wingy Skewb.

    Hi! I stumbled upon some high-quality cubes that I don't use anymore, and am willing to sell or trade them. If you have a cube that you would be willing to trade, please offer that before selling it, as I would much rather new puzzles. For all of these puzzles, you pay shipping, and it will be...
  18. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Budget Square-1 comparison

    Which one is the best budget square1? Let's see from the poll result!
  19. abunickabhi

    5x5 QiYi QiZheng S and Yuxin Little Magic 5x5 Review: RouxNBlind Test

  20. Aysha

    Qiyi X-Man Design 3x3 Tornado

    The new Qiyi 3x3 was just released on Zcube.hk: More images can be found here: http://zcube.hk/mfg-3x3x3-Tornado A video was also released on Youtube a week ago: