1. Owen Morrison

    3x3 Meilong 3 Premium A cube Review | Moyustore

    Meilong 3 Premium A cube General Info Name: Meilong 3 premium A cube Price $10.99 USD with Premium A Setup Availability: White, Black, and Stickerless Size: 56mm Weight: 73g Link...
  2. cuber314159

    RS3M 2020 review

  3. PicubeShop

    MoYu RS3M 2020 Review

  4. R

    Moyu Meilong 4M Review

    i thought it was no big difference between the meilong 4 and meilong 4m before i receive the parcel. i am surprised when i open the box. the packing is good. total a differemt box and shape. it turns well. it feels smooth and spring noice is not very loud. i love it. as i am a new customer from...
  5. AbsoRuud

    Double Skewb

    I received the Double Skewb from MoYu store the other day. It's a well turning puzzle. Stiff at first, but it loosened up pretty quickly after a bunch of turns. The difference between this Skewb and a normal Skewb is that there is an inner center underneath each outer center, that can turn...
  6. Moyustore

    Moyustore-the Best Moyu Speed Cube Shop

    Hi welcome to moyustore. everyone here can use the code "speed" to save extra 6% off if the order is over 29.99$usd. and Buy 2 get 1 free 3x3 random cube. 1. Moyu Weilong WR M 2020 R33M 2020 MFJS MeiLong Macarone Meilong M Series Time: 2020.6.3 Price: 2x2 9.9$usd 3x3 9.9$usd 4x4 13.99$usd 5x5...
  7. Timoth3

    Come Join the MoYu Not-Cult! (Qiyi and MoYu Need members for the planned comps!)

    I am inviting you today (or tomorrow) to join the MoYu not a cult. Assuming we get a decent amount of members we may be competing against the MGC Fanclub. Details on that are not yet known. Why you should join the MoYu not a cult: 1. Moyu has the best 4x4s (possibly 5x5? Auchuong WR M just came...
  8. C

    Review and unboxing of the Celeritas GTS3M + written review

    Written Review: Initially, the GTS3M came very sandy and dry feeling. Over the course of a hundred solves, it quickly sped up. Surprisingly, to my surprise, the cube was able to still keep its stability. I did find myself overshooting on occasion. The cube seems to be lubed with celeritas and...
  9. Moyustore

    How to Sponsor a Cubing Team?

    Hi Saludo de Moyustore. Quiero patrocinar un club speedcube en Europa, como España, Italia, Países Bajos, Francia, etc., pero no sé dónde puedo encontrarlos. Si está interesado, por favor envíeme un correo electrónico. mi correo electrónico es [email protected] Este es nuestro sitio web...
  10. tiisweey

    Cube photo

  11. sillyturdle

    27 puzzles, 8 magnetized, 8 lubes, $180 Shipped

    I want to sell my (almost) entire collection of cubes et. all because I have other interests now. I know that 180 shipped is waaaaay lower than what all this is worth but if I don’t get any takers at this price than I will go lower. AS OF RIGHT NOW I do not want to price invidually, this is for...
  12. R

    Selling 356X, Moyu Aofu Gts m 7x7 and Qiyi/X-man Spark M 7x7

    Good condition for all of the puzzles, they are all stickerless and include original box and accessories (Including GES nuts + Magnets ect). Puzzles are decently lubed, tentioned and broken in From Australia Prices are negotiable, but right now they are around 69 AUD - GAN X (Numerical 50 AUD -...
  13. GAN 356 X

    [Help Thread] New interesting products on the Cubicle

    Noticed these interesting new products on the Cubicle. This thread is for musing and guessing what they're for Heres the XSα They go under the name of Angstrom Studio a and ß projects. I wonder what they're all about?
  14. Zain_A24

    [Review] Moyu Aosu WR M Review - vs Aosu GTS2M?

    Moyu Aosu WR M Review - Cubezz Introduction This is now my second review of a 4x4 puzzle, this and the Meilong 4x4M. This will be my completely unbiased opinion of the cube and the store, and I will not be looking at the cube differently just because of its price-point. This cube is the first...
  15. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Best Skewb comparison

    which skewb is the best?
  16. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Best 3x3 comparison

    WCA hardware comparison threads: Best 2x2 comparison Budget 3x3 comparison Budget high-end 3x3 comparison...
  17. CJCubing

    MoYu's New WR and WR M about to be released on March 5th - March 10th!

    What are your thoughts and opinions when this cube is released? :confused: :?