1. teboecubes

    Speedcube Reviews THEN vs NOW (Skit) | #shorts

  2. Human Cuber

    This is the Easiest and Luckiest 3x3 Rubik's Cube Scramble

    ~~~~~~~~~~ This is the EASIEST&LUCKIEST Scramble that I got so far. If you have any scramble besides of mine. Do listed out. Appreciate! Anyway, I hope you can give out some better solution to solve those scramble above. Glad Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~
  3. Human Cuber

    Self-Magnetic 3x3

    Do watch it if you are thinking about to self magnetize your old cubes and turn them EPIC!
  4. teboecubes

    Speedcube Names in 2030 (Skit)

  5. SH03L4C3

    What was your first SpeedCube?

    For example, Mine was a Cyclone Boys 2x2 off of amazon.
  6. Cool Cube Merch

    COOL CUBE MERCH - The ultimate cubing clothing and merchandise shop!

    COOL CUBE MERCH - https://coolcubemerch.com/ Best selection of cubing-themed shirts, pillows, socks, and more! PRODUCT CATEGORIES (with links)
  7. J

    GAN Speed ACE Program Launched!

    您好,我是GAN Cube的Joann。 上次,我与您分享了我们的新GAN Gurus Teamer。 但是今天,我们正在寻找GAN Speed ACE的成员! 什么是GAN Speed ACE? -GAN的少年速滑队。而且我们正在寻找12岁以下,可以稳定地发展到20岁以下甚至更快的时间! GAN团队特权: -竞争基金 -多维数据集赞助 -GAN品牌大使 -破纪录奖 专业GAN服务正等着您! 单击链接或扫描QR码,申请GAN Speed ACE。 http://sv.mikecrm.com/lh6ObjK
  8. D

    [Member Intro] Hello Folks, new sub 2 (min) here!

    Hi everyone. I am a new cuber, from India. I solved my cube after looking at tutorials for 5 hrs. It has been 3.5 days since I started an I average around 2 minutes. I have a chunky cube which can be said as a toy. I am very fluent (at least considering my cube) in the Beginner's Method.I am...
  9. PicubeShop

    PicubeShop - Get the best speed cube for a great price at picubeshop.com!

    Hi, everyone! Picube was founded in August of 2017 with a variety of hand-done custom speed cubes and other popular puzzles by four speedcubing enthusiasts. Our custom magnetic cubes have been recognized as the most professional and industry leading speed cubes in China. Many top cubers in China...
  10. Zain_A24

    Speedcube Giveaways and YouTube Channel - Speed Cube Critic

    Hello Everyone, As the title suggests, I will be doing some giveaways throughout the year. These will be when I hit certain milestones on social media, as well as celebrating a few more special occasions along the way. This is the thread I will be using to let you guys know how you can...
  11. PetrusQuber

    [Review] Moyu Weilong GTS3 or Moyu Weilong GTS2M

    I haven't found a thread about this on speedsolving.com, so I thought I'd make one for reference on a magnetic older generation cube versus a no magnet new generation cube. Plus, I'd really like to see what people think, because I am kind of stuck as to if the magnets are worth it or not. And...
  12. Y

    MF3RS2M, Yuxin Little Magic M or Yuxin Huanglong M?

    Hi, I'm new here so forgive me if I'm posting incorrectly! I'm interested in cubing and now I want to buy a speedcube. I'm thinking of getting either the Cubicle Labs MF3RS2M, Cubicle Labs Yuxin Little Magic M or the Cubicle Pro Shop Yuxin Huanglong M. Which one do you think will be best for...
  13. T

    QI YI thunderclap v2 review and unboxing

  14. FastCubeMaster

    $102.50 spent on cubes :)

    I'm not sponsored or anything (would like to be) but I managed to pay 100 bucks for this. I know most speedcubers would already have the cubes I got in this unboxing, but I rarely get cubes and don't get too many. Free shipping anyway :D
  15. camcuber

    Your Most Trusty / Reliable Cube?

    I looked around and didn't see a thread on this topic already and thought it would be fun for everybody to post what cube they consider to be their most trusty or reliable. Personally, I always find myself going back to my CC GuHong II or CC ZhanChi if I am going to be competing but will use...
  16. Ordway Persyn

    [Review] Qiyi Thunderclap

    This thread is for reviews on the Qiyi Thunder clap you may vote on the poll above and/or leave a review below first impressions: just received it today and did some untimed solves on it, so far it is really good. It's stable, fast and doesn't lock up at all. It feels light and smooth with...
  17. V

    Whats your favorite skewb?

    just that. please vote if you have/or tested more than one, if you only tested one of this its no sense to vote. if its not listed in the poll please say below. regards.
  18. V

    Your favorite cube (updated poll)

    Update with the new cubes, and more complete now, thats all the options you can add in a poll (10). If not on the list, tell us below please ! PD: Probably the votes end around the order in wrote them. ^^ Regards,
  19. B

    Looking for competition legal speedcube

    Hey there everyone! I'm thinking of attending the Toronto Spring Competition on March 14th however I don't have a competition legal speedcube.. If anyone lives in/around Mississaugaand you're willing to sell a speedcube please reply. I'm looking for Aolongs, Fangshis, Weilongs and maybe a...
  20. RubixNoobix

    New to speed cubing, looking for a first cube

    Hello, I started cubing a little less than 3 months ago, and have gotten faster and faster since then. I use a new rubik's cube (version 2.0?) that can be found in Target or Walmart, and have gotten an avg. of 5 of 1 min 29 sec, and a PB of 1 min 15 using the beginners method. But I feel like I...