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Random Cubing Discussion

Thom S.

Sep 26, 2017
If you are doing COLL, then it is not lucky.

Getting U perms in a row has more odds.
Indeed, as each U Perm has like a 1 in 4 chance.
But usually it's just getting U Perms.
Both the same PreAUF and PostAUF is still quite more lucky.

I also think that I get the same PLL in a row quite more often than mathematics would tell.
Statistics for things that have 0.00006%, like in a post above, may not make sense, even if your sample size is in the 5 Digits. If you do 100 Million solves, the curve should flatten out to what the statistic says.
You also have to remember, ignoring angle-independent PLLs like H Perm, if you get 1 Ua Perm, it's no different if you next get 4 F Perms or F, Ub, Ja, A. Both have the same chance, you just find one of them more lucky than the other.


Oct 8, 2022
Random thought: I realised what kept me away from improving my F2L the most is the sheer organisation of F2L cases. It confuses me that cases are not just mirrored, but it's mirror + rotation because FR slot is always the assumed target slot. Then again pieces in wrong slot (like on speedcubedb) confuses me more. Also the mirror + rotation algorithm is not always included in the mirror + rotation case. So one has to find the case pairs (which is easy on LS but not that easy in wrong slot cases) and mirror it.

Also different U positions make a whole other difference, which is not made explicit in most resources. One has to dig thorugh the alg alternatives.
Aug 12, 2013
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I've got an idea
3x3 / tetris relay
you have 15sec inspection, solve 3x3, then do tetris 40L and subtract 3 seconds from the total (the 3 seconds you have to wait for the tetris session to start)
what do you guys think?
for me sub2:15 would be super fast