1. D

    3x3 PBL Theoretical Method (3BL) (CFOP Variant)

    So, I invented a theoretical CFOP variant known as "3BL". It consists of a few steps: 1.) Solve the cross ANY WAY YOU WANT (so it doesn't have to align the colors, just connect the cross-colored part of the edges to the center) 2.) Solve the rest of the cube up until PLL 3.) Do a PBL algorithm...
  2. Burrito

    ZZ-CT vs ZZ-C++

    Which one should I use? Just your honest opinions :) (but im sticking with zz)
  3. S

    Current Method Meta

    Interesting in the current method landscape. 2020-2021 there was a huge rise in method diversity and I'm curious where that currently stands. What methods have fallen off, what methods have the most amount of users, what methods are considered to have the greatest potential, and major barriers...
  4. S

    Method Progression Routes/Guides

    A thread to map out recommended progression routes for various methods. Meant to give beginner/intermediate cubers clear progression to learning methods.
  5. S

    Lin and CSP/PLL+1 Transtion Approach

    Hi. So this thread is going to be about trying to develop a Lin approach that both lowers the amount of algs needed for CSP ( either for people that don't like algs or who want an easier transition to full CSP ) and allows earlier implementation of PLL+1. This would be a 2 part approach. Part...
  6. S

    H3 Method Development

    Hi all! I've been thinking about the Snyder method for the last few day as it was recently suggested in my Quantitative Method Analysis Survey ( which I recommend you take ). anyway, I've become interested in revisiting this rather obscure method and its relatives. I've grouped all the method...
  7. S

    Pseudo Columns Example Solve Game

    Thread for example solves using Pseudo-Columns. SSC, ECE, MI2, Square-101, HSC, HTA(?), and SSRC methods. Have fun and raise awareness for SSC/ECE baby <3. Scramble: L2 F2 D2 B' R2 U2 B U2 F' R2 B' D' L' R' D' F' D2 B2 L2 R Method: HSC Solve: x' R' U' F2 U Rw2 U' // Psuedo Squares U2 R U' M2...
  8. V Achyuthan

    Pseutilus Proposal | (Basically Pseudo Nautilus lol)

    Pseutilus (Pseudo Nautilus). It combines block building, pseudo tricks and the same number of algorithmic steps as Mehta method. It supports a movecount lesser than CFOP and similar to Roux. Steps 1. Pseudo 222 2. 123 block either on the F or the R face 3. EOLE 4. 5CO 5. Insert last F2L corner...
  9. S

    New Square-1 Method [Name Pending]

    So this is a new Sqaure-1 Method that mixes a bit of Lin and Vandenburgh together. This may or may not have already been suggested, so if it has, lmk. Steps: (1) Cubeshape: This is standard so no need for explanation (2) First Block: This is the same idea as in Lin so again not much...
  10. V Achyuthan

    E2CR2 method example solve thread

    More info on this method can be found here - D2 L2 B2 D F2 D L2 U' R2 U R2 U R' F D2 U' L' F D' L B' D' y // inspection L' F' L2 U' D B // EO U2 L D' R2 U R' U' L U L' // LB U r2 // 223 // CP skip !!!! R U R U' R' U' R' U' R2 U' R' U R U' R'...
  11. teboecubes

    How I Solve A Rubik's Cube BLINDFOLDED 🤯 | #shorts

  12. teboecubes

    How I Solve The Rubik's Cube | An Overview of the CFOP Method for Non-Cubers

    This isn't a tutorial; it's more of a summary of how I solve the Rubik's Cube. The video is mainly aimed at non-cubers who want to learn how people solve the Rubik's Cube, so make sure to share this with someone who might learn something from it!
  13. Waffles

    What 5x5 method do you use?

    I’m kind of interested. I personally use the Yau method.
  14. Waffles

    Help choosing a method (advanced)

    Which method should I use as my main method? CFOP: Pros: used it for ages, I’m quite fast at f2l Cons: boring, lookahead fails me sometimes and I’m not good at cross LEOR: Pros: seems pretty interesting and I feel like I’d get reasonable times with it Cons: it’s the method I’ve looked into the...
  15. ProyectoSigma

    U2 method, a way to go to 3-Style

    U2 was made by Orozco since 11 years ago, but in this moment there were inneficient algorithm. The idea behind U2 is to use it as a "Base method", with UF/UFR as the buffers, the mechanism is the same than M2 and R2,. Corners (Speffz) A: U2 B: [l' R' : [D2, R U R']] + U2 C: Buffer D: [R' D R...
  16. C

    Anybody wanna help me make a 3x3x2 method?

    Okay so hear me out: I've been waiting on a 3x3 to come in and I took a look at my old 3x3x2 and thought "why not"? So I started practicing on it and in two weeks I got my avg of five down to 22s. I fully believe that with better method I could push a sub 17 second avg by next month. So does...
  17. Filipe Teixeira

    A beginner 2x2 method

    I devised a method for beginners to solve the 2x2 without having to learn many algs. The method consist in intuitive moves and just one trigger and one simple and finger-tricky EG alg. My intention here is not to teach an advanced method to someone that can already solve the 3x3, but spread a...
  18. highnickk

    What is the fastest kilominx method?

    I'm thinking of getting into speedsolving the kilominx, and I'm wondering if there are any methods that are faster than the beginners/layer by layer method.
  19. ThisNameIsAlreadyTaken

    My Clock method

    Some time ago I managed to solve the Rubik's Clock without any tutorial, which I think is not so impressive though. After I first solved it, I outlined the same evening a first method (which was not very efficient the way I performed it; do the crosses on both sides, then solve the corners)...
  20. teboecubes

    2 Ways To Solve The Ivy Cube | Ivy Cube Tutorial