1. ProStar

    My Journey in Switching 3x3 Methods

    Yes, I am switching my 3x3 method. Try to guess which method I'm switching to! Did you get it right? Probably not... That’s right, I am switching to the method known as Cross, F2L, Corners, Edges, or CFCE for short. Overview of CFCE In CFCE, you solve the first two layers...
  2. Dylan Swarts

    Intermediate 4BLD X-Center Method

    Going to start off by saying I got the idea for this from a tutorial Adrian Debski did here. I basically just took it and switched it to UFR instead of using UBL, since this way you can use this method and slowly start learning 3 style, like Orozco. I also had to find ways to deal with the combo...
  3. ThatLucas

    Lin Method Tutorial for Square-1!

    Hello! I made a tutorial on the Lin method for Square-1, as I saw that there weren't that many resources out there. I hope you enjoy!
  4. PetrusQuber

    Best beginner's method?

    If you were to teach someone how to solve the cube, what method would you start them off on? Because I might be getting some people to solve a cube soon. But obviously if it's too 'hard', they'll give up. What method do you think is best? Some methods: LBL - One alg 4LLL, Daisy Cross Keyhole...
  5. Cubinwitdapizza

    Being method neutral for 2x2.

    So the title says it all basically. I think I’m going to become a method neutral 2x2 solver so do like guimond when it’s best or vop when it’s best or hd, eg, cll and so on. So I want to know if this would be a good idea and what people’s opinions are on this. Also can someone link some hd algs...
  6. PetrusQuber

    Petrus is like, so dead now.

    I use Petrus, and I have noticed nobody is really using it anymore. I, along with a couple of other people, am like the solitary Petrus user on this forum which is still active. The majority of users seem to be CFOP, Roux, or ZZ :(. So there isn't much discussion on how to improve on specific...
  7. Animaginarytale

    U2 Method v2

    I stumbled across an old thread talking about U2, an improvement to R2, which you all know is generally regarded as bad. The idea is similar, but you setup to UFR and use U2 to swap with UBL buffer instead. The problems with the older thread: Parity sucked Special cases sucked So I have...
  8. meskelto

    Half Turn Only Reduction Method | HTORoux

    The idea of HTORoux is to produce decent to low move counts for Half Turn Only Reduction (HTOR) from the Domino state in a reasonably quick and easy way, making this method ideal for FMC. The reasons behind this: There is a high chance for slice move insertions to solve bad edges. Many bad...
  9. WoowyBaby

    2x2 L5C Method

    This is the thread for the 2x2 method called L5C, or Last Five Corners. This is also called 1LLS, for One Look Last Slot. The beginning of this discussion may have started here. There's probably somewhere else this was first thought of, and if so, tell me. L5C is a method where you solve a...
  10. szalejot

    On what I should work and how? (with solve video)

    In 3BLD I reached moment, when most off my solves are in 1:00-1:25 range with occasional sub1 solves. During practice I usually have 50-70% success rate. Almost all of my practice routine until now was just to sit and do solves. I feel like I am not making further progress this way, so I would...
  11. SoySauS

    Pyraminx BLD Method

    While the most efficient way to solving Pyraminx blindfolded would be just to 1-look the solve, I'm not good enough at Pyraminx to do that, so I devised this Pyraminx BLD method. When you get the puzzle, put it into your orientation by finding the 3 tips that contain your F face color; orient...
  12. CriticalCubing

    Practice Techniques (How to practice 3x3) [CFOP]

    Most cubers probably know this but I go over some of the common methods for improving overall lookahead and improving cross and f2l and also cross to f2l transition. Aimed at newer cubes to intermediate cubers.
  13. mDiPalma

    [Unofficial] 10.69 SpeedBLD FAIL (Petrus method)

    I miscounted the number of d moves and y rotations, so I got the PLL AUF wrong because I'm retarded. :tu I thought I'd post it here so you all can laugh at my misfortune. :mad:
  14. C

    Fan Pyraminx algorithms?

    Please help me find the Fan Pyraminx algorithms. I can not find them anywhere. Google searches won't help me. PLEEAAASSSEEE
  15. IAmAPerson

    Pyraminx Blindfolded?

    Hey! I personally love pyraminx, and since it's such a simple puzzle, I thought it'd be cool to learn to solve it blindfolded! However, because not too many people do pyraminx, and fewer blindsolve it, my searches have come up mainly empty. I solved it once BLD, but it was extremely lucky. I...
  16. IAmAPerson

    New Method?

    Hello everyone! I am in the process of creating a new method for a 3x3 solve. It has 4 basic steps: Double cross (cross on white/yellow or any two opposite sides for colour-neutral solvers) Corner layer set (putting the corners on their correct layers) Corner orientation and permutation...
  17. S

    Professor cube methods?

    I know how to solve the professor cube decently, and was wondering which of the many 5x5 methods I should learn next. Which method does Feliks Zemdegs use? Thanks
  18. K

    Best Method For A Intermediate Cuber

    Hi anybody that possibly is seeing this post. I am trying to learn a new method that is not too difficult but will still keep solves close to a minute or less. I Have been using the method Pogobat for about 2 months and can get solves as low as a minute. i know thats not good xD. But i would...
  19. T

    [Unofficial] 9.82 avg12 with Roux. Sub 10 with 2 Methods!

    First sub 10 avg12 with roux!:D 10.79, 9.11, (11.34), 9.74, 8.94, 9.84, 10.11, 11.00, 10.10, (8.72), 9.72, 8.87 = 9.82 Here's my first sub 10 avg12 with CFOP 2 years ago: link I average about 9.5 with CFOP and 11 with Roux. Tips?