1. The_Noober

    Stuck on 2x2 sune + anti sune CLL

    How to distinguish 1 case from another? For H algs on CLL, I was able to tell which H alg case is which, but there seems to be no way to tell the sines and antisunes different types apart in 2x2 CLL. Do you have any suggestions and/or different easier to learn but still fast 2x2 methods? I am...
  2. Zain_A24

    300 Algs in 300 Days Challenge

    Hello everyone, As the title suggests, I will be learning 300 algorithms in 300 days. 2x2 CLL EG-1 EG-2 3x3 PLL OLL COLL Others Feel free to let me know if there are any other alg sets that I should be aware of to add to the list. (You can join in on my facebook page and learn the algs with...
  3. GAN 356 X

    What 2x2 method do you use?

    Simliar to the 3x3 method thread, this one is for 2x2. I personally use Ortega because I cannot be bothered to learn that many algorithms for an event that is so fast anyway. Instead I am working on Ortega optimisation through watching J Perms videos There is a good chance I have missed out on...
  4. C

    Being method neutral for 2x2.

    So the title says it all basically. I think I’m going to become a method neutral 2x2 solver so do like guimond when it’s best or vop when it’s best or hd, eg, cll and so on. So I want to know if this would be a good idea and what people’s opinions are on this. Also can someone link some hd algs...
  5. teboecubes

    The Easiest 2x2 Anti-CLL Cases You Should Know

  6. Filipe Teixeira

    Yet another CxLL trainer. BUT this is different!

    Yeah, so this is my CxLL trainer link: github repo: Features: - It provides you with a random order of the set you're training; that means that you'll be training the cases uniformly. - No easily reversible...
  7. Space

    How to learn CLL?

    Ok so I gonna start to learn CLL. Is there any ways or tips to learn CLL? Because there are too many algs not like ortega.
  8. C

    Learning full EG in a week!

    Hi all! I just wanted to announce that I will be attempting to learn full EG for 2x2 in one week or less. This feat began today, December 8, and will end December 15. My strategy: I've learned two sets of EG-1 fully in just under two hours today, so my goal per day will be to learn four sets...
  9. M

    Learning EG-1 before CLL on 2x2

    I was wondering if it would be more beneficial to learn EG-1 before I learn CLL. EG-1 is for the cases with an adjacent corner swap, and there is a 2/3 chance that the easiest face to make will have two corners swapped adjacently and only a 1/6 chance that it will be fastest to build a layer...
  10. B

    How to make a 2x2 first layer in as few moves as possible?

    Hi, This is my first post here. It took me quite a bit of time to figure out how to post a thread,:p but I finally figured it out. So getting right to the point. I recently started to learn CLL on the 2x2 and so far it takes me at least 7-9, maybe more moves just to build the first layer...
  11. PixelWizard

    CLL Trainer

    CLL Trainer - BIG UPDATE (EG-1 + EG-2 + MORE ALGS) Hey everyone, I'm just learning CLL and to train the algs as well as the recognition, I made a little CLL-Trainer. You can find it here: constructive criticism and any suggestions are very welcome. I'm still...
  12. AntFu

    2x2 1-look / CLL prediction move count?

    How many moves can you predict(for the first layer!) and solve 1-look within the inspection time? How many moves can you predict only OLL? I can do 3 moves 1-look and 4 moves OLL prediction within 15 seconds. What is your average(when you predict CLL and when you don't)? Mine is about 3 when I...
  13. AntFu

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Anthony, I am from Greece and I am a cuber for about 15 months. I use speedcubing for the 2x2x2 cube(I learned Ortega and now I am learning CLL). My average time with CLL is 8 to 9 seconds and my single record is 4.37 seconds. The only problem is that I can't predict the CLL case...
  14. CatchO

    [Unofficial] 2x2 average of 5: 2.04 (with stackmat)

  15. ottozing

    [Help Thread] Megaminx Discussion and Help

    This thread is for megminx discussion. Feel free to discuss anything involving megaminx from methods to algorithms to hardware or anything else you want to talk about :) There are general discussion threads for CFOP, Roux, Petrus, ZZ/ZB, and even big cubes. But I haven't stumbled upon any...
  16. E

    [Unofficial] I need help with 2x2. My times raised from 3-4s to 5-6s in just one day.

    I thought that I'll make an average of 12 on my 2x2 for a video, so I made one, second, and so on... That's the best I could've get. I also made a video in the past few months where the average was better. Could anyone tell me what I started doing wrong? Ps.: I use 39/42 CLL.
  17. Aaronus23

    How to Sub 6 on 2x2x2

    How to Sub 6 on 2x2x2? I average around 8-10 seconds with OLL+PBL... is it necesary to learn CLL to sub 6.... also... de you recomend FirstLayer+CLL or Guimond?
  18. Diniz

    [Unofficial] 2x2x2: 3.88 avg12

    My stack broke =/, so i did the avg on the keyboard. Bonus:
  19. Kirjava

    Random Cubing Discussion

    Often I have ideas or thoughts that I'd like to post or discuss, but there doesn't exist a topic for. This happens a few times a week and usually consists of method ideas that don't yet merit their own threads - I resorted to discussing RouxZZ in the accomplishments thread, for example. Think...