1. Space

    How to learn CLL?

    Ok so I gonna start to learn CLL. Is there any ways or tips to learn CLL? Because there are too many algs not like ortega.
  2. C

    Learning full EG in a week!

    Hi all! I just wanted to announce that I will be attempting to learn full EG for 2x2 in one week or less. This feat began today, December 8, and will end December 15. My strategy: I've learned two sets of EG-1 fully in just under two hours today, so my goal per day will be to learn four sets...
  3. M

    Learning EG-1 before CLL on 2x2

    I was wondering if it would be more beneficial to learn EG-1 before I learn CLL. EG-1 is for the cases with an adjacent corner swap, and there is a 2/3 chance that the easiest face to make will have two corners swapped adjacently and only a 1/6 chance that it will be fastest to build a layer...
  4. B

    How to make a 2x2 first layer in as few moves as possible?

    Hi, This is my first post here. It took me quite a bit of time to figure out how to post a thread,:p but I finally figured it out. So getting right to the point. I recently started to learn CLL on the 2x2 and so far it takes me at least 7-9, maybe more moves just to build the first layer...
  5. PixelWizard

    CLL Trainer

    CLL Trainer - BIG UPDATE (EG-1 + EG-2 + MORE ALGS) Hey everyone, I'm just learning CLL and to train the algs as well as the recognition, I made a little CLL-Trainer. You can find it here: constructive criticism and any suggestions are very welcome. I'm still...
  6. AntFu

    2x2 1-look / CLL prediction move count?

    How many moves can you predict(for the first layer!) and solve 1-look within the inspection time? How many moves can you predict only OLL? I can do 3 moves 1-look and 4 moves OLL prediction within 15 seconds. What is your average(when you predict CLL and when you don't)? Mine is about 3 when I...
  7. AntFu

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Anthony, I am from Greece and I am a cuber for about 15 months. I use speedcubing for the 2x2x2 cube(I learned Ortega and now I am learning CLL). My average time with CLL is 8 to 9 seconds and my single record is 4.37 seconds. The only problem is that I can't predict the CLL case...
  8. CatchO

    [Unofficial] 2x2 average of 5: 2.04 (with stackmat)

  9. ottozing

    [Help Thread] Megaminx Discussion

    This thread is for megminx discussion. Feel free to discuss anything involving megaminx from methods to algorithms to hardware or anything else you want to talk about :) There are general discussion threads for CFOP, Roux, Petrus, ZZ/ZB, and even big cubes. But I haven't stumbled upon any...
  10. E

    [Unofficial] I need help with 2x2. My times raised from 3-4s to 5-6s in just one day.

    I thought that I'll make an average of 12 on my 2x2 for a video, so I made one, second, and so on... That's the best I could've get. I also made a video in the past few months where the average was better. Could anyone tell me what I started doing wrong? Ps.: I use 39/42 CLL.
  11. Aaronus23

    How to Sub 6 on 2x2x2

    How to Sub 6 on 2x2x2? I average around 8-10 seconds with OLL+PBL... is it necesary to learn CLL to sub 6.... also... de you recomend FirstLayer+CLL or Guimond?
  12. Diniz

    [Unofficial] 2x2x2: 3.88 avg12

    My stack broke =/, so i did the avg on the keyboard. Bonus:
  13. Kirjava

    Random Cubing Discussion

    Often I have ideas or thoughts that I'd like to post or discuss, but there doesn't exist a topic for. This happens a few times a week and usually consists of method ideas that don't yet merit their own threads - I resorted to discussing RouxZZ in the accomplishments thread, for example. Think...
  14. dChan

    Why Not Teach CLL/ELL?

    I do not know if I have it right but it seems that CLL + ELL has less algorithms than OLL + PLL. CLL combined with ELL has 70 algorithms altogether compared to OLL + PLL which has 78 algorithms altogether. That's only a difference of 8 algorithms but in each case the number of algorithms...
  15. A

    [Help Thread] What should I learn next?

    I have 22 more OLL's to go before I know full Fridrich. I am wondering in what order should I start introducing the fine techniques? I already do Pieces Stuck in Another Slot and Using Empty Slots intuitively. Should I continue doing these intuitively or should I learn algs for them? When should...
  16. M

    What method is this?

    I was watching this video on youtube and there was an article in the "about this video" section and I can't figure out what method this guy uses: (ps. the article isn't about the guy in the video... I dont know why) is this just a blatantly ignorant misquotation or is there actually a memo...
  17. Me

    [Help Thread] Algorithm Memorization Discussion

    At the point i am at now i guess it be about time to learn OLL, however theres 57 of them, i already know about 18 from PLLs and some memorization here and there. Now i want to learn the rest of them, right now i have notecards layed out with the pattern on one side and the alg on the back...