1. rubikmaster

    Full List of LPELL Algorithms

    Hi, everyone. So here's my list of all of the 48 LPELL algorithms. LPELL is a method that inserts the last F2L pair while simultaneously orienting and permuting the edges of the last layer. This is the first and currently the only full list of LPELL algs. Make sure to check it out by clicking...
  2. King Mike

    LSE vs ELL

    I'm a CFOP solver, but I'm getting bored of routine last layer. I want to try a method similar to CFCE. I love M slice algorithms so I wondered if I should learn ELL or Roux LSE. Which one is better/faster in your opinion, and which one do you use mainly? If I learned ELL it would have to...
  3. pjk

    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    This thread is to be used for miscellaneous One-Answer Questions that don't belong in the other One-Answer threads in this forum. ----------------------------------------------
  4. P

    New aproach to ll? Cpeoll wv and ell

    Okay first I'm sure this has been discussed already but if you use winter variation then cpeoll unless all corners are permuted in which case you would use full ell. Ell takes 11 moves on average pll takes 12 I think 27 wv algs 29 ell algs and 15 cpeoll thatls a little over 60 compared to oll...
  5. Kirjava

    Random Cubing Discussion

    Often I have ideas or thoughts that I'd like to post or discuss, but there doesn't exist a topic for. This happens a few times a week and usually consists of method ideas that don't yet merit their own threads - I resorted to discussing RouxZZ in the accomplishments thread, for example. Think...
  6. dChan

    Why Not Teach CLL/ELL?

    I do not know if I have it right but it seems that CLL + ELL has less algorithms than OLL + PLL. CLL combined with ELL has 70 algorithms altogether compared to OLL + PLL which has 78 algorithms altogether. That's only a difference of 8 algorithms but in each case the number of algorithms...