1. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 1:25 4x4 single w/ Kenniths Big Cube Method.

    i've been useing this as my main method for about a week and im averaging about 1:30 atm.
  2. rk960925

    X Cube Question

    Hi I have a completely broken in(solved more than 1000times) x cube 4x4. I got the cube to turn like dayan 3x3s, but the reverse cornercutting still sucks. Does anybody know any mod for x cube 4? Also, can i do consta & florian on x cube? Will it make it better? Plz help!!
  3. yoshinator

    [Canadian NR] 4x4 single: 32.09 by Jacob Hutnyk

    http://youtu.be/ENnqJ2BG8Qg Yeah! Woo!
  4. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 4x4- 37.81 avg5

    Tips? I'm really looking to get as fast as I possibly can before worlds, so help me out!
  5. yoshinator

    How to Improve at 4x4 - A Step by Step Analysis

    I video I made for cubing world. I hope this helps some people out. Thanks for watching!
  6. yoshinator

    3x3 Walkthrough solves [Video]

    Thanks for watching! Any questions or tips, leave them in the thread or in the Youtube comments!
  7. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 2:19 5x5 single + reaction

    5x5x5 (DAT REACTION!)
  8. yoshinator

    4x4 Walkthrough solves

    http://youtu.be/mmqwYnYX_Pk Please leave any comments or questions here or in the comments. Thanks!
  9. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 4x4- 39.80 Average of 5

    http://youtu.be/zhzyZYPIImg Tips or any other sort of comment would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
  10. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 34.07 4x4 single and reconstruction video

    http://youtu.be/Am9VfETDJRA Video reconstruction Written reconstruction
  11. RubiksJake

    LanLan "Sepak Takraw"? 4x4 mod. No solutions exist.

    This is the puzzle I have. (mine's black but exactly the same as this) Things I know: It is created by LanLan. It (i think) is called the "Sepak Takraw". It can be solved similarly to a 4x4. (which I do know how to solve) Lastly, I have searched the internet for hours upon hours hoping to find...
  12. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin - 1:19.58 4x4 OH (OLL parity)

    Disclaimer: Might be a +2
  13. antoineccantin

    [Official] Sebastian Weyer - 26.81 4x4x4 single

    I think this insanity deserves its own thread. Enjoy. eJ-KjIQgA-k
  14. Ninja Storm

    One-Answer Big Cubes Question Thread

    How efficient is ZZ for big cubes?
  15. DarioRubik

    [Unofficial] 4x4 single: 38.72

    Here is a 4x4 single solve that I just uploaded.
  16. S

    [WR] 4x4 Average 30.81 Sebastian Weyer

    Done at Aachen Summer 2012. 1. 28.02 2. 27.43 3. 32.91 4. 34.53 5. 31.50
  17. M

    [Unofficial] 4x4 Solve: 55.10 - How can I improve?

    Any tips on how I can improve?
  18. C

    Time proportions when solving 4x4

    I saw there was a 3x3 version of this thread but I didn't thing asking there was appropriate. Also I was gonna ask in the one answer thread but wanted more answers from people. So I just began using Yau to solve the 4x4 and am significantly worse at it as suppose to straight redux...
  19. leonparfitt

    [Unofficial] Rubiks cube 2x2-4x4 1.23.40

    any tips would be great ;)