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Can I Complete This WEIRD Cubing Challenge?


Aug 9, 2015
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Another great example of stupid clickbate. What about letting us know in the title, what this video is actually about, then i might be interested in watching,
I'm slightly biased towards this since I suggested it, but yes, I agree.
Can one of you think of a good title of this video? It seems to me that it is a very long and complicated challenge and would be hard to make a title. What he did was fine.
His title is perfectly fine, guys. It's not misleading or clickbaiting, just not specific.
Honestly I did think the title was vague, but anything super specific would be too long (ex. Solving a Rubik's 4x4 but with ZZ and in the last layer use only sune, F Perms, and parity algorithms). I'm considering changing it to something at least a little more descriptive though.

Edit: I just changed it, so that potential viewers can at least tell that it's a 4x4 challenge that involves solving it differently than normal
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