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[Help Thread] QiYi WuQue inner layers won’t turn

Jan 9, 2017
I recently took apart my WuQue 4x4 to clean and relube it but after reassembling the puzzle the inner layers won’t turn. Doing outer layers it works fine but other than the blue/green/white slice (which barely turns) the inner layers won’t turn at all. Any help?


Dec 24, 2015
1. Make sure it's not too loose. If it's too loose, the screwheads may lock against the centre/edge pieces when doing inner-layer moves. (Conversely, if it's too tight, turning would be very stiff, but that would also affect the outer layers so this probably isn't the problem.)

2. The Wuque's centre stalks are asymmetrical and can be assembled in only one way; however, if you force the pieces in, you might have broken something and reassembled a centre stalk in a wrong orientation. If you look at the nubs on the centre pieces, they should all be on one side of the puzzle. (The nubs lock the core to that side of the puzzle when you do a wide move; if you have nubs pointing on e.g. both the left and right sides, then the core would be locked to both sides, so you wouldn't be able to do Lw/Rw moves.)