1. natezach728

    [Unofficial] 4x4 : 34.307 Average of 5

    Tied Christian from the other day :P PB like him
  2. C

    [Unofficial] 4x4 average of 5: 34.30

    UBQwQhBUKMA Really great avg for me :D
  3. M

    [LOOKING TO BUY] 4x4 - 6x6 (MoYu/SS)

    I am of course paying less for shangshou cubes. That is shown by the SS. All done! I would pay with paypal this was also posted on /r/cubetrades. Thank you!
  4. natezach728

    [Official] 33.98 4x4 Single

    Done at Caltech Fall Open 2014
  5. Pillowed Lemons

    Best 4x4?

    Hello! I am a new cuber. I can solve the 2x2 and 3x3 in 1 minute. Shortly (once sub 45) I want to buy a 4x4. I am aware of the controversy behind the V-Cube 4, but the V-Cube 4 Pillowed White is the cube that is leading my interest. Any input… Thanks!!
  6. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 57.14sec 4x4 Single w/ Meyer Method

    It's not often that I manage a sub-1 solve on 4x4, so I feel like this is worth posting. I'm not too sure how popular this method is, so for anybody watching who is unfamiliar with Meyer: it is an unholy bastardization of Roux and Yau probably created by somebody with the last name of 'Meyer'...
  7. plusCubed

    YJ YuSu 4x4

    Thread on MoYu's forum here: http://www.mofangluntan.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=38113&mobile=2 Apparently the selling point will be its price: 25-30 RMB! So about $4-5, before shipping and stuff to the US. I'd estimate it will sell for about $10 in the US (for comparison, the YuLong is...
  8. MOYU

    New MoYu puzzle - Aosu Yileng

    ;) http://www.mofangluntan.com/thread-35442-1-1.html
  9. S

    Looking to buy Type C mini 4x4

    Looking to buy a Type C mini 4x4 (46mm) Preferably in black, stickers in good condition, and under $10 USD shipped. Message me if you have one for sale, thanks!
  10. antoineccantin

    [Official] Antoine Cantin 37.33 4x4 average

    36.40, 37.81, (36.31), 37.76, (41.66) = 37.33 Some crosses were pretty bad.
  11. yoshinator

    [Canadian NR] Jacob Hutnyk 33.60 Official 4x4 average

    http://youtu.be/m_kdOZKVT0M 5th in the world! 31.90, (35.36), 34.46, 34.43+, (31.36) Farily lucky, 2 parities total, and easy ZBLL on 3 solves.
  12. Ultimate Cuber

    [Unofficial] First OH 4x4 Attempt

    I might attempt a 5x5 in the future. :D
  13. AmazingCuber

    [WR] Sebastian Weyer 24.67 4x4 single

    Sebastian Weyer just got a 4x4 single WR at Duisburg Winter of 24.76: http://cubecomps.com/live.php?cid=358&cat=3&rnd=3 5vXfa4wdd8k
  14. M

    npuzzle.codeplex.com(n-Puzzle with 3x3,4x4,5x5 image, random missed tile)

    I developed a puzzle called n-Puzzle. It presents 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 image with a random chosen missed tile. Qt 5.1 is needed to launch the application. The interface of the application has been translated into English, Spanish, Russian. Here is the link to project on codeplex.com -...
  15. BoBoGuy

    Some Yau walkthroughs

    My first walkthrough solve video! Please tell me your thoughts. :D Brest?
  16. antoineccantin

    [NAR] Kevin Costello III - 27.36 4x4 single (DP) + 32.45 average

    According to his facebook post: Really amazing! :eek: Single: Average:
  17. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 24.47 Double Parity 4x4 Single (Not counting as PB)

    http://youtu.be/mtbs9hqWRRM Your move faz.
  18. yoshinator

    [Unofficial] 2 Shouldhavebeensub-30 4x4 singles (Sub-25 minusLL)

    http://youtu.be/DSNnTXsAw4w Bleh. I suck.
  19. pdid

    [Help Thread] Disassembly and Assembly Thread

    Hi, I looked through the forum and couldn't find anywhere where I could learn to disassemble my cubes, so I thought I'd create this thread. I thought this thread would be a good place to ask questions and post videos on how to assemble or disassemble. I thought I'd start it off by asking how...