1. xdaragon

    Breaking in the X Cube 4

    Helllloooo members of Speedsolving! anyway I've recently just finished assembling my X Cube 4.:cool: The turning on it isn't really great though... (Specifically the inner layers):fp I'd like to know for those of you who also had to break it in what did you do? Let me know! Thanks Everybody! :tu
  2. collinbxyz

    4x4 Edge Pairing

    I am just wondering how most people do their 4x4 edge pairing for reduction/yau/something similar. I mean, do you do something like: 6-2-2-2, or 3-3-2-2-2, etc. Sorry if there's already a thread like this.
  3. primecuber

    Syuhei Omura's 4x4 edge pairing method.

    I cannot figure out how to do Syuhei Omura's method for 4x4x4 edge pairing.
  4. supernova

    weird orietation...?

    I'v been cubing for a while (as a beginer) but ive only recently become interested in speedsolving. The question i have is this. I've solved the centres and aligned the edges of my 4x4 cube as well as solved the f2l, or in the case the f3l. Why now do i get to the last layer only to find an...
  5. MalusDB

    4x4 beginner

    So I'm interested in 4x4. I have very little knoledge of it, but I think i get the jist of the solving methodolgy, or at least the idea of how to do it. Basically I would like to know what methods are beginner helpful ( im pretty noobish with a 3x3, but i understand alot of the maths behind it)...
  6. Max CUBErick

    [Unofficial] MaxCuberful 4x4 avg5, 2x2 avg12, 2x2-4x4 relay

    Hi guys! Here are some more videos. I've recently got my LanLan 2x2 and ShengShou 4x4! And they are pretty good! 4х4 is Yau Method!!! 2x2 is Fridrich method. I know I should learn CLL.. Thanks for watching! P.S. Sorry for big post. :D
  7. cannon4747

    which cube should i NOT get

    I'm saving up about $100 dollars to get some stuff (the majority of which is cubes) and the stuff i want costs about $120 - $125 altogether with shipping and i can't decide which one NOT to get. here is what i want to buy: $20 for dallas open $23 for minecraft $18 for maru 4x4 $17 for...
  8. G

    4x4x4 Eastsheen Parts

    does anybody have 2 r(or l idk) shaped internal pieces that i can buy from them?
  9. Robert-Y

    [Help Thread] Yau4 Discussion

    I'm also now colour neutral with this method. I'll sorta show you how you can become colour neutral easily with method (if you're already CN on 333). You just need to be CN at centres and know your pairs of opposite colours. In the following examples, I will be solving a cube which uses the...
  10. collinbxyz

    Ghost Hand II 4x4 and ShengShou 4x4

    What's the difference? Which is better? On cubedepotusa it has both of these cubes, and the ghost hand II 4x4 is cheaper...
  11. cannon4747

    4x4 LBL Method

    what i do: 1: layer one (centers cross corners - ccc) i solve the first center then the cross edge pairs and insert corners. 2: 2nd layer (centers edges - 2ce) i use the center swapping algorithm used in cage to solve the 2nd layer centers (its helpful to make the side of the...
  12. B

    [Help Thread] Puzzle Setup / Tension Discussion

    Hey guys, im still relatively new to cubing ( 2 months ) and i have purchased a white Guhong from icubemart. I love it, however there seems to be a slight problem. No matter how loose, or how tight i adjust the tension screws, the tension doesn't change. The white and yellow sides are so lose...
  13. dacubeful1

    [Review] LanLan 4x4x4

    This thread is for reviews of the LanLan 4x4x4. You can vote in the poll above, but please only vote if you own this particular puzzle. When posting your review, please follow a template similar to this: Where the puzzle was purchased: When the puzzle was purchased: Thoughts on the puzzle...
  14. Fire Cuber

    Sub-1 Minute 4x4 Race

    The rules are easy - I give you 5 scrambles, you take out the best and the worst, and average the remaining ten. If you get three consecutive weeks in a row sub-1 average, please go away from this thread and show off. . Who can join? Everyone who rarely gets sub-1 Minute on 4x4. I will...
  15. TiLiMayor

    4x4 speededgeing

    I just got a 4x4 and learned how to solve it, learned the last two edges and parities, which were the steps I didn't knew before and Im finishing it just over 4minutes (30sec centers, 3min edges, 45sec 3x3+parity) for any reference Im just sub-30 in 3x3. Anything I should learn to get a...
  16. A

    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    The intention of this thread is for people to post interesting competition statistics like the one below. Esteban Marin has only done one official solve, and the event was 7x7x7!
  17. S

    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    So, I'm working on another lolmethod. If someone can help me with alg-finding, that would be awesome; others can now and later use this thread to request help with alg-generation/finding for odd systems that they're working on. What I need is this: The flipped edge ELS cases with each 6 CPLL...
  18. bluedasher

    What 4x4 to get?

    Hello, I have never physically touched a 4x4 in my life, that is how little experience I have with 4x4's. I just skipped straight to the 5x5 and I have decided to backtrack and get a 4x4. I've heard of some cubes that are good by the following brands: 1. Maru 4x4 2. YJ 4x4 3. QJ 4x4 4...
  19. collinbxyz

    Use Mini cube in competition?

    Can you use a min/micro cube in a real competition? Like a micro memory cube or a mini QJ 4x4?
  20. freshcuber

    How to lube Dayan 4x4/What lube to use?

    I just got my Dayan 4x4 today and it's nice(compared to my old jank Rubiks brand) and cuts pretty well but is a little rough to turn. It definitely needs some lube but I'm not sure how to do it. Last time I tried to lube a 4x4 I destroyed it. I have Lubix and then some generic silicone spray...