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Premium Member
Dec 22, 2008
Guildford! UK!
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It says 'should'. Check the start of the regulations, it links to a standard that defines the use of several words used in the regulations.
Yes I realise that you don't have to have 12 people, but the fact that they had exactly 12 makes it suspicious to me. It's almost as if they are boosting numbers to get to that 12 so that there isn't any problem with the competition. This along with the fact that more than half of the 12 are totally unheard of and just turned up and DNFed.

Olivér Perge

Aug 26, 2008
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The USA has the most WCA cubers of any country (over 2000), yet there is only 1 WR held by an American.

There is no such thing as "only" when it comes to WRs. Break one and you will understand!

Australia has less than 60 WCA cubers, but we have the most WRs (8) out of any country.

Who is that "we"? How many WRs do you have? Yeah, I'm picking on you again, but I just think that cubing and cubing records are really not nationality issues. Feliks has the most WRs and he happens to be an Australian. That doesn't make any other Australian cuber better.

By your logic, Hungary tops Australia because we have 6 WRs and have less than 10 million hungarians live here, while YOU have over 21 million people over there with your teeny tiny 8 WRs. Haha!

I hope you see now, how stupid that sounds...