1. SlowerCuber

    "How fast should I solve 5x5?" - Time across WCA events

    Hi there, Occasionally I see questions like "I'm sub-XX in 3x3, how fast should I solve a 5x5?". Therefore I did some simple statistics of people's time in WCA competitions and tried to find the correlation. Here are some examples: I...
  2. kubnintadni

    Metrics for Contemplating, Comparing, and Categorizing Methods

    What 3 things make a method feel different from any other? Well, probably alg-count, ergonomics, recognition, reliance on intuition, and many other factors are important, but I'd like to focus on the answers to 3 questions one might ask to characterize a method they have just been told about...
  3. P

    Awesome speedsolves statistics online tool

    Hi all, have you look at this? it's a super awesome project. you can save all your solves online and do super statistics! it's 100% free
  4. kinch2002

    kinch2002 website - articles about cubing and other stuff I've started my own blog website for articles on Cubing, Sports, Current Issues, Games and Mental Calculation. Recently I've realised that I do a lot of statistical analysis and investigation for fun so it's time to start sharing some of my findings! There are a few articles...
  5. mafergut

    Measuring Standard Deviation of solve averages

    Hi all! I beat my PB Ao12 yesterday and I got a standard deviation of 2.87. Another guy posted his PB Ao12 right after me (both posts are consecutive here in the accomplishment thread). His Ao12 was 0.1 worse than mine but the was 0.82. So I started to think perhaps my consistency is...
  6. PixelWizard

    Times 2 Graph

    Hey everyone I'm currently working on a small project! You can find it here: Times 2 Stats It converts times (which you can import from qqtimer or another timer) to different sorts of graphs (based on choice) and stats. Maybe I'll later convert this project to Times 2 Stats where you can also...
  7. T

    Rubiks Survey! World Statistics!

    Ever wanted to know the average age people were when they got their first Rubik's Cube? Ever wanted to know the what people look for when buying a cube, or their favorite cube? Probably not, but lets go ahead and find out! This is a survey that I created to try and gather (hopefully) worldwide...
  8. immortalchaos29

    How much better are you with your main? (prove it!)

    I was curious whether my main (Zhanchi) was actually faster than other cubes. In fact, it seems like every week I change my mind about what my favorite cube is. In order to prove it, I took an average of 20 for each cube and these were the results: Cube Average St. Dev. S_pooled...
  9. Noahaha

    New BLD Scramble Notation + Statistics (TPA and TPT) (NoahMetrics) (Noatation)

    This is something I've been using for a while, and I haven't seen it anywhere else, so here it is: When someone posts a BLD time with a scramble, I don't always want to do the scramble to see how easy the scramble was. How easy a BLD scramble is is very objective however, and really only...
  10. cubeflip

    Height vs. Age vs. Speed

    Hi! My goal for this thread is to collect data so that I can compile some new statistics. I'm pretty sure physical height is not a factor in speed, but I thought it would be an interesting comparison. I'm asking for you guys (and girls) to help me out by giving me some data. What I'd like is...
  11. A

    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    The intention of this thread is for people to post interesting competition statistics like the one below. Esteban Marin has only done one official solve, and the event was 7x7x7!