1. ruwix

    New online Rubik's Cube solver

    I made an online cube solver, using the Kociemba algorithm which can find the solution in 20 steps. The problem is that sometimes it takes too much time to find the solution so I programmed it to switch to 24 steps if it doesn't return anything below a threshold. This way it always finds a...
  2. L

    Problem with Square-1 optimiser (from Jaap's puzzle page)

    I did a search on the internet for some resolver square. I managed to find on the site having this application available: -Square-1 optimiser, Version 1, for DOS / Windows. I read the read me file inside the download that says to start the...
  3. S

    [Unofficial] Youngest Rubik's Cube Solver: Hong Yan Chan, 2 Years Old

    Solved in 70.84 seconds. Name: Hong Yan Chan (YANI):2 years and 11 months (Curitiba, BRAZIL) Chan Hong Lik's younger sister Ps.: She uses cross-OLL and PLL-U in video, also F2L intuitive lolz
  4. B

    Python rubiks cube solver with 3d display

    After i bought myself my first 3x3 cube and decided to give a shot to teach the computer how to solve it(mostly as a just simple test to test out few things) it actually went far more ahead than i was expecting i wrote a solver for it that relies on fridich method and the 3d display was done in...
  5. C

    Rubik's cube F2L solver

    Here is my lastest program. It is a Rubik's cube program that solves the first two layers using the F2L method. You can turn the cube in 3D and move faces using F, U, L, B, D, R, with Shift and Alt. Also you can use M, E, S for slice moves, and x,y,z to rotate the cube with the keyboard...
  6. ruwix

    Introducing the new online Rubik's Cube solver

    We launched the website with useful Rubik's Cube tools, such as an online timer with built-in scramble generator, and a cube solver application. The Solver is available in different sizes, optimized for mobile devices too. For every widget on the website you can find an embed code if...
  7. Morozov


    The purpose of Cross+A is to simplify the solution of puzzles (word-based and logic). The program can solve and generate many kinds of puzzles. The created puzzle can be saved as a graphic file (Windows Bitmap, Windows Metafile, GIF, JPEG, PNG and CorelDRAW formats are supported). Also the batch...
  8. Christopher Mowla

    4x4x4 Last Layer Wing Edge Solver for the Ti-83p/84p Calculators! (K4 Method)

    A little over a year ago, I programmed a solver in Ti-83p basic language which solves back the last layer wing edges on a 4x4x4 (or any NxNxN cube, if you solve one orbit of wings back at a time). Since then, I have significantly improved the code's efficiency as well as written pseudocode for...
  9. A

    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    The intention of this thread is for people to post interesting competition statistics like the one below. Esteban Marin has only done one official solve, and the event was 7x7x7!
  10. Herbert Kociemba

    Cube Explorer 5.00 released - with slice moves

    For the implementation of slice moves into Cube Explorer I had to work on many parts of the source code, so it justifies the jump from 4.64 to 5.00. I use the not very logical but usual identifiers E, M S and x,y,z for the moves of the slices and the cube rotations. Here for example the output...