1. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Best 5x5 2022

    What's the best 5x5 in 2022?
  2. cuberswoop

    Cuberly Monthly Bracket Challenge

    This will be a Cubing Bracket Competition. There is no limit to competitors, but there must be at least 4 people participating in 1 event. You will sign up at the link at the bottom of the page. The scrambles will be posted in an email to you, as well as a form for you to enter your times in...
  3. 5x5 solved in 5:48.67 (2019)

    5x5 solved in 5:48.67 (2019)

    I can solve 6x6 faster than this now, but it was a PB at the time. Also, one of the rare few images that remain of my ShengShou original 5x5 while solved.
  4. C

    [Help Thread] Solving 5x5 LBL using commutators, how would I figure out what commutator to use?

    Hi, I’m back after a very long hiatus from the forum. I’m thinking of posting pictures of my cube collection So, I’m very familiar with the reduction method, it’s my default for 4x4 and up. But I thought of solving my 5x5, which turns much more smoothly than my smaller cubes, using a LBL(layer...
  5. Close-up of a 5x5 (2018)

    Close-up of a 5x5 (2018)

    A close up picture of my [scrambled] ShengShou original 5x5.
  6. Waffles

    Poll: Your main 5x5

    Inspired by the Poll: What is your main 2x2 thread Kinda interested what the community has to say about this, but personally there’s no way I’d give up the YJ MGC, and yes, I have nothing to compare it too, but it’s really amazing IMO. Will add more cubes gradually if you post ones I’ve forgotten.
  7. Waffles

    What 5x5 method do you use?

    I’m kind of interested. I personally use the Yau method.
  8. JustAnotherCuber

    Yuxin Cloud 5x5 Corner Piece Damaged

    So my Yuxin Cloud 5x5 has some colour discrepancies on the blue-white-orange corner (as shown in the picture below). I've had it for a while so I'm guessing it was caused by a drop or multiple drops. I'm just wondering if this cube is still WCA legal (because the piece is different from all the...
  9. Existential Shrimp

    EASY 5x5 Patterns! | Tutorial

    In today's video I show some extremely easy 5x5 patterns. If you need help with a certain pattern then comment down below and I will try to help! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ui... Discord: https://discord.gg/cYwCteZ 1st Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCRd5...
  10. C

    Improving in 5x5 | Weekly Progress Tracking | Yuxin Cloud

  11. teboecubes

    5x5 Redux Walkthrough Solves (sub-2:30)

  12. Sub1Hour

    Race to sub x on 2-7 relay

    Race thread for 2-7, nothin more, nothin less.
  13. Galva101

    [Help Thread] 5x5 Ghost Cube - Layer by Layer Method for Centers

    I have built a 5x5 Ghost Cube using Joachim Solborg's 3D Printable Extensions. I am however a bit lost when it comes to solving it, I have the following question: Is there a way to solve a 5x5 Supercube's Front, Left, Right and Back centers layer by layer? As you can see in the picture, these...
  14. GAN 356 X

    [OcR] Feliks Zemdegs 42.09 5x5 OcR average

    Nice job Feliks! He certainly doesn't stop!
  15. brododragon

    The Ultimate Review

    Random note: I accidentally deleted this halfway through and have had to rewrite it :D. Thanks to @WarriorCatCuber for inspiring this. Here's the post. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]...
  16. Zain_A24

    [Review] Yuxin Huanglong 5x5M - Opinions, Thoughts

    Yuxin Huanglong 5x5M – My Honest Opinions… Sections: Review of Store – KewbzUK Review of Cube – Yuxin Huanglong 5x5M OOTB Lube + Tension Break-in Performance Analysis Final Thoughts Review of Store General Info Name: KewbzUK Link: https://www.kewbz.co.uk/ I got this cube from KewbzUK since I...
  17. Zain_A24

    [Review] YJ YuChuang V2M 5x5 Full In Depth Review - vs Little Magic 5x5M? | Britcubes

    YJ YuChuang V2M Review Introduction This is my completely unbiased opinion of both Britcubes and the YJ YuChuang V2M 5x5. Be sure to leave any comments below with any feedback for future reviews. I will be using the same format I did for the Meilong 4x4 and 4x4M Review, but I am open to...
  18. C

    (Sold) Need to sell these cubes quickly

    I am selling a plethora of different cubes. Some being 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, Megaminx, Skewb, and a few others I currently have a Cyclone Boys 2x2, Rubiks Brand 2x2, A GAN 256 2x2, and a unknown brand of 2x2 (sorry) For 3x3s, I have A GAN Rubiks Brand cube, A GAN 356 Air (not magnetic), 2...
  19. abunickabhi

    5x5 QiYi QiZheng S and Yuxin Little Magic 5x5 Review: RouxNBlind Test

  20. RedTopCuber

    Big Cubes Solve of the Day! 4x4-7x7

    Welcome to the 4x4-7x7 Solve of the Day thread! this thread is the same layout as the 3x3 2x2 skewb and pyra thread but with big cubes. The results will be stored on the same file as the other solve of the day thread but on a different page. Without further delay here are the scrambles! 4x4 |...