1. JustAnotherCuber

    Yuxin Cloud 5x5 Corner Piece Damaged

    So my Yuxin Cloud 5x5 has some colour discrepancies on the blue-white-orange corner (as shown in the picture below). I've had it for a while so I'm guessing it was caused by a drop or multiple drops. I'm just wondering if this cube is still WCA legal (because the piece is different from all the...
  2. sillyturdle

    13 Puzzles (2-7, yuxin 9, meilong 3 m, meilong 2 m…) and accessories. 90 dollars including shipping

    90 dollars to the us (as long as shipping isn't over 15 dollars or something ridiculous) Would prefer to sell as a group. 1x3x3 - YJ Floppy Ghost Cube 2x2 - KungFu YueHun 2x2 - MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong M 3x3 - MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong M 3x3 - YJ MGC v1(some chipping of the stickers) 3x3 - QiYi...
  3. Sub1Hour

    Upcoming WCA Championships

    This thread will be dedicated to the discussion and announcement of new championships. Notable championships include those released by the WCA recently on July 20th. Very exciting that Asian Champs is being held in Kazakhstan. I didn't think that Asain Champs would be held outside of the...
  4. Sub1Hour

    The Event Debate Thread

    We have had debate threads on methods and companies, now we have one about the official WCA Events! Everyone has their opinions on the 17 WCA events, and here is a place to discuss them. From which events are the worst, to which are the hardest, to which are the most fun, all of these topics...
  5. Filipe Teixeira

    should 3x3 be removed?

    here are 5 reasons why 3x3 should be removed: 1. feliks zemdegs 2. there is only one good method 3. 3x3 is inside other events: blindfolded, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, one-handed and fmc. 3x3 is redundant and should logically be removed 4. too much luck involved. 5. hardware is too good, stealing the...
  6. VIBE_ZT

    Master Pyraminx as a WCA Event?

    Master Pyraminx has always been one of my favorite non-WCA puzzles, and for good reason. Here is why I think it would make a great addition to the WCA's current list of events, considering what they are at the moment. >>The hardware is relatively good at the moment, making the event...
  7. brododragon

    Cubing fun facts!

    Hi, this thread is for all those fun facts that you can't tell anyone because nobody understands cubing. It just has to be in some, way, shape, or form related to cubing (so not like the thread created by @Aerma). I'll start. In the WCA rulebook, there's a set of rules for how many moves the...
  8. CodingCuber

    What was your first competition like?

    This is a thread for you to talk about your first competition experience. At my first comp(Puzzling Pakenham 2019), I was extremely nervous. When I went up for my first solve I was shaking so much I think I got like 45 seconds or something. I got a DNF when I forgot to start the timer too. It...
  9. L

    CubingUSA Northeast Championship 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts

    We are happy to announce that CubingUSA Northeast Championship 2020 will be held in Boston, Massachusetts! The competition will be taking place at Boston University over May 22-24, featuring all 18 (or 17 :( ) WCA events! We hope to have a website up within the next couple of weeks with a...
  10. NCuber

    All WCA World Records

    ALL WCA WORLD RECORDS! Check out the video here!
  11. Reddy

    Anybody in Guam know how to organize a competition?

    Micronesia is one of the most empty areas when it comes to cubing. We are one of the places that have never had an official competition in the area since the founding of the WCA. Since I am not an adult, will anyone please give information that I can use to organize a competition in the future...
  12. GAN 356 X

    Best kilominx?

    Currently there are three kilominxes available on the cubicle, the Meilong kibiminx, the cubestyle kilominx, and the Shengshou one. I bought the Meilong one recently and my first impressions was that it was very catchy and hardly corner cut. So, which one is the best?
  13. GAN 356 X

    (New) What cubes should be added to the WCA events list?

    Since I forgot to add so many things, I decided to make a new one.
  14. emilia84

    State championship cubing competitions

    The Georgia Cubing championship competition is coming up in December, and I would like to go. My question is, do you have to be very good at a puzzle to go to a state comp? Or can cubers of any skill level attend state comps?
  15. lorovec

    Atlantic Open Fall 2015 (Halifax, N.S. , Canada)

    An announcement for all Speed cubers, Atlantic Open Fall 2015 is a competition I (Liam Orovec) is hosting and organizing with the help of Micah Stairs who is also the WCA delegate in the area. Here is the information about the competition. canadianCUBING is pleased to announce the Atlantic...
  16. rybaby

    HOOAH! SMA 2015 - 14 November, 2015 (San Marcos, Texas)

    http://www.cubingusa.com/HOOAH2015/index.php Organizer: Sammy Tawakkol Delegate: Shonathon Collins Events: 2x2 - 2 rounds [All/10] 3x3 - 3 rounds [All/20/10] 3x3 OH - 2 rounds [All/10] Pyraminx - 1 Round Megaminx - 1 Round Skewb - 1 Round FMC - 1 Attempt 4x4 - 1 Round 5x5 - 1...
  17. ZNCuber

    Rubik's Cube World Records Video [August 2015]

    Hey guys check out my video of all the WCA current world records singles! Note: 3x3 fewest moves is not included, 4x4 and skewb singles are the older record footage and the 3x3 blindfoleded single is the 2nd ranked world record due to copyright issues. But other than that just sit back and enjoy...
  18. CubeWizard23

    Wiscube 2nd Edition 9/5/15

    So I haven't seen a thread for this comp yet, i will probably be here and i look forward to meeting anyone else there! Goals: Sub 20 avg sub 15 single 3x3 2nd round 5x5 sub 3 pyra sub 12