1. teboecubes

    I Tried The FASTEST WCA 2x2 Scrambles (Inspired by Ram Thakkar's video)

  2. FB Cubing

    WCA events relay

    Here is a video where I solve all of my WCA puzzles.
  3. teboecubes

    Why This Is The EASIEST 2x2 Scramble (New PB) | #shorts

  4. White KB

    Question About Skewb Scramblers

    One thing I've noticed about most skewb scramblers is that they often have U and B moves right next to each other. Since they are on the same "axis", it doesn't make sense to have something like U' B or U' B' U' B U', but that type of thing still happens frequently with all the skewb scramblers...
  5. Human Cuber

    The Weirdest Puzlle of All

    Hey guys, I would like to know why this cube is not included in WCA? I'm not familiar with WCA do give me some responds if you know why? Kindly appreciate!
  6. pyrapyravince

    What puzzle should be added to the wca?

  7. StuntPlayZYT

    Public Question: What puzzle would you add to official comps

    If you had the power to add a non wca puzzle to official competitions, what would you pick? Personally, I would pick the Kilominx and the 2x2x3.
  8. abunickabhi

    Robot scramblers in future WCA competitions

    If say in a few years, we are able to make accurate scrambling robots, that can take input from TNoodle, and perform the scramble on any given cube for a round, what should be the ethics or rules that we should be formulating? The scrambling bot should be able to scramble all types of puzzles...
  9. abunickabhi

    Having staggered way of conducting WCA Competitions until the pandemic ends completely

    Till now throughout the period 2003-2020, 6622 competitions have been conducted where a group of registered speedcubers and first-timers gather at one place, and compete according to the schedule while complying the WCA Regulations. Post the pandemic, 30+ competitions have been held in a few...
  10. sillyturdle

    ALL SOLD 19 puzzles (9 Magnetized) including Valk3M, YLM9x9, Monster go M, RS2M - 125 shipped US

    ALL HAVE SOLD I’ve been having some trouble trying to sell locally and it's got to the point where I just need them gone. I realize that the price is almost suspiciously low but I would literally give them away if anyone were in driving distance. There are some great cubes, and some not so...
  11. Shin.H

    I made wca-radarchart (web app)

    Hi, folks! This is my very first post to speedsolving.com, and going to introduce my web app called wca-radarchart. It is a web app that shows persons radar chart from official WCA competition results. The link of web page is HERE How to use: 1. Input your/rivals WCA ID or name 2. Radar...
  12. JustAnotherCuber

    Yuxin Cloud 5x5 Corner Piece Damaged

    So my Yuxin Cloud 5x5 has some colour discrepancies on the blue-white-orange corner (as shown in the picture below). I've had it for a while so I'm guessing it was caused by a drop or multiple drops. I'm just wondering if this cube is still WCA legal (because the piece is different from all the...
  13. sillyturdle


    90 dollars to the us (as long as shipping isn't over 15 dollars or something ridiculous) Would prefer to sell as a group. 1x3x3 - YJ Floppy Ghost Cube 2x2 - KungFu YueHun 2x2 - MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong M 3x3 - MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong M 3x3 - YJ MGC v1(some chipping of the stickers) 3x3 - QiYi...
  14. Sub1Hour

    Upcoming WCA Championships

    This thread will be dedicated to the discussion and announcement of new championships. Notable championships include those released by the WCA recently on July 20th. Very exciting that Asian Champs is being held in Kazakhstan. I didn't think that Asain Champs would be held outside of the...
  15. teboecubes

    Reading the Cubing at Home Regulations 21:04.76 YTUWR

  16. teboecubes

    Does Inspection Time Affect 3x3 Solve Time? | Experiment

  17. Sub1Hour

    The Event Debate Thread

    We have had debate threads on methods and companies, now we have one about the official WCA Events! Everyone has their opinions on the 17 WCA events, and here is a place to discuss them. From which events are the worst, to which are the hardest, to which are the most fun, all of these topics...
  18. Filipe Teixeira

    should 3x3 be removed?

    here are 5 reasons why 3x3 should be removed: 1. feliks zemdegs 2. there is only one good method 3. 3x3 is inside other events: blindfolded, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, one-handed and fmc. 3x3 is redundant and should logically be removed 4. too much luck involved. 5. hardware is too good, stealing the...
  19. VIBE_ZT

    Master Pyraminx as a WCA Event?

    Master Pyraminx has always been one of my favorite non-WCA puzzles, and for good reason. Here is why I think it would make a great addition to the WCA's current list of events, considering what they are at the moment. >>The hardware is relatively good at the moment, making the event...
  20. brododragon

    Cubing fun facts!

    Hi, this thread is for all those fun facts that you can't tell anyone because nobody understands cubing. It just has to be in some, way, shape, or form related to cubing (so not like the thread created by @Aerma). I'll start. In the WCA rulebook, there's a set of rules for how many moves the...