1. teboecubes

    I Broke Rubik's Cube World Records!

  2. FallenCuber

    How Fast Can We Get?

    Hello everyone! So recently I've been thinking about World Records along with the people that get them. Throughout my experiences with cubing it has been relevant (especially during competitions like nationals) that World Records are broken. So, my question was, how fast can we get? Eventually...
  3. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 3.653 Skewb Average of 12 w/ 2.991 Average of 5. YouTube UWR! (Rami Sbahi)

    Woah, this is sick! I know it's keyboard, sorry. I couldn't get a good angle for stackmat. :/ I got a 4.184 average of 50 and 4.283 average of 100, too!!!!! Wow. YouTube Unofficial World Record Average of 12: 3.653 1. 3.458 R U' L B' U L' R L' U' 2. 3.527 U L B R B' L B' R' 3...
  4. C

    Announcing 0Cube

    Hello, fellow cubers. I am here to Introduce my new cube manufacturer, Cube0. Cube0's first product is the 3x3 0Cube. The name describes its movement: 0 (effortless). It is now a 3x3 cube, that is designed by YOU. Backstory The 0Cube started out as a GuHong mod in 2010 (or around there). From...
  5. Readingrocks88

    WR Holders Game

    How well do you know your WR holders? Check out this game I made: It's also in my signature. Hope you like it! :)
  6. bostoncuber

    What region in the USA has the fastest cubers?

    i think it is the north east (new england new york and new jersey) what do you think?
  7. S

    CRC vs Jigaloo? Which one gives the best result and do any of them do anything bad?

    Hi, I have just ordered some Lubix for my main cubes. But the other cubes I don't want to waste Lubix on it, because Lubix is quite expensive. So im lost between getting CRC or Jigaloo. Of course I definetly don't want it doing something bad to my cube, but if none of them do anything...
  8. A

    Odd WCA stats/ Stats request Thread

    The intention of this thread is for people to post interesting competition statistics like the one below. Esteban Marin has only done one official solve, and the event was 7x7x7!
  9. bluedasher

    Cube Recommendation Thread

    I just figured I'd create this thread because I think the "One answer question thread" is over loaded with questions in every subject and this thread might help organize everything a little better. Since many people have questions pertaining to "what cube should I get?" or "What cube is better A...
  10. loverthehater

    Pyraminx HELP PLEASE!

    Heeeey! I've posted this question like 2 times now and the only thing i've gotten was a mefferts... is that the best or is there better? :confused:(please not the russian, i don't like the smallness of it :p) other unrelated note, a 2x2 eastsheen is being shipped out here... What do you think of...
  11. CubeThing

    What Method Do You Use?

    These are the methods I use for different puzzles: 3x3x3: Beginner with intuitive F2L 2x2: Few Algorithms Method Pyraminx: No Algorithms Method/ Intuitive What methods do you use? (By The way I am a fairly new cuber, thats why I use no alg methods and beginners etc.)