1. TipsterTrickster

    Solving a 3x3 Blindfolded on a unicycle!

    4 bld next? Also If you have any ideas on future challenges post them here!
  2. Meneghetti

    [Brazilian NR] 33.03 3BLD single (Diego Meneghetti)

    yay got it!! done @ Porto Alegre Open 2015 ~12.7 memo and ~20.3 execution There were 3 solved edges and 1 flipped corner! I'll post the scramble here soon. I had a 2s+ pause during 3rd corner commutator because I couldn't recall my alg for PW (speffz), which I had changed several times in...
  3. Meneghetti

    [Official] 40.40 3BLD single - Diego Meneghetti

    @ Brasilia Spring 2015 Lots of pauses during execution... but still a gj single for me! And this was my MBLD attempt: 13/18 58.07
  4. Meneghetti

    [Unofficial] 3BLD 47.79 avg12 - Diego Meneghetti

    Been practicing a lot these "safe but still sub-1" solves lately! That's the kind of solve I'll be trying to do in the first round at World's :) Average of 12: 47.79 (σ = 4.66) 1. 45.89 F L D B2 U' L' B2 R2 B2 R D2 L2 F B2 D2 B2 D2 F R2 D2 F 2. 41.93 U' L2 B2 L2 D2 F2 D B2 F2 L' F...
  5. Meneghetti

    [Unofficial] 3BLD 40.20 avg5 (Diego Meneghetti)

    3-style :) 37.98, 42.64, (35.35), (DNF(43.50)), 39.99 mo3: 38.66 (σ = 3.69) avg5: 40.20 (σ = 2.34)
  6. Meneghetti

    [Official] 54.84 3BLD single - Diego Meneghetti

    My first official sub-1 :) @ Brasilia Open 2015 (cubecomps) 3-style FTW!
  7. Meneghetti

    [Brazilian NR] 13/13 55:54 MBLD - Diego Meneghetti

    yay :D @ Brasilia Open 2015 (cubecomps) Old Pochmann / M2 SS Aurora
  8. Meneghetti

    [Brazilian NR] 12/12 55:26 MBLD - Diego Meneghetti

    second in South America! :D
  9. PixelWizard

    BLD - Letter Pair Generator

    Hey :) This is my newest tool. Train and Time your Memorization for 3x3 Blindfolded with this tool. Letter Pair Generator Greetings PixelWizard
  10. Meneghetti

    The NOZ Challenge: Multi BLD 10/10 + 2 mosaics

    So I decided to try something new involving MBLD to promote the agency where I currently work as a graphic/web designer :) Here’s my video: What it is: I challenge you guys to try it! :D If you post a video...
  11. G

    What does the regulation 4b3a (about scramble filtering for blindfolded events) mean?

    I don't understand what the following regulation mean.. What does this mean? What scrambles are filtered by this regulation? Give me some examples, please..
  12. Meneghetti

    [Unofficial] 12/12 MBLD 55:23.58[41:35.13] (Diego Meneghetti)

    This was my 6th attempt with 12 cubes. Finally got it all right :D In two weeks I'll be trying this in a competition!
  13. Ollie

    [WR] Oliver Frost 4x4x4 Blindfolded 2:18.65

    Execution starts at 0:37, done at Cuthberts Open 2014. Thank you Chris :) B2 U2 B2 D L2 U2 B2 R2 L2 U' B U' L2 D' F' L' B2 D' U L' F Uw2 B' R2 L B' Uw2 Fw2 F Uw2 R' F' L' F2 Uw' Rw2 R F2 U B' Fw Uw R F Rw Uw' Rw2 x' y' [U2 x R:[U, R' D2 R]] // ULF -> UFR -> UBL (11/11) [R D': U' R' U, L2]]...
  14. EricSanches

    [Unofficial] Rubik's Cube Blindfolded- 1:35.96 - Eric Sanches

    M2/ Old Pochmann. I'm trying to improve but it's hard :P
  15. A

    Help me with BLD edges!

  16. Ollie

    [Unofficial] 5x5x5 Blindfolded 4:34.67

    PB is 4:32
  17. Noahaha

    [US NR] Noah Arthurs - 27.36 3BLD

  18. S

    Blindfolded slide puzzle solving

    Hey guys, I read somewhere, on some thread, a guy was asking if you can solve a slidepuzzle blindfolded??. Surey can. But there was not a definite answer so here it is. Blind'8 puzzle is just slide puzzle blindfolded(right now i only have 8 puzzle...
  19. ScottTheCuber

    3Bld competition!

    Sup for the next 24 hrs let's have a bld day where we practice blind just do anything blind! Write if you got a DNF or a accomplishment! I will start DNF,