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N Perms - What's yours?


Sep 4, 2015
If you were turning a 10TPS, you could not sub-1. If you were turning greater that 21 TPS, then it would be possible.
Lol I can sub-1 that. I consistently 0.5x the J perm, so all you need to add is two really fast triggers. My best with that alg is 0.97, but I usually get 1.0x or 1.1x
May 31, 2016
Here's what I think is the Na perm algorithm
(R U' L U2 R' U L') (R U' L U2 R' U L') U

Another Na perm involves collaboration with the Jb perm:
L U L' (U' R U R' F' R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R') L U' L'

Also, the Nb perm would thus be

(L' U R' U2 L U' R) (L' U R' U2 L U' R) U'


Apr 4, 2017
How's it guys.

I've seen loads of you post about using J perms as N perms, but with a R U R' before and after, or something along those lines.

I can't seem to find it, and i hate the N perms i have now.

Please post your N perms here :)

Thanks in advance :)
The absolute best I've found I learned from Jperm on YouTube.

R U R' U (R U R' F' R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R') U2 R U' R'

This is when you have 2 solids facing on the right. I just do the inverse on the left side.
I had a couple of algs before that each were a move or two less, yet this one is faster and more fluid and definitely faster.


Aug 30, 2020
Should I use r' D' F r U r' F' D r2 U r' U' r' F r F' or R' U R U' R' F' U F R U R' F R' F' R U' R
Timed both. Got 1.7x consistent on both of them. Both are regripless
My old alg was (R' U L' U2 R U' L)2 which was 1.9x. I learnt these algs today and a week ago respectively.