1. teboecubes

    When Cubers Talk About The YouTube Algorithm (Skit)

  2. KFCubes

    Are You Doing This Case Wrong? (H Perm)

    I still see people do h perm incorrectly. Hopefully this video helps!
  3. KFCubes

    This G Perm is Weird.

    This is my first real video of 2021, so check it out!
  4. Jam88

    How to practise and learn LL Algs

    Hi all, couldn't find a thread for this, so decided to make my own. I will be adding more over time. Hope this helps, Jam88 P.S. Mods, if there is a megathread for this, then feel free to move it.
  5. T

    Help generating OLL cases...

    So, I want to get an OLL case. Besides reversing the algorithm or spamming the algorithm, is there a way I can recreate JPerm's algorithm generator on his website? How do I generate those algs? I have coding experience, so I should just need instructions.
  6. teboecubes

    How I RECOGNIZE All 21 PLL Cases | PLL Recognition

  7. T

    Alg discussion

    This thread is an attempt at the question we've all asked a bunch of times: What alg set should I learn next? I know F2L OLL AND PLL. I am now clueless about what to learn next.
  8. teboecubes

    2 Ways To Solve The Ivy Cube | Ivy Cube Tutorial

  9. teboecubes

    OLL Algorithm Tier List

  10. brododragon

    How to Memorize Algorithms Quicker

    I've seen many beginners complain about algs being hard to memorize, and everyone's been there. So I decided to make a guide to help even intermediate and advanced cubers memorize algs. This is a constant WIP, and I am fine with changing something if you see a problem. Most Important Rule: You...
  11. Hazel

    HazelTrainer — The ZBLL Training Application (NO LONGER In Development)

    HazelTrainer is a desktop ZBLL trainer application that I've been developing since mid-December 2019. Its goal is to be the most robust, most configurable, and most helpful ZBLL trainer out there. Notable features: - Top-down view of ZBLL cases - "Flagging" troublesome cases to make them appear...
  12. Ian Brown

    New Speed Method for 2x2x3 (Mini Tower)

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but thought this would be a good place to share my new speed method for the 2x2x3 cuboid. Some things to know about this method are that it relies heavily on algorithms, and that it is possible and encouraged to use this method for one-looking solves. The solve has...
  13. B

    Torque on Conventional Cubes

    Hello, I am a student doing a robotics project, you guessed it, a Rubik's cube solver! The device will user linear solenoids to press grasping claws, rotated by steppers or servos, onto the cube faces. Two questions: -Does anyone know the torque required to turn the face of a standard Rubik's...
  14. Hazel

    ZBLL Classroom: New Discord Server for ZBLL-Learners and Those Interested :)

    I've just created a new Discord server for people who are learning ZBLL (full or part of), are interested in learning ZBLL, already know ZBLL, or are just interested in ZBLL as a concept. I made it because I feel that I often need to ask a question or make a comment about ZBLL, but it doesn't...
  15. teboecubes

    The Easiest 2x2 Anti-CLL Cases You Should Know

  16. PetrusQuber

    List of PLL algs for 2/1 Look PLL

    There are a lot of algs out there, some of which do the same thing. I have grouped all the algs I use for people looking for efficient perms. I had to do this the hard way, looking through random pages for the fastest moves to make. Here they are: Corner swap: R U R' F' R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R'...
  17. Wesley Twiggs

    An OLL case more easily solved with two step, than with one step

    The attached case is more easily solved in my opinion with the common F U R U' R' F' alg followed by the sune case R' U' R U' R' U2 R.
  18. ruwix

    3D Rubik's Cube algorithm widget (CSS3)

    I'd like to present you a nice little project which lets you animate Rubik's Cube algorithms and patterns. Set up the algorithm you want to save and the program generates a custom link where you can always access it or use the embed code to add it to a website. This example is the animation...
  19. J

    I am proposing a website for all specialised alg sets!

    I am proposing a Website for Specialist Alg-Sets! Hello, I have created the website (sorry its a default subdomain), on the website is currently some small alg-sets I have created which are probably not incredibly useful but each have...
  20. Filipe Teixeira

    Algorithmic F2L Guide

    I made this guide to show how to solve F2L agorithmicaly. It teaches the fundamental F2L cases (R U R' and R U' R') and how to transform the complex cases into the fundamental ones. Note that it don't show the AUF between the complex and the fundamental cases so you have to have learned the...