1. Jessica Roux.PNG

    Jessica Roux.PNG

    Will this lady be the one to propose the perfect CFOP and Roux hybrid?
  2. LeeryLangers

    Sub 30 help.

    I really need help with getting consistent sub 30 solves. I know 8 PLLs and 10 OLLs, but I'm learning full PLL. I use intuitive F2L with look ahead, and the F2L stage takes me ~22 seconds. Right now my PB average is 29.46 and my PB single is 24.66, though I usually average between 30...
  3. Phantom777

    F2L: 2 looks per pair

    When I was a new cuber, I thought that F2L was very difficult. There were 42 algs to learn. That's a lot of algs for a beginner. In february of this year, I began the F2L, but learned only 8 algs. With 8 algs, I could do every F2L case. If you have the edge and separate corner , you can join...
  4. Note

    Branching OLL to PLL Cases?

    I'm not sure if anyone has discovered this before but at some point when I was practicing OLLs, I noticed a few PLL cases pop up after OLL. However, only 6 or 5 out of the 21 were sure to have a chance of popping up. For example, I would finish this case: and then I'd get a Z perm or a U perm...
  5. iamatomato123

    Hi Everyone!

    Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to the forums. Just introducing myself and giving background info. So I started cubing around 8 months ago, when I got tired of seeing a scrambled Rubik's cube sitting on my shelf for so long. I took it, looked up a tutorial and followed Dan Brown's video to...
  6. Dounat

    Hi guys!

    Hi! My name is David and I am starting speedcuber from Czech Republic. :) I cube since June, my 3x3 PB is 24:59(Zhanchi/ShuangRen/Yulong, avg mostly around 30 sec) and my 2x2 PB is 2.70(Dayan, avg mostly around 7 sec). For 3x3 I use Fridrich, where I know almost full PLL plus 2-look OLL(cross...
  7. S

    Symmetrical Fridrich Method

    I use the Fridrich method to solve the cube except that I mirror OLLs and PLLs in order to reduce the number of unique algorithms that I have to remember. Since I didn't find anything relevant on the Internet I thought I'd make a page that described the concept as well as mirrors of the OLLs...
  8. T

    [French NR] Quentin Savard Megaminx 1:06.29 avg 1:00.10 single

    Fail sub 1...
  9. S

    What size cube and help on becoming sub-40.

    Hello, this is my first every post (yay!). I was wondering about what size cube to get. I'm 11 so I have small hands. My hand is exactly 6 inches from my palm to the end of my middle finger. I currently use a 56mm Zhanchi and the 57mm Fansgshi. I think I need a smaller cube such as 45-53mm but...
  10. ravenguild08

    Merits of CFOP

    I've been inactive in the forums for a long time, but I recently wrote this article and thought I would share. I hope you find it informative! --- CFOP, aka. the Fridrich Method, is the wildly popular Rubik's Cube solving method used by virtually all high- and mid-level speedcubers. Still...
  11. slinky773

    Super Duper Ultra Mega Uber Fridrich Training Outline

    AKA the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious training method or Ein Über Training Method. Disclaimer: This may or may not be way too much for any normal person. Input on the Super Duper Ultra Mega Uber Fridrich Training Method would be helpful. Unfortunately, I don't have any cuber friends, so I...
  12. Ickathu

    Beginner's Guide to Choosing a Speedsolving Method

    Foreword: We know that this thread may induce the “wall of text” syndrome (try opening up all the spoilers), but we promise that you are doing yourself a favor by reading this. There is a lot of information, but it is all beneficial and there is no unnecessary information. This thread is...
  13. tato0498

    [Unofficial] Rubiks cube - 10.82 average of 12

    Avg12: 10.82 and Avg5: 10.46 Times: 11.15, 12.98, 10.18, (7.80), 11.72, 9.47, 12.19, 11.32, 11.49, (15.77), 7.95, 9.79
  14. E

    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Please read before posting I'm making this thread for all of those ideas you have that are interesting, yet are not fully developed. This is a place to post them. I have come up with many ideas and didn't want to post a new thread for every one of them when most don't get very far. Perhaps if...
  15. Zer0

    I'm Tyler

    Hello everyone! I am a cuber from Michigan, and just got into cubing about a month ago when I saw my friend who averaged about 5 minutes. The next time I went to my dads house, I told him about it and he said he had a cube in his room so he went and got it for me. I kept practicing my solves and...
  16. vinayakmt

    How to modify PLL's to get anticlockwise movement?

    In Jessica fridrich's site( 13 PLL's are given .But i often get the last layer with 3 edges to be shifted anticlockwise.What to do in such cases?Should i learn the 21 PLL's from other websites?
  17. Madde532

    Hello all cubers!

    I come from sweden and i have been cubing in about six months. I started cubing in the end of the summer break and learned the LBL method which i found very boring after a month or two and decided to learn the Fridrich method. I use 2look oll and 1 look pll and average around 30 seconds, but i...
  18. TheCuberboy1996

    [Unofficial] 10.95 Avg of 12

    Not my best, but decent. Btw, this is old, but I'm still on just about the same skill level.
  19. S

    Interview with Jessica Fridrich and Zbigniew Zborowski about Feliks Zemdegs

    First I was thinking to make a video, but that interview seems to me more interesting than a video. Two great names of Speedcubing answering questions about Feliks Zemdegs. This is the link of the interview in the blog page...
  20. Redytedy

    I'm New Here

    Hi, I'm Eli and I'm new here.I live in Palo Alto, California, and I go to the stanford cube club. I also use Fridrich, and average around 30 seconds. I hope to learn a lot of new things!