1. T

    Help generating OLL cases...

    So, I want to get an OLL case. Besides reversing the algorithm or spamming the algorithm, is there a way I can recreate JPerm's algorithm generator on his website? How do I generate those algs? I have coding experience, so I should just need instructions.
  2. Alexuty

    A 2-Look CMLL Beginner's Guide Sheet

    Hey there, made this one myself. Feedback and tips are appreciated. Be gentle :) I tried to format it so that it fits on one page for printing purposes. It's very bare bones since i'm still not experienced. If you have any contributions, let me know!
  3. teboecubes

    OLL Algorithm Tier List

  4. Aerma

    HazelTrainer — The ZBLL Training Application (NO LONGER In Development)

    HazelTrainer is a desktop ZBLL trainer application that I've been developing since mid-December 2019. Its goal is to be the most robust, most configurable, and most helpful ZBLL trainer out there. Notable features: - Top-down view of ZBLL cases - "Flagging" troublesome cases to make them appear...
  5. PetrusQuber

    List of PLL algs for 2/1 Look PLL

    There are a lot of algs out there, some of which do the same thing. I have grouped all the algs I use for people looking for efficient perms. I had to do this the hard way, looking through random pages for the fastest moves to make. Here they are: Corner swap: R U R' F' R U R' U' R' F R2 U' R'...
  6. T / bookmarklet

    I hope this is the right section, as this is just a tiny piece of code that I put together. This is a simple bookmarklet that lets you highlight text on a webpage and then view it on or version javascript:(function() { function se(d) { return...
  7. antoineccantin

    All of my One-Handed COLLs - Explained and with Recognition

    I hope some of you find this informative and helpful! Even though these COLLs are good for OH, most are great for 2H as well.
  8. S

    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    So, I'm working on another lolmethod. If someone can help me with alg-finding, that would be awesome; others can now and later use this thread to request help with alg-generation/finding for odd systems that they're working on. What I need is this: The flipped edge ELS cases with each 6 CPLL...
  9. Joker

    Faster big cube algs?

    Hey guys. I was thinking earlier today about the algs to solve parity on big cubes. These algs use slice moves, and can do things that are impossible on a 3x3, such at flipping a single edge. I was wondering if this could be used to make OLL and PLL cases better. The advantage is you can use...
  10. DAE_JA_VOO

    N Perms - What's yours?

    How's it guys. I've seen loads of you post about using J perms as N perms, but with a R U R' before and after, or something along those lines. I can't seem to find it, and i hate the N perms i have now. Please post your N perms here :) Thanks in advance :)
  11. DAE_JA_VOO

    Cube Rotation or AUF before PLL?

    How's it guys. Lately i've been finding that i could possibly save myself some time by doing AUF instead of cube rotations for PLLs. Let me explain, in case you're not sure. When i get to the PLL stage of my solve, i align the already permuted pieces to find out what PLL i need to do. For...