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  • Hey, there, I'm someone who's learning a variant of SSC. I believe I'm learning the ECE variant. However, I'm not sure which algset is better, for EP should I be doing EZD (which I would assume is the pure form of ECE-EZD) or should I be doing EPBL (which would not be ECE-EZD but instead just ECE?)
    Thank you
    Yes, you are correct that 14-19 seconds is unreasonable, but I wasn't really sure what to put with the 14-16 solves I kept getting occasionally. Along with that, why would you think I would try to lie about what I average? What would I gain from lying about my average intentionally? http://imgur.com/ez7un6j
    Hey Crafto, the keyword on my signature is "Speedcubing". 4 years ago I started cubing with my cousin for a few months where I had gotten my time down to 50 seconds. At the time I hadn't tried to learn anything new, I wasn't committed to remember more than 7 algorithms. I then stopped cubing for those four years and started back up around 2 months ago. Before I only practiced for about 30 minutes, and now I can usually practice for several hours. . The only reason why I had "14" seconds to 19 on my signature was because I can occasionally get 14's in my solves. About 80 percent of the time I will get 17-20 seconds (Mostly 18's), and the rest 14-16 seconds. So really it depends on what you would consider "Speedcubing". If you were to count the time I was cubing years ago, than that would be about 5 months, not two, but I have only been cubing lately for 2 months averaging around 18 seconds consistently.
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