1. u Cube

    10.17 PB Ao5 (Roux)

  2. WarriorCatCuber

    The method debate thread

    This is a thread to debate on which method is best and if methods are equal and stuff like that. @Owen Morrison @Micah Morrison
  3. u Cube

    7.82 PB Single (Roux)

  4. macncheese

    [Member Intro] hi, i'm "back"

    good day to everyone my name is macncheese, and i am a cubing enthusiast from dubai, uae i was previously on this forums for a very short period of time couple of years ago. during my time i was pretty embarrassing, so a belated apology for that haha. this time however ill be more active and...
  5. u Cube

    9.85 Officail 3x3 Single! (Roux)

  6. C

    I’m gonna try the one month one method thing.

    So, I feel like ZZ is kinda failing me, and I just don’t know what I can do besides grind solves. I know EOcross, my F2L is really fast , and my last layer is meh. Idk, I just feel like ZZ isn’t the way. So for the rest of this month, I’m gonna use CFOP (because I was already a previous CFOP...
  7. fun at the joy

    [NR] Sean Patrick Villanueva - 4.98 3x3 Single Philippine National Record

    Sean Patrick Villanueva just got the first sub-5 3x3 Single with Roux! Scramble (generated from the solution): D' F2 D L2 R2 D2 R2 F' R' B D' F U2 L' F' L D' U' Solution: y // Inspection U L R U R' D D // FB R...
  8. Potato Kuber

    Method Pros and Cons: CFOP vs Roux vs ZZ

    What I basically want to know is what are all the pros and cons of the three most popular methods. I ,at the moment, use Roux but I want to know if Roux is a good method. Write down your opinions on CFOP, Roux and ZZ.
  9. meskelto

    Half Turn Only Reduction Method | HTORoux

    The idea of HTORoux is to produce decent to low move counts for Half Turn Only Reduction (HTOR) from the Domino state in a reasonably quick and easy way, making this method ideal for FMC. The reasons behind this: There is a high chance for slice move insertions to solve bad edges. Many bad...
  10. Filipe Teixeira

    Roux 4A Chart

    I know this is not new, in fact it's just kian mansour algs for Roux EO, but... I found a better way to organize cases and help people finding the solutions easily. The cases are in a table with top and bottom of the cube. Solutions lead to the arrow case if it isn't arrow. I hope it helps, as...
  11. u Cube

    Roux Tutorial!

  12. C

    [Help Thread] [Roux] 2-look CMLL lookahead tips

    Hi all! I currently average around 35 with Roux and 2-look CMLL. I know I have to work on first and second block, but when I slow-solve I notice that the biggest pause I make is after executing CMLL to check which perm alg to use. I use J-Perm and Y-Perm, so for J-Perm I have to AUF to set it...
  13. arvind1999

    [Unofficial] Arvind Tatiparti - 7.56 3x3 avg5 [Roux]

    avg of 5: 7.56 Time List: 1. (8.23) L2 R2 F R2 F2 U2 R2 B2 U2 F D' F' R D2 F' U2 L B2 F2 2. 7.86 D2 B' R' U2 R2 D' B U R2 D2 B2 D2 B' L2 D2 B' L2 U2 D2 B2 U' 3. (6.92) U2 L' U2 L2 U F2 R2 D' B2 D2 R2 U F2 R' U' L' R F D' U2 R' 4. 7.23 F2 L2 B2 R' U2 F2 L F2 L2 R' U2 F D B F2 R' F2 D'...
  14. D

    [Member Intro] Rookie: Looking for next step. Roux maybe?

    Hi. I'm really new to cubing- for about 3 weeks. it started at work, when we got a new break room. Among other things, they brought in a Rubik's Cube. Someone sat down and solved it in about 10 minutes, and I got jealous. So I bought one, and learned how to solve it that Saturday. I promised...
  15. T

    [Unofficial] 9.13 average of 5 with 5 different methods

    8.14 (Petrus), 10.71 (ZZ), 8.55 (Roux), 7.27 (CFOP), 11.49 (Freefop) = 9.13 average of 5 (9.23 mean of 5) Cube: aolong v2 Don't have scrambles, sorry. I'm planning on taking a bit of a break from cubing now as I have important exams coming up and I need to focus. So until summer, I won't be...
  16. rybaby

    [Official] 12.13 OH single (Roux) - Ryan Przybocki

    Thanks table :D Done at South East Texas Open
  17. T

    [Unofficial] Petrus method 9.79 average of 12! Sub 10 with the big four!

    8.913, 11.194, 9.539, 10.786, 9.085, (12.931), 8.888, 8.793, 9.677, 10.500, (8.341), 10.479 = 9.785 avg12 (9.119 avg5) Finally finished what I started! Sub 10 avg12 with CFOP, Roux, ZZ and Petrus! My first sub 10 average of 12 with each method: CFOP 9.85 avg12 Roux 9.82 avg12 ZZ 9.83...
  18. A

    The God of Roux - Alexander Lau

    A video for the Roux community, and to show respect for Alex.
  19. Ross The Boss

    [Official] 12.56 avg5 by Ross The Boss - MSF Open 2015

    "you got lucky on that one" orly? fifth place second round average (came fifth in all 3 rounds :F). all of my averages were pretty consistent.
  20. Ross The Boss

    [Official] 20.50 OH avg5 - Roux Method (15.93 single)

    that last solve. k...