1. Ross The Boss

    [Official] 14.89 Rubik's Cube Ao5 - Toronto Spring Open

    from round one. (17.17) , (13.28), 13.68, 14.88, 16.12
  2. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 10.9 3x3 single w/ roux

    i think the music in the background is one of Epic Loyd's "diss raps for hire". the cube i used is a guhong2 (those new fancy cubes are the devil!). im actually really surprised that this video exists; i had one min of footage on my camera so i decided to do some filming and i was rewarded with...
  3. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 20.893 Roux OH Single. (with table abuse)

    Had I not dropped the cube, it would have been sub 20 for sure XP. It was a lucky solve, step 4a skip and Sune CMLL. Also, some people may find the music to be a bit much, so be warned... dat solo, tho... Cube: Dayan Guhong V2 Method: Roux (with table abuse) Scramble: Unavailable
  4. AHornbaker

    Intuitive CLS for Roux

    Hello All, I am looking into learning CLS, but I am only interested in the cases with the slot corner on U. Unfortunately, there are 3 sets of 27 algs for each orientation of the edge, so 81 algs in total. I feel like CLS can be solved intuitively like F2L, but you'd have to know the little...
  5. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] Non- Matching Blocks With Roux. (opposite NMCMLL?) VIDEO

    i usually only do this when i mess up look ahead so they are usually at or slightly above average times. these are a few that turned out good. NMCMLL is sexy, eh?
  6. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] Sub 30 Foot Cube Solves W/ Roux. (Ross Svensson-Hornbostel)

    i should turn my headphones down before i go deaf!
  7. ocg42=YJ

    [Unofficial] [Needing advice]3x3 practice in Roux ao12=16.84

    I made this clip several days ago. Mainly I'm a CFOPer and I got to be interested in Roux half year ago. I've got over sub20 a month ago and reach an average of sub17. But I then find it confused how to make it faster. Here are some of my questions: 1. Should I begin to practice thinking of the...
  8. Noahaha

    Noah's CP Block Method 2.0

    As some of you may remember, I proposed a Petrus based CP-block method a while back. The problem with it was that it made Petrus even more inefficient than it already was just in order to have a 1LLL. I never dropped the idea of CP-blocks, however... ...and today I bring you my NEW AND...
  9. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 15.10 A05 w/ Roux

    one of the few good averages i have had in the past few weeks. to be honest, i have really been sucking for the last two weeks. my average went up to like 20-21 seconds, so im taking a break for a while.
  10. E

    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Please read before posting I'm making this thread for all of those ideas you have that are interesting, yet are not fully developed. This is a place to post them. I have come up with many ideas and didn't want to post a new thread for every one of them when most don't get very far. Perhaps if...
  11. vince

    A Roux guide for beginners

    Hi, I learned CFOP but since the first days I've been interested in Block Building Methods. Recently I decided to learn Roux too and in order to memorise the steps of the method I collected images and simple algs in a document. I want to share this pdf hoping someone else (a beginner like me)...
  12. C

    [Unofficial] Another 5x5 variation (Roux based)

    And the next round of the simian wars ... K5 and 2x2 Ortega.
  13. C

    [Unofficial] 13.81-51 rolling average of 5, Roux

    New camera jig too; let me know ey?
  14. kelseymckenna

    Roux Solvers Are Here!

    I checked around and couldn't find a recent collection of Roux solvers so that's why I am posting this! If you use Roux as your main method, please post, "Main: x seconds". x = your global average. If you are seriously planning on switching to Roux, please post, "Switch from y: x...
  15. PandaCuber

    Teaching Roux to Beginners

    I have looked up threads like this, all talking about Keyhole and Sexy method for beginners. But I haven't seen anyone teach Roux to someone that doesn't know how to solve the rubik cube. My question is, Should I teach them Roux? Yes or No. My reasons for this: I don't like how LBL...
  16. S

    Roux Method Creation (Interview with Gilles Roux)

    Well, this is an interview with Gilles Roux, who is primarily well-known for inventing an efficient 3x3 method and becoming very fast with it. The creator of Roux Method. Location: France Date: 14/03/2012 ... Le link...
  17. Pixel 6

    Donovan's Roux Tutorial

    DONOVAN'S ROUX TUTORIAL Hiya guys and gals. I've been working on a Roux tutorial, and have uploaded it to my website. I decided to go about recognition a few different ways compared to conventional tutorials. So far I have a Video page, and a CMLL page with algorithms for each of the...
  18. PandaCuber

    5BLD's And PandaCuber's Roux Tutorial

    Learn Roux? We are announcing our site in order to get feedback directly from the cubers. Our site is not 100% done, but I am constantly updating the site and making video's to improve the learners experience. We would really appreciate constructive criticism, mainly on our way of...
  19. PandaCuber

    [Unofficial] First Sub 15 on Video With Monkey Reaction.

    I hesitated so much on LSE, but im soo happpyyyy!
  20. PandaCuber

    [Unofficial] I challenge YOU!

    Can you do it? And if you can, how many tries did it take you? Heres the first challenge. Oh yeah, please post ideas for new challenges, thank you.