1. Sub1Hour

    Race to sub x on 2-7 relay

    Race thread for 2-7, nothin more, nothin less.
  2. ProStar

    About "Race to Sub-X" Threads (+ List of Active Threads)

    (Mods, please don't move this thread) "Race to Sub-X" threads are unofficial competitions held on the forums. The point is for you set a goal to try to beat for a specific puzzle, and if you surpass your goal for three consecutive rounds(a new round is held every week, format is usually Ao12)...
  3. PingPongCuber

    Race to Sub-X on Redi Cube!

    This thread is similar to Ciparo's Race to Sub-X on 3x3. Every week I will post 12 scrambles for Redi Cube generated by cstimer. Anyone can join, just set a goal, and post your times and ao12. Every week I will post a list of graduates who have met their goal three weeks in a row. Good Luck...
  4. C

    Race to be sub-x Square-1!

    Hello! So this is similar to ciparos race to be sub x 3x3 but for square 1. Each week I will post 5 scrambles. (But if anyone wants it to be 12 let me know!) You will set a goal for yourselves and if you reach it 3 times you will graduate and can create a new goal. So let’s get started! All...
  5. Ciparo

    2020 Race to sub-x on a 3x3

    Thanks to you guys, this competition is already running for more then a year! Every monday I will post 12 scrambles for a 3x3 race. Everybody can join in. Just post your goal, times and average. You become a graduate, when you meet your personal goal for 3 consecutive tries. Above 10 seconds...
  6. C

    Race to Sub-13

    Hi guys, I was looking for a "Race to sub-13", but it seems that doesn't currently exist, which makes me sad, so I decided to make one myself! Rules 1. Be honest. If you're getting times of 12 seconds or less in the first round, I won't consider your times in the standings. This is for...
  7. ViliusRibinskas

    Race to sub x on a 4x4

    Hello to the forum competition the race to sub X on a 4x4! My 2x2 race thread is pretty popular so i decided to make a new 4x4 race thread because another one has died, so yeah. Put what amount of seconds you want to reach and method you are using, you average for round and your times, and once...
  8. YouCubing

    YouCubing Weekly Pyraminx Race Thread!

    Hello, and welcome to the YouCubing Weekly Pyraminx Race Thread! This thread will contain all of the weekly competitions, and I will post when the weekly competition is done. I assume you know how to scramble the Pyraminx, so let's go with the first round! This will be an average of 12...
  9. R

    Skewb Race to sub-??

    Many previous skewb races have failed :( so I made this! Let's Go! Pick a goal amount of seconds you wish to reach, and once you get 3 Ao12's lower than that in a row, you pass and can start a new goal! Have fun!
  10. R

    Pyraminx Race to sub-??

    I mean there hasn't been a post on the last one in awhile, and I can get on like every week, so... let's go! Put what amount of seconds you want to reach, and once you pass that three weeks in a row, you pass, and you can try a different goal. Pretty self-explanatory. (I will also try to make a...
  11. MFCuber

    SpeedSolving Pyraminx Race Week 1

    Welcome to the SpeedSolving Forums Pyraminx Competition, or SSFPC for short! Each week, I will post one set of scrambles for you to do an average of 5. Before the end of the week, you must post all of your times and your average. The winners will be chosen by 2 categories, averages and singles...
  12. Ordway Persyn

    Skewb Race Thread

    Hello this is a thread dedicated to breaking time barriers on skewb. I will submit scrambles for an average of 12 use the scrambles and do a timed average of 12 there are many time barriers to race for. The ones I have made are sub-15, 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4.5, 4 seconds (you may request your...
  13. molarmanful

    Cube Race Simulation Bot

    I just made a cube bot that you can race against here: http://s.codepen.io/molarmanful/debug/bNqpxY? 1. Adjust the bot's TPS to a preferred scramble setting. If you want to follow the bot scramble, I would recommend a lower setting. 2. Generate a scramble. Do the scramble (the bot will also...
  14. PixelWizard

    Pyraminx Race

    Hello together This is the official Pyraminx Race Thread. Information: - This Race is build on trust, so please be honest :) - A new Round starts every Wednesday (Noon to Midday in North- and Southamerica, Evening in Europe/Africa and Night in Asia/Australia) - Stages are: Sub-12 / 10 / 8 / 6...
  15. AlexCube

    TPS (turns per second) race!

    So in this race I'll give you a new algorithm every friday and announce 3 winners (they don't win anything, just get popularity) The winner is who got the biggest TPS on that algorithm :) Then there is a point system, let's say we have 10 competitors. The first will get 10 points, second 9...
  16. Noahaha

    [Unofficial] [VIDEO] BLD Race: Colin Boyd, Noah Arthurs, Corey Sakowski

    Captain's Cove 2012 Lol I'm a clown. Colin got a 2:16 and Corey got a 1:42. We had a great time even though BLD was cancelled. EDIT: Just realized this is my best solve on video. Better film more of my solves.
  17. collinbxyz

    How Fast Are You? (2011 Poll)

    Note: I know about this thread, but this is from over a year ago, and I wanted a more up to date poll! It is nearing the end of 2011, and I thought I'd poll how generally fast the forum is for the 3x3. Please be honest, your name won't show up for the option that you chose. Also, I'm pretty...
  18. L

    The WCA Events Weekly Relay Race.

    This is a "quick" relay I have been doing to improve on the WCA events. It is pretty fun and for those who like the 2-7 relay they will probably enjoy this. (no magics incorporated) So here is the relay: -3x3 BLD always first. Then order doesn't matter. 1. 2x2 2. 3x3 3. 4x4 4. 5x5...
  19. antoineccantin

    Race to sub 2.5 Master Magic

    So as the title says, this is a race to sub 2.5 Master Magic. And yes, I know about this thread. I will try to update this every week, unless only 1 person participated (than I wait till 2 people have). Do 12 solves and have fun!
  20. cubernya

    Race to Sub-20 (Must average above 30 to start)

    Race to Sub-25 (Must average above 30 at start to get reward) MOD NOTE : If you can change the thread title to my post title it would be great Alright, this is kind of like brackets (well not kind of, it is!) This will last just a few weeks, until the final winner is declared. The first 16...