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About "Race to Sub-X" Threads (+ List of Active Threads)


Oct 27, 2019
Right here
(Mods, please don't move this thread)

"Race to Sub-X" threads are unofficial competitions held on the forums. The point is for you set a goal to try to beat for a specific puzzle, and if you surpass your goal for three consecutive rounds(a new round is held every week, format is usually Ao12), you graduate from that specific goal. A post for the "Race to Sub-X on 3x3" thread might look something like this:

Goal: Sub 20
Cube: Valk Elite
Method: CFOP
Comment: Good solves, made my goal!

Ao12: 19.34 (1/3)

Time List:

1. 18.56
2. 19.19
3. 20.19
4. 19.01
5. 19.43
6. (21.50)
7. 21.05
8. 18.33
9. 19.41
10. 18.80
11. (17.84)
12. 19.34

Below is a list of all the active "Race to Sub-X on Y" threads, so that you don't have to bookmark a bunch of pages or look for each individual race you participant in every week. After the name of the race, the person who is running it will be listed.

Race to Sub-X on 2x2 - @cubeshepherd
Race to Sub-X on 3x3 - @Ciparo
Race to Sub-X on 4x4 - @cubeshepherd
Race to Sub-X on 5x5 - @cubeshepherd
Race to Sub-X on 6x6 + 7x7 - @cubeshepherd
Race to Sub-X on 3x3 OH - @cubeshepherd
Race to Sub-X on Clock - @ImmolatedMarmoset
Race to Sub-X on Megaminx - @cubeshepherd
Race to Sub-X on Pyraminx - @ProStar
Race to Sub-X on Skewb - @cubeshepherd
Race to Sub-X on Square-1 - @cubeshepherd
Race to Sub-X on 3x3 With Feet - @cubeshepherd
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