1. cubeflip

    Race to Sub-20 OH

    this thread starts here: I've noticed that many people use the slower 3x3 races to race themselves at OH. I couldn't find an OH race through the search, so I'm starting one. Hopefully a handful of people will like this. This race has the same rules as the other races. For each round there will...
  2. Keroma12

    6x6x6 Race

    Same rules as the other races. Average of 5 removing best and worst. New scrambles each sunday or monday. 6x6x6 is awesome :D Let me know your goal the first time you enter the race. Sub-6, sub-5, sub-4, sub-3, or sub-2:30. Beat your goal 3 times, and you move on to the next one (if you want...
  3. Micael

    Race to 15/15 multi-BLD

    Hi, I would enjoy a "Race to 15/15 multi-BLD" and thought others would too. Hence, I offer to organize a race to sub-60:00 15/15. For people passionate by multi, you know how engaging this event is, emotionally and mentally. There is those down times and it tooks determination and...
  4. J

    Race to sub-8 Pyraminx

    As with the other race thread new scrambles will be posted every Sunday at around 5pm GMT. 12 scrambles will be given results should be given as the average and individual times. Scrambles are randomly generated by qqtimer. PM me if you graduate (3 weeks in a row sub-8 average) Times must be...
  5. cubersmith


  6. Fire Cuber

    Sub-1 Minute 4x4 Race

    The rules are easy - I give you 5 scrambles, you take out the best and the worst, and average the remaining ten. If you get three consecutive weeks in a row sub-1 average, please go away from this thread and show off. . Who can join? Everyone who rarely gets sub-1 Minute on 4x4. I will...