1. A

    A new use for zbls algs

    What do you think about using wv algs to get easier olls? Edit: Sorry, i said wv algs, but i was thinking in wv and zbls algs
  2. melvynp

    Algs trainer

    Hi everyone, i'm a french developer who've made an online app to train our speed at PLL, OLL and COLL. The app look like this, and you can practice over 3 modes : Classical : You choose the perm you want in the perm list (with "select" buttons) Random : The app choose a perm randomly before...
  3. A

    2 look OLL/PLL Algs

    Getting into cubing. I average 2 minutes with beginner's method but I have to read off of my computer screen all of the algs for 2 look oll/pll. What would you suggest i do to learn these algs and memorize them?
  4. OtterCuber

    How to find the best 2-look OLL algorithms?

    Beginner here currently learning 2-look OLL and 2-look PLL. I just discovered that even the 2-look OLL algorithms differ depending on the source. How do I know which one is the "best"? I'm sure people will say some of the variance is based on finger style preferences or it depends on the flow of...
  5. patricKING

    My website Speedcubism

    This is going to be the official place where I discuss ideas, and update my site. Everything I have posted before have led here. The link is: shorturl.at/bejwE I also need some help in making the site. If there is somebody who would like to help, but doesn't know anything about websites, I...
  6. Solved_Cuber

    i REALLY need help at 4x4!

    I average around 2 min on 4x4, with my PB being 1:38. I started 4x4 2 weeks ago, after buying the YJ MGC 4x4 (i highly recomend it btw) i improved a lot. But, I have plateaued at 2 min, and I cant seem to get past that barrier. I am trying to learn 3-2-3, but I don't understand how it really...
  7. Jam88

    How to practise and learn LL Algs

    Hi all, couldn't find a thread for this, so decided to make my own. I will be adding more over time. Hope this helps, Jam88 P.S. Mods, if there is a megathread for this, then feel free to move it.
  8. T

    Help generating OLL cases...

    So, I want to get an OLL case. Besides reversing the algorithm or spamming the algorithm, is there a way I can recreate JPerm's algorithm generator on his website? How do I generate those algs? I have coding experience, so I should just need instructions.
  9. ArbishAli

    OLL or PLL

    Which to learn first after 4LLL? OLL or PLL.
  10. KW24

    Dot OLLs ranked from worst to best.

    I recently finished learning the dot olls and I personally don't find them as bad as most people think. Like some cases are really nice to execute in a solve and all of them are very useful even though they are relatively rare. So for fun I decided to rank all the dot olls from worst to best...
  11. teboecubes

    4 Tips For Getting Faster At 3x3 (Sub-20 / Sub-15)

  12. teboecubes

    4 Tips For Getting Faster At 3x3 (Sub-20 / Sub-15)

  13. LunarCuber

    ROLL Tutorial

    You may know, there are pretty much no resources for learning ROLL out there. So I decided to make a spreadsheet that teaches ROLL. If you want to request an algorithm, feel free to message me and I'll add it. I'm also doing a video series to go along with the spreadsheet, to make it easier for...
  14. teboecubes

    OLL Algorithm Tier List

  15. Existential Shrimp

    [GBA3 #1] The Awkward Shapes!

    So yes, I've started a new series. In this series I will be doing everything I can to get better at 3x3. This can include soles, tips, algs or anything else that seems useful. If you enjoy these types of videos, then please leave a like and subscribe!
  16. F

    Edge control vs. Full OLL

    I average around 27 and am trying to get decent look ahead. I'm finding it very hard an have kind of lost interest. For a faster way to improve, I was looking into learning full OLL. However, I was wondering if I could just use the OLL algs I already know (I know two-look OLL) and just learn a...
  17. brododragon

    How to Memorize Algorithms Quicker

    I've seen many beginners complain about algs being hard to memorize, and everyone's been there. So I decided to make a guide to help even intermediate and advanced cubers memorize algs. This is a constant WIP, and I am fine with changing something if you see a problem. Most Important Rule: You...
  18. Zain_A24

    300 Algs in 300 Days Challenge

    Hello everyone, As the title suggests, I will be learning 300 algorithms in 300 days. 2x2 CLL EG-1 EG-2 3x3 PLL OLL COLL Others Feel free to let me know if there are any other alg sets that I should be aware of to add to the list. (You can join in on my facebook page and learn the algs with...
  19. P

    I have an actual name for the "Awkward Shape" OLLs

    Im tired of people calling these: the "Awkward Shape" OLLs, so I thought I'd tell everyone what I see them as - eagles. Now before you call me crazy let me explain... if you are having trouble visualizing it still, keep scrolling (P.S. I suck at art) so yeah, I just thought I'd post...
  20. Wesley Twiggs

    An OLL case more easily solved with two step, than with one step

    The attached case is more easily solved in my opinion with the common F U R U' R' F' alg followed by the sune case R' U' R U' R' U2 R.