1. Note

    Branching OLL to PLL Cases?

    I'm not sure if anyone has discovered this before but at some point when I was practicing OLLs, I noticed a few PLL cases pop up after OLL. However, only 6 or 5 out of the 21 were sure to have a chance of popping up. For example, I would finish this case: and then I'd get a Z perm or a U perm...
  2. pjk

    One-Answer Other Question Thread

    This thread is to be used for miscellaneous One-Answer Questions that don't belong in the other One-Answer threads in this forum. ----------------------------------------------
  3. D

    How do I get faster at OLL/PLL?

    I know one-look on both. I know I need to drill algorithms, but I don't know how I should be drilling them, if that makes any sense. Also for OLL, I feel like some of my algorithms are inefficient, and I'm not sure if I should change them. Any help is appreciated.
  4. CriticalCubing

    OLL Sheet

    Hey All, How's it going! So, I made a blank OLL Sheet for my subscribers which I will be uploading soon to Youtube, but before doing that, I though of sharing it with all of you. So, this is a blank and editable word document and I just included pictures and no algs so that you can include...
  5. Anonymus

    Too young to learn algorithms?

    I am an 11 year old boy that is new to speed cubing. I started learning 2 look oll, 2 look pll and basic f2l about a month ago. I for some reason cannot memorize new algorithms(particularly the olls bow-tie and chameleon) they just don't register and I have practiced them for 4 days. I was...
  6. Ultimate Cuber

    How often can an all-edges OLL case be forced?

    I'd like to know how often an all-edges OLL case can be forced using VHLS, ZBLS, etc.?
  7. McMitch

    Practise schedule?

    So I have been using F2L for a while but my recognition is poor, I have a decent time of 42.53 but I want to get faster. I have been using the beginners method for the last layer but I want to learn 2-Look OLL and PLL, I was just wondering, should I focus on my F2L first? or learn 2-Look OLL and...
  8. C

    OLL Training- For people who want to learn full OLL!

    Basically this is just a new series that I'm starting called OLL training. I'm in the process of learning the other 50 OLLs so I decided that I would learn it with you guys. So if anyone else wants to learn OLL right now they can tune in every week for a new OLL training video. Week 1's algs are...
  9. P

    dreadful OH hand speed of OLL 49

  10. norwegiangenius

    I need opinions from other speedcubers!

    hey, I have speedcubed for a few months now. I am using f2l, 2 look OLL and 2 look PLL. My average of 5 with the dayan zhanchi is 49.66 and PB is 35.99. Is that normal with the method im using? should i learn OLL and PLL or practise more? And how do I learn OLL and PLL, there is so many...
  11. C

    New training app "Last Layer" helps learn those 2Look algos, out now on iPhone

    You’ve mastered the first half of the F2L Fridrich Method, now master the rest! Last Layer is the best tool to help learn those 2Look algorithms using the tried and true flashcard method. •FlashCard trainer with customizable timer. Test your knowledge and randomly practice the 2Look algos...
  12. K

    Request - Fridrich Setup Algorithms

    Sorry if this question has been answered already, but I have searched all over the forums, wiki and popular cubing websites. I want to learn Fridrich F2L, OLL and PLL algorithmically. But, to practice each algorithm, I need the setup formulae for each of the cases. Dan's cubestation had them...
  13. G

    Do we have a List of 3x3x3 (Programming) Algorithms?

    Hi I am not sure where to post this so I am posting it here. Do we have a list of 3x3x3 (programming) Algorithms. I explicitly cited 'Programming' because this could be easily misunderstood as a collection of 3x3x3 move notations. For example, sorting has different algorithms. We do have bubble...
  14. peteraberg

    OLL training video

    I have been using this simple video to keep my algorithms for the OLL fresh and I thought that maybe some of you might like it! :) I could do a slower version in case someone is interested.
  15. Lokasye

    How long did it take you to learn...

    Hi! Im pretty new at cubing and I going to ask some questions. but at first i going to tell you some thing about me and cubing. I start whit cubing for like 3-4 weeks ago when i find a rubik's cube that I've had since I was a child, and i wanted to learn to solve it so i looked on some...
  16. C

    [video] Orientation of last layer without algorithm (corners)

    Hello! Here is a video to explain how to orient corners, which is part of OLL, but without using algorithms. Here every move is explained. Well, the basic 3-cycle is very briefly explained, so if you want more explanation, see the other video below that explains commutators. My english...
  17. collinbxyz

    [Unofficial] Collin Burns - 11.730 3x3 Average Of Five

    I've done my first average on video in a while, so can anyone give me some tips or help? I know I need to learn Full OLL, so things other than that. Thanks. I've gotten a few sub-12 averages, but it's still pretty good for me. Video Description:
  18. Cubeimpact

    VHLS vs. normal LS

    I recently learned of vhf2l, and wonder if it is worth learning, and if it will improve my time. Please post your comments on either kinds of f2l. Also answer to the poll.
  19. MayurAK

    What should my average be?

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forums, and I am sorry if this question has already been asked, but what should be my average using F2l, 2 Look OLL and Full PLL and what should it be if I have learnt Full OLL?
  20. ThomasJE

    Last Layer Competition

    I was inspired by rubikmaster's F2L Competition, and there wasn't an existing competition like this, so I decided to make one. Anyone can join, as long as they can solve the last layer. All scrambles will be created by the OLL Trainer scrambler on Prisma Puzzle Timer. There will be scrambles for...