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My website Speedcubism


Apr 12, 2021
This is going to be the official place where I discuss ideas, and update my site. Everything I have posted before have led here. The link is: shorturl.at/bejwE

I also need some help in making the site. If there is somebody who would like to help, but doesn't know anything about websites, I have something for you. Read my thread about how to categorize F2L cases. If you want to help, write a list of cases and the setup moves (no spaces in the algorithm) so that the cube matches the state that the case represents.

1-BJ, RUR'U'

If you want to help, start at 1-AF.

I am also going to (of course) credit the people who will help me.
This is to generate cube images.

Hopefully, all the F2L cases possible will be on the site before the summer has ended. (I want to mention that I start at F2L, but more sets will be inserted.)

And, lastly, this is not going to be a normal cubing site, with cases and algorithms. I am going to insert a text which discusses the case, or other things that might help. If it's an easy case I might write something about edge orientation. This is also one of the things I will need help with. Mostly me but also my friend is working on this, but we two can't be doing all the algorithms, or inventing new. This is a big project guys, and hopefully it will get attention from some big cubers when it is done. I believe in the idea of having an explanation to the case.

Well, let's do this!

Stay cool,

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