1. Coolster01

    Good Diagonal PLL Algs?

    I am really getting slowed down by plls. It is mostly the diagnal swaps. (E, N, Y,). I use 1 look pll (and oll). My problem is execution. Any tips? Any good algs for the diagnals (and some others).
  2. collinbxyz

    [Unofficial] Collin Burns - 13.44 3x3 Ao5 - Tips?

    I thought I might as well put this up. Tips please? This is a pretty good average for me, but not my PB. I am almost always sub-15 now, unless I haven't warmed up. This is .07 of my PB ao5. I know Full PLL, but only about 15 OLL's (haven't been learning any lately). CFOP, of course...
  3. jskyler91

    How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Simplified

    I just thought that I would let you guys now that I made a few how to vids a while back. The volume is a little loud, but it is better than being a little quiet. http://www.youtube.com/user/jskyler91?feature=mhee#p/u/5/tT05f1jqG_w...
  4. G

    How are you going about learning a faster LL?

    As you guys have told me. Learn F2L, then 2 Look PLL, then 2 Look OLL. I can do f2l in about 30 seconds and finish in about 50 seconds. My record is 43 seconds but I have 1 more algorithm that I need to memorize in 2lpll. Should I still move on to 2loll?
  5. G

    OLL tutorial

    I've just finished learning F2l and I can do it all of it in about a minute. I think this is fast enough FOR NOW. I'm now moving on the OLL. Also do you guys think I should learn F2l oll and pll and the same time then solve the cube over and over again using what I know or should I do one at a...
  6. jonlin

    What should I do to improve my time? I suck.

    You want to know what? I know fridrich f2l and full pll. I don't see why I have 40-50 second averages. I have a friend of mine. he knows fridrich f2l. He calls oll the "fish method". otherwise you would think that he has not so good time. but he has 18-20 second averages. DON'T tell me to buy...
  7. cubersmith

    Overall 3x3 tips

    I know there is probably 100s of these threads, but I don't know what else to do. I haven't improved in ages and I need to know what areas to focus on practising. I made a walkthrough solves video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2kgrKKuqcQ Any tips/help/advice? Thanks :)
  8. hic2482w

    How did you learn your OLLs?

    So I'm starting learning my OLLs this summer. The problem is I dont know what I should learn first, for example should I learn straight from OLL1-OLL57, should I learn them by trigger groupings, or should I learn them by shape groupings?
  9. Christopher Mowla

    Calculating the Number of K4 "OLLs" on an nxnxn Cube

    Calculating the Number of K4 "OLLs" on a nxnxn Cube Hi everyone, First of all, I know pretty well that wing edges do not have an orientation on a big cube. Nonetheless, I wanted to find out how many "OLLs" there are for the nxnxn cube. Second, I am not sure if all of my calculations in this...
  10. A

    5x5 last layer

    Hi ! Sorry if the question was already asked but the search engine is not helping much for 5x5 searches. I generally use reduction to solve the 5x5 but I occasionally try some direct methods too (f2l-like, petrus-like, ...). When I do, I need to solve the last layer (OLL/PLL) completely...
  11. MalusDB

    Cubing goals for the Summer!

    I guess Summer is depending on where you live (sorry Ozzies!), but basically I'm wondering what people are planning to really get nailed over the Summer Months. I, being a noob who has been without a cube for a while, am planning on attacking the full OLL with new vigour, and working on...
  12. collinbxyz

    Blogs/Cubing Sites

    I was just wondering how many of you have blogs and/or Cubing sites? (w/algs and stuff) I just made one today, I still need to add the 2-look PLLs, but I'm working on it =D http://fridrichcubing.webs.com/ I am guessing lots of people do these sorts of things. Why not share it?
  13. Riley

    How much do you think my time will improve if I do these?

    Hi, I'm new here, this is my first post, I searched for a thread like this, and couldn't find anything similar. So I solve with CFOP and only average 55 seconds, with a rubik's brand cube 3x3. I only know 2 look oll and 2 look pll. How much better do you think my times would be if...
  14. Ricardo Kim

    which one is better to learn? F2L, OLL, PLL, or ZB method?

    Hey I just wanted to ask if I should learn full F2L, OLL, PLL, or ZBF2L, and ZBLL? I get sub 20 with full F2L, 2 look OLL, and 2 look PLL. Should I change the method? Also, I would love to have you guys recommend other methods if you think other method will be better for me.
  15. Erik

    [Unofficial] Erik: OLL 14 r'UrUr'U'rBU'B' in 0.75

    Mainly because the alg is sexy.
  16. PuduMaster

    OLL case 47

    Any good algs for this case?
  17. cubersmith

    2 look cuber

    I am currently using f2l 2-look oll and 2-look pll. I am wondering how fast a cuber can get with that before he has to learn full oll/pll Any responses appreciated
  18. collinbxyz

    First Competition - 11 year old

    I am 11, and I am going to my first comp! I am not that good, and don't expect to do too great, but I am willing to have fun! My Lucky PB is 22.98 and my Non-lucky PB is 23.73, although I average somewhere around 35-40 seconds. =[ Does anybody have advice so I can easily do better in the next...
  19. skatemaster78

    PLL, OLL, And LL Skips.

    Hello everyone, This thread is just to talk about skips. Like how many pll skips you've had in a row, in a day. How many LL skips you've had, (etc..). I thought it would be cool to make this because I had 9 pll skips, and 2 oll skips today and I thought it was kinda cool. And I've never had a...
  20. TiLiMayor

    OLL Pair by pair learning

    Im relatively new to speedcubing and I guess this is my first forum post, still learning full pll, im getting all the time oll cases like the Cs, Ps and Ws, so, since I learned from some plls, an oll setups another oll, I searched around to find a way learning the cases two at a time, maybe a...