1. A

    5x5 last layer

    Hi ! Sorry if the question was already asked but the search engine is not helping much for 5x5 searches. I generally use reduction to solve the 5x5 but I occasionally try some direct methods too (f2l-like, petrus-like, ...). When I do, I need to solve the last layer (OLL/PLL) completely...
  2. MalusDB

    Cubing goals for the Summer!

    I guess Summer is depending on where you live (sorry Ozzies!), but basically I'm wondering what people are planning to really get nailed over the Summer Months. I, being a noob who has been without a cube for a while, am planning on attacking the full OLL with new vigour, and working on...
  3. collinbxyz

    Blogs/Cubing Sites

    I was just wondering how many of you have blogs and/or Cubing sites? (w/algs and stuff) I just made one today, I still need to add the 2-look PLLs, but I'm working on it =D http://fridrichcubing.webs.com/ I am guessing lots of people do these sorts of things. Why not share it?
  4. Riley

    How much do you think my time will improve if I do these?

    Hi, I'm new here, this is my first post, I searched for a thread like this, and couldn't find anything similar. So I solve with CFOP and only average 55 seconds, with a rubik's brand cube 3x3. I only know 2 look oll and 2 look pll. How much better do you think my times would be if...
  5. Ricardo Kim

    which one is better to learn? F2L, OLL, PLL, or ZB method?

    Hey I just wanted to ask if I should learn full F2L, OLL, PLL, or ZBF2L, and ZBLL? I get sub 20 with full F2L, 2 look OLL, and 2 look PLL. Should I change the method? Also, I would love to have you guys recommend other methods if you think other method will be better for me.
  6. Erik

    [Unofficial] Erik: OLL 14 r'UrUr'U'rBU'B' in 0.75

    Mainly because the alg is sexy.
  7. PuduMaster

    OLL case 47

    Any good algs for this case?
  8. cubersmith

    2 look cuber

    I am currently using f2l 2-look oll and 2-look pll. I am wondering how fast a cuber can get with that before he has to learn full oll/pll Any responses appreciated
  9. collinbxyz

    First Competition - 11 year old

    I am 11, and I am going to my first comp! I am not that good, and don't expect to do too great, but I am willing to have fun! My Lucky PB is 22.98 and my Non-lucky PB is 23.73, although I average somewhere around 35-40 seconds. =[ Does anybody have advice so I can easily do better in the next...
  10. skatemaster78

    PLL, OLL, And LL Skips.

    Hello everyone, This thread is just to talk about skips. Like how many pll skips you've had in a row, in a day. How many LL skips you've had, (etc..). I thought it would be cool to make this because I had 9 pll skips, and 2 oll skips today and I thought it was kinda cool. And I've never had a...
  11. TiLiMayor

    OLL Pair by pair learning

    Im relatively new to speedcubing and I guess this is my first forum post, still learning full pll, im getting all the time oll cases like the Cs, Ps and Ws, so, since I learned from some plls, an oll setups another oll, I searched around to find a way learning the cases two at a time, maybe a...
  12. Matt

    Algorithm Selection

    Currently, I'm working on full Fridrich. I know intuitive F2L, am working on advancing from 2-look to 1-look OLL, and know full PLL. I get all my OLL and PLL algorithms from badmephisto's site http://www.badmephisto.com. I've seen people constantly emphasizing how important good algorithms are...
  13. PonyMower

    New 2x2 L-orientation (to my knowledge)

    L' U L U F U' F' I havent seen this anywhere else. I figured it out while messing around with my cube. Front left: Faces you Front right: Faces up Back left: Faces up Back right: Faces right For CLL, it swaps the front two cubies
  14. bobthegiraffemonkey

    1LOLL even parity

    I've been taking a look at this recently: recognising the OLL case when you have parity on 4x4x4 or 6x6x6, and solving in 1 look. I couldn't find a thread on it already, which was surprising, but since I have all the cases generated I thought I should gauge what people think of it. There are...
  15. collinbxyz

    No Friends Who Cube

    Hey, I am at a very young age to be cubing, (11 actually) and I am very bored that nobody cares about this but me. I know one person that might want to learn, since his older brother is the person who made me start. Though I am not sure since he is sorta a show off. He knows like one...
  16. peteraberg


    I just wanted to put out a question there to ask about what other people train when they train cubing. I personally train mostly 3x3x3-6x6x6 and when I do I mostly do averages. SO basically only complete solves. Before I was training my OLL's and PLL's too but I stopped since I learned them...
  17. CubesOfTheWorld

    Probability Thread

    This is just a thread for people to post interesting possibilities of a case. Like, it is a 1/72 chance for a PLL skip. Enjoy.
  18. D

    [Help Thread] Lookahead Discussion

    I posted most of this in the Introduction forum but I'll repeat a little bit here... I've been cubing for almost 2 weeks now, not too intensely since i have the job/wife/child to take care of but I've been spending time with the cube almost every night at some point. I learned enough of the...
  19. pcwiz

    [Help Thread] How to Get Faster using the Fridrich / CFOP Method

    PDF Version of this Guide - March 23, 2013 Welcome! This thread will be a guide to help you get faster at solving the Rubik’s Cube using the popular Fridrich/CFOP method. Please read this thread and do some forum searching prior to asking questions about becoming faster. First off, the...
  20. C

    [Help Thread] Finger Tricks

    Guides How to guide: clicky Exercises and tips: clicky Les Finger Tricks (French): clicky Videos