1. Llewelys

    Muscle memory

    Warning: This post won’t end the way you think it will (not clickbait) My goal for the next half of 2019 is *drum rolls* to get sub 20. I just did a 22.46 ao12 and here are the splits: Cross/F2L/LL : 2.80 / 12.10 / 7.55 I know I can shave off up to 1.5-2 seconds of the LL stage by working on...
  2. Thomas Henrissat

    F2L Trainer Interest Check

    Hello everyone ! I have recently been looking for a F2L trainer to help me improve my efficiency, but haven’t been able to find exactly what I was looking for. So I thought, if it doesn’t exist, why don’t you make it? Before throwing myself head first into this, I wanted to ask you fellow...
  3. emps

    Cross to F2L transition tips?

    I average around 26 seconds. My cross takes around 6 seconds, f2l takes around 10, oll takes 3.5 and pll takes 3.5. That all adds up to around 23 seconds. Thing is, I have an akward pause in between cross and f2l. I'll do cross, look around for 2-4 seconds for 1st pair then my solves flow pretty...
  4. CriticalCubing

    [Unofficial] Rotationless F2L 14.82 ao5

    Did this for fun. Here someone asked the optimal rotations in f2l so I thought why not do an optimal rotation f2l? aka zero rotations in f2l and then I just made this video on a whim. Read the description in the video for more information :)
  5. Speedysolver

    [Help Thread] How many cube rotation during the F2L is best?

    0? 1-3? 4-6? 7 or more? how many cube rotation is good for the f2l ? I do 2-4 rotation avarage rotation is that ok?
  6. rubikmaster

    Substep Competition Reopened

    The substep competition has just been reopened last week. It'd be really nice to have some more participants. If you're interested, here's the link to Round 1: Substep Competition
  7. C

    Beginners F2L: 3 easy steps for every case

    Like most people when I was learning F2L, I just went online to figure out how to do it. After watching numerous tutorials on how it was done I had finally got it. During this time I found that if some things had been explained a little differently it would have helped tremendously in...
  8. Phantom777

    F2L: 2 looks per pair

    When I was a new cuber, I thought that F2L was very difficult. There were 42 algs to learn. That's a lot of algs for a beginner. In february of this year, I began the F2L, but learned only 8 algs. With 8 algs, I could do every F2L case. If you have the edge and separate corner , you can join...
  9. Quuador

    [HELP] Speedcubing beginner: F2L and memorization problems

    Hi all, My collection started in 2013 and has rapidly grown since (my collection can be found here). I mostly enjoy solving all kind of puzzles, but I really want to get into speedcubing as well. I already use the beginner's method for over three years and with it I can solve my Dayan Zanchi...
  10. CubeCow

    I feel like a failure

    I have been cubing for 6-7 weeks now, and I can't get lower than a one minute average. But that's not the bad part. I have memorized 4 look last layer, I know intuitive F2l, and I have been practice constantly. Yet is still have this awful split of : 10-30-10-10 (cross-f2l-oll-pll)
  11. P

    Which method is the best for 3x3?

    i currently use advanced cross then f2l then 2 look-oll and 2 look-pll and i am learning coll and i average 51 seconds. please advise any other methods or any link. Please help
  12. D

    Problems while trying to improve my F2L

    Hi cubers. I use fridrich method and my avgs are around 26 seconds; 5 seconds for the cross, 11 for f2l and 10 for 2 look oll + full pll. The problem that I have is that I want to improve my times improving my f2l, and I have problems with that. Of course, the key of getting faster with f2l...
  13. King Mike

    The Salvia Method (Tutorial Needed)

    Hi guys... I really want to switch my method because I'm am currently stuck at around 22 seconds with CFOP...and I'm kinda getting bored of it. I've considered ZZ, but EO line is crazy. I've also considered Roux, its a possibility...but I've ALWAYS wanted to learn the Salvia method after...
  14. C

    Tips on F2L?

    I can't seem to do it right. (btw my times are 30-40 seconds but its kinda redundant as i ONLY learned f2l, no OLL (I made my own memory-thing thats like a 3look OLL), and 2-look PLL. I'm too lazy to learn the other 2 since im working on f2l. Any tips? I memorized none of the f2l algorithims, so...
  15. CubeCow

    Any decent intuitive F2L tutorials?

    Yeah basically the title. I tried to learn intuitive F2L but none of the tutorials really helped me. I think I just don'lt understand the concept of moving the cube without ruining the white cross, positioning the two layers correctly, and still doing it in a minimal amount of turns.
  16. SpeedCubeReview

    F2L with minimal cube rotations

    So there have been a few discussions on this ( here and here ) but they are almost a decade old I'm pretty satisfied with my times and am taking step back to experiment with some new tricks. Instead of rotating the cube on F2L I'm trying to do only d and d' moves. There are some exceptions to...
  17. stellarzeller

    Intuitive F2L Tips

    Disclaimer: I'm new to not just SpeedSolving Forums, but forums in general. I apologize in advance for any rule i am inadvertently breaking. Hi, I'm just looking for some basic tips to improve my intuitive F2L. Right now, I'm at about 30-40 seconds, but I have a competition coming up soon...
  18. Q

    Keyhole F2L Problem

    I'm learning keyhole F2L, but I wonder what I should do if all the middle layer edges are already in the middle layer but not in the correct position. Should I just move one of the middle layer edges to the top layer using the keyhole and then move on from there?
  19. RubixNoobix

    New to speed cubing, looking for a first cube

    Hello, I started cubing a little less than 3 months ago, and have gotten faster and faster since then. I use a new rubik's cube (version 2.0?) that can be found in Target or Walmart, and have gotten an avg. of 5 of 1 min 29 sec, and a PB of 1 min 15 using the beginners method. But I feel like I...
  20. F

    F2L: Which finger do you use for d moves?

    Hi, im Adán (sub 25) and I have one question about F2l. What's the best finger trick to do a lowercase d (the two layers down)? Middle finger or tumb? Thanks!

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