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    I got a PB on Wednesday. 12.078 seconds, whereas my previous PB was 14.18.
    I also got a PB Ao5 (16.37, previously it was 20.93) and about 7 PB Ao12s in the same session.
    Also got PBs for Mo2 & Mo3.
    Awesome, because I had a very lucky session, and now some new PBs!
    Something I just realized...

    Most videos on YouTube:
    has closed captions

    The 2nd most viewed video in the world:
    White KB
    Not that it has anything to do with cubing btw
    I'm almost done with learning full OLL; I have 53 learned out of 57, and just need to practice them on J Perm's OLL trainer.
    Once it's done, I will technically be using full CFOP after 2 years of [not] learning [much]. The only thing I'll be lacking in is F2L, but I have it intuitively, so I don't need to review too many algs. Sub-20, here I come!
    Also, in the process of learning the OLLs I missed, I became CN.
    Finally got a YuXin Little Magic ordered.... Wanted to get spare parts for my GAN X, but SpeedCubeShop isn't doing spare parts during COVID-19, so I decided to get a backup main instead : )
    I'm learning JavaScript:
    let thingyMaboberMadoodle = "I'm learning JavaScript:";
    let pi = 16 * Math.atan(1/5) - 4 * Math.atan(a/239);
    console.log("I know, I know, I love pi too much...");
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    Thinking of eventually making a program that is like csTimer, but better in that it can rank all my Ao5s, Ao12s, etc.
    260 digits of pi!Woo!
    4428810975 66593344612847564823378678316527120190914564856692
    Working on e phi and sqrt2
    e 2.718281828459
    phi 1.618033989
    sqrt2 1.414
    Hoping that all this memorizing will help me A LOT in BLD
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    Had to cram it into 420 characters... Boy that was hard
    I dunno if putting seemingly random numbers into your long-term memory will help with quickly and effectively remembering images/sentances in your short-term memory, but I hope it does! Either way it's cool to know digits of pi, I haven't bothered to learn past 3.14 :p
    So I was looking through the "Members" page and it got me to wondering... The people with the most albums have 2, so what is an "album"? And how do I make one? Just curious btw
    Started a gaming channel called "Gamer Brothers!" and it mostly just has FPA speedruns (Fancy Pants Adventure). Also hope to go to my second comp on the 21st of March. Hope I get somewhere near SR in 2x2 even if it doesn't get anywhere near 3 sec. (Currently I average ~7-8 seconds on 2x2)
    Honestly, I haven't improved much from last comp, except in mains progression and 2x2 speed... Wish me luck!
    5x5 and 6x6 (Those are the ones I have) I would recommend 7x7, but I don't have one. After 7x7, it doesn't really matter because bigger cubes tend to be more expensive and there aren't events for them in the WCA. However, if you have bigger cubes and a YouTube channel and do full solves of them or something, people are usually going to watch what you did more. In the end it's up to you.
    OK @Dylan Swarts, I did some forum searching and found out you live in South Africa. I hope you get CR. Not many people can do that you know!
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    Dylan Swarts
    Dylan Swarts
    Thx. We'll see what happens. Currently I have a bad cold so I can't practice all that much but I'm still doing some mbld haha
    Sub 2 mine @WhoCube on YouTube
    # I'm a poet and I didn't even know it
    #That even rhymes a lot of times
    I'm working on improving my unofficial Kinch Score the last few days. Now that I actually know what it is, I've improved from a 6.22 Kinch to an 8.68. Hope I do well at my first comp in about 3 weeks!
    White KB
    Looking back, and I now have an unofficial score of 11.71. Must be because I've started to get into big cube events.
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