1. cmhardw

    Big cube BLD - solved centers analysis

    In this post I will give the results of an analysis I ran using R to answer a couple unanswered questions for 4x4x4 BLD and 5x5x5 BLD. Background On 4x4x4 BLD it is common practice at the beginning of the solve to rotate the cube such as to maximize the number of solved centers when viewing the...
  2. E

    5x5x5 edge help

    All I have left to complete is the three middle edge layers(I have all the centers done). Instead of pairing up three edge pieces at the same time I would just like to be able to lift edge pieces from the second layer to the fourth layer, and also move the middle edge pieces around the cube...
  3. R

    [Review] YJ 5x5x5

    I just posted the following review on Amazon: You can do worse but this isn't the best cube for the money. The worst thing about this cube is the cheap build quality which is evident in the plastic seams of some of the cubes not coming fully together. It's not just a cosmetic fault because as...
  4. peteraberg

    Help with 5x5x5 Blind parity?

    Hello! I would need some help with 5x5x5 blind. I now tried a few times and it comes down to the same problem, the end. Memorisation works fine and execution also until the end... I can't find help in any other post maybe because I solve in a bit of a funny order, but it works in my head...
  5. Ollie

    [Unofficial] 5x5x5 Blindfolded 4:34.67

    PB is 4:32
  6. T

    Marcin Zalewski - 5x5x5 (15.75) WR? (No)

    Please, tell me how it's possible : http://cubecomps.com/live.php?cid=315&cat=4&rnd=1 Reconstruction ? Or it's juste a mistake :/ I don't understand !
  7. peteraberg

    4x4x4 & 5x5x5 mirror blocks

    Hey! I have a question/challenge/suggestion. Do you think it is possible to do a 4x4x4 and/or 5x5x5 mirror blocks? It feels like it should be but I'm not sure how to go about it? Any suggestions? Did anybody already do it? /Peter
  8. Ollie

    Ollie Frost 5BLD 9:04.19

    Job done. F2 B D' Fw Rw2 R' Dw2 D2 Lw' Dw' Lw Rw Dw2 Rw' Dw B2 Dw R D' F2 R B2 Lw2 R2 Dw2 R2 B Lw' F U' Uw2 Dw' D' Fw Bw2 Dw' L2 R2 Fw' B' Uw' Bw2 Dw' Fw' Bw' B' D' F U2 Bw Uw' L' D2 Bw R' F2 Lw' Rw2 F D2 Memo [3:54]: Sentences from letter pair images and audio sounds along a journey...
  9. Ollie

    [Unofficial] 5x5x5 Blindfolded 10:13 PB

    U D' u2 d' r' F' d2 u r2 L2 R2 B2 L' f' U' r' D2 d2 L u d2 R2 f r' l2 D R u2 l' r' L' U2 r2 l' b d2 r' l B2 r2 R D2 B b' r f F2 u F L f' D' B2 f2 L2 U B2 d' B D2 Found a comfortable memory method combination - at last - so I'm pretty much ready for the UK Open. Shame that the camera went out...
  10. Frapdeizer

    [Unofficial] 5x5: 59.70 single.

    Yeah, I'm slow. I shall restart practicing bigcubes soon.
  11. I

    Looking to buy some puzzles

    Hello! I would like to buy a couple of these puzzles so tell me if you got them and we could work something out. Shegshou 5x5x5 and 6x6x6 Black Type C wittwo 2x2x2 Black Ghost hand magic or any other reliable magic Alpha 5 3x3x3 ( Got a deal with someone already) Mirror Cube Type F...
  12. Ágoston Török

    [Unofficial] 5x5x5 multi solve (switching by algorithms) 1:41.77

    Dávid Balog and Hunor Bózsing;)
  13. B

    Would you like me to make tutorials for the 5x5x5 and 7x7x7?

    3 people have asked me if I could do a tutorial on the 5x5x5 and 7x7x7, i wanted to know if the rest of speedsolving.com comunity is interested, are you?
  14. B

    I just want to say hello!

    Hi, I'm Bernardo, i'm from Portugal, i can solve 3 puzzles the 3x3x3,5x5x5 and 7x7x7. :tu, and i don't have bad times be sides I'm improving every day so I hope i can become a good speedcuber.
  15. PandaCuber

    [Help Thread] Big Cube Discussion (5x5 / 6x6 / 7x7 / etc)

    This thread is made to talk about Big Cubes.(4x4-5x5-6x6-7x7-8x8-etc.) There are threads for CFOP, Roux, and Petrus, so why not for Big Cubes? Big Cubes are a much more difficult puzzle and more access to information will be greatly appreciated by everyone. In this thread, you can ask...
  16. Jakube

    [Unofficial] 5x5x5 BLD in 8:36.39 by Jakob Kogler

    Sorry for the double post, but I got a new amazing PB.
  17. Jakube

    [Unofficial] 5x5x5 BLD Fail (8:49.60)

  18. Frapdeizer

    [Unofficial] 18 Birthday solve.

    My video. Fss0SyXug9A Full video from my friend. 8MuD3QhfVWM
  19. cubetwister

    (5X5X5 Bandaged cube) Burr5 cube and Wall5 cube

    I have made two bandaged cubes from 5X5X5, the creativity originates from the 4X4X4 Burr cube and the wall cube, I didn't see the two cubes before, if so, the cubes are the original,:); Thanks for the creators of the Wall cube and the Burr cube. the Burr and Wall cube are so beautiful...
  20. C


    I bought an EastSheen 5-cube just to get the feel for a five. I love it. But, there is simply no way to speed up with my little pet E5. No cutting corners, certainly no reverse cuts, no spins over 90*. I understand that V-Cubes are unbeatable; I get it. I'm looking for an alternative. I hear...