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  • Hello Mr. Hardwick. You may not know me but I saw your formula for all of the permutations and orientations for the entire NxNxN cube given (n=2k or n=2k+1). I was wondering if there was a formula for only the last layer of the puzzle (orientations and permutations). If you could PM me or reply here that would be great! Thanks.
    -Alex Tran
    I sent a PM asking about the medals from Full Sail. Did those ever get mailed out?
    It was rough for a couple of years there, but getting better :) I'm in a position to finally start getting back into cubing. I can't wait to show up these kids ;)
    Hey Chris, I just started commutators but I was having a bit of trouble understanding (on the Pure commutators) the part of insertion, and knowing when to do ABA'B' and BAB'A'. Do you think you could help me out via PMs or (if you prefer) some sort of chat service? I was planning on trying to do full BH for 3x3 bld
    I had experience already with working out most of my solution to 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 (except parity). I also had a decent understanding parity and how it comes about from looking at 4x4x4. I'd say it took a solid week to figure out on my own, but I chose to not do any other puzzles for that week, I only worked on trying to figure out a solution to square-1. I think you can definitely do it! Let me know how it goes!
    Thanks for the reply.Yes,that is what I'm trying to do,I closed my eyes and scrambled my sq1 into a weird shape,i don't even know the notation yet.
    Initially what I'm trying to do is bringing it into a cube shape.
    I asked you the question because i was really interested in knowing that how big a challenge it was to solve the puzzle by yourself,how much time did it take you to figure out.
    Hey Chris,

    I read in one of your posts that you tried to learn how to solve square 1 yourself without taking any help from a tutorial or a guide.
    I wanted to know how far did you reach,were you finally able to solve it?
    hey crhis,

    does that Kenneth guy log on frequently or? As I still see the same comments in the section we spoke of over the past weekend..

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