1. CuberRiley

    3x3 OH Glove Challenge!

    Here's a challenge I want you guys to try, it's pretty fun! The details and my solve here: http://youtu.be/IEwgqqHvLJg -RECuber
  2. P

    Which method is the best for 3x3?

    i currently use advanced cross then f2l then 2 look-oll and 2 look-pll and i am learning coll and i average 51 seconds. please advise any other methods or any link. Please help
  3. CuberRiley

    [Unofficial] 3x3 26.14 Best on Cam

    Hey all!!! Here is a quick video of me getting my best on camera (as of 3/27/15) Hope you like it!!! https://youtu.be/wg6bcoDrqF4 Also please check out my other videos, and say subscribed for 1-5 videos per week. Thanks!
  4. CuberRiley

    3x3 Walkthrough Solves and a Cubicle.US Contest!!!

    Hi guys!!! Here's a video of me doing a few walkthrough solves, and some important information about an upcoming 150 subscriber contest!!! (The contest information is at the end) Thanks!!! -RECuber https://youtu.be/jjV7Kc53WQ0
  5. CuberRiley

    [Unofficial] 3x3 8.22 DNF (Last Move Explosion/Pop)

    So in this solve, I was 2 moves away from my first under 7, but looks like my cube decided otherwise It was a dumb scramble though, so I probably wouldn't have counted this to my PB Watch the video here: I am a little disappointed in Dayan, but also in myself. I decided to use the...
  6. CriticalCubing

    [Review] Fangshi GuangYing 3x3x3

    This thread is for reviews of the Fangshi GuangYing 3x3. You can vote in the poll above, but please only vote if you own this particular puzzle. When posting your review, please follow a template similar to this: 1) Where the puzzle was purchased: 2) When the puzzle was purchased...
  7. CuberRiley

    Potentially hosting an official competition in Oregon

    Hey guys. I want to be able to host my own competition in oregon, but I don't know how to make it official by the wca where records can be set. Any suggestions on how I can do that? I already have started a Cubing club at my school, but I don't know where to go from there. Thanks!!! -Riley
  8. MarcelP

    Zhisheng Kylin 3x3 Review

    This cube is an AoLong knock off. But not in a sence that they copied the pieces exactly. It is just a cube that looks and solves similar to an AoLong. All in all a very nice cube. But it will probably not replace my main yet.. http://youtu.be/q09lMFXXB-0
  9. lego

    [Unofficial] 3x3 Average of 50: 10.29

    Hi all, hese are the times I usually do , but I'd be sub 10 could give me some advice please appreciate it. :) Edit: forgive me for my basic English.
  10. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 5.743 3x3 Single: 2nd Best

  11. A

    What to do next?

    I have been cubing since three months. [Switched to a DaYan ZhanChi last month :3 ] As of now, I can perform full CFOP with 2LookOLL and 2LookPLL. I've seen many people get to sub-20 only with 2Look. How can I become faster? My F2L is the longest, it takes almost 35 seconds for the F2L and...
  12. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 6.252 3x3 Single!

    Pretty nice solve.
  13. S

    FS/FT: 3x3, 3x3x5, Pyraminx(Cyclone Boys + C4U + Dayan + Moyu + SS + Qiyi/Newisland)

    Many Puzzles for sale! (: Bundle deal! ALL SOLD, Thanks!
  14. WonderDrow

    Cube 3x3x3 first 2 layers (ambidextrous)

    Hi cubers. Here's a guide with the different cases for the first 2 layers of a Rubik's cube on a single printable page. cube_3x3x3_first_2_layers.pdf Comments are welcome.
  15. WitEden

    Transparent DaYan Ⅴ- ZhanChi 3x3x3 Magic Cube

    DaYan Ⅴ- ZhanChi (Chinese name:展翅) Size:5.7cm material:PC This Transparent DaYan Ⅴ- ZhanChi is prototype version,not official version Mainly used Sponsorship product of the Chinese WCA Rubik's cube competition. This version has produced about 100 pcs, is absolute limited edition...
  16. brandbest1

    Dayan GuHong or Shengen FII

    Hey guys, I am deciding between two cubes: the Dayan Guhong 3x3, and the Shengen FII. Which one shall I get? (And yes, ignore the sticker quality of the FII. I can resticker it.) Also, if it is a Dayan, should I get a Dayan Stickerless cube, the DIY kit, or the assembled version? sorry if i...
  17. MalusDB

    Small Hands

    Okay so I'm a noob. I know and accept this. But heres the thing i want to know. Is there a better cube for people with small hands? My hands are pretty darn small. They are definitely a disadvantage when i play guitar, and it seems that it should be for cubing. I was just thinking that, since...
  18. ianography

    Experiences with Cubers Outside of the Cubing World

    Yeah, just what the title says. I'll start it off. So, when I lived in Georgia (before I was a cuber), my family and I went to the World of Coke museum in Atlanta. While going to wait in line, I pass this guy with a white cube in hand and he was solving it quite fast (atleast it was fast to me...
  19. MrIndianTeen

    Can PBL be used in 3x3??

    Hello, I was playing around with my 2x2 and 3x3 trying to just learn something and I tried using PBL on a 3x3. Here's how the method works -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Solve the cross with only ONE correct edge piece 2...