1. ianography

    Combined Cubing Channel

    First thing is, sorry about putting the thread here, I couldn't really find a better place. Okay, so I saw a thread on CubeDepot about somebody wanting to start another cubing channel/group, but since the group was already full, I thought that I could make my own. anyway, I don't have a...
  2. Magix

    Upcoming good cubes?

    I currently have a Ghosthand I, and I'm planning to change it out at one point, but I haven't been into cubing for long and I don't really know how often these new improved cubes get released. Every month? Every year? So if I was to buy like a guhong now, would it be pointless because something...
  3. B

    [Help Thread] Puzzle Tensioning

    Hey guys, im still relatively new to cubing ( 2 months ) and i have purchased a white Guhong from icubemart. I love it, however there seems to be a slight problem. No matter how loose, or how tight i adjust the tension screws, the tension doesn't change. The white and yellow sides are so lose...
  4. CuberKyle

    What is a good Magic 3 ring to buy?

    i just learned how to solve it and really want a good one. i always get sub 5 and wanna get sup 2. and suggestions of a durable one that is good for speed cubing? i dont care about the price:D
  5. collinbxyz

    Lanlan 3x3 Review?

    Does anybody have a review on the lanlan 3x3? My Best friend is starting to cube =] and his mom told me that she was getting him a lanlan 2x2 and 3x3 for Christmas. This is because he borrowed my lanlan 2x2, and I told him where to buy it. So his mom got 2x2 AND 3x3. I can't find any reviews...
  6. collinbxyz

    Timer Not Working?

    Lately, my timer would sometimes just go to 0.02 and stop there when I lift my hand, but just today, it does it the whole time! It sounds confusing, so I have a video on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5t6wwEuJR0 Check it out please! I don't think it's the batteries, since the power works...
  7. ravenguild08

    good at OH, bad with two hands. what now?

    //instant edit I hope some of my questions won't come off as inane. I did use the search bar liberally. I have good algs for my finger tricks, practice them a ton, do my F2L reasonably slowly, try to do the cross blindfolded, and do by best to avoid the common pitfalls. My point with mentioning...
  8. dillonbladez

    Choosing your cube (Answers for newbs)

    This is for beginners. Intermediates need not view this whole thread. I'm aware that there are several threads like these, Choosing a Cube, for Noobs In particular. However, these have not been updated for quite some time, and I think I hold enough knowledge to recommend cubes to newbs. This...
  9. oskarasbrink

    [Unofficial] average of 12: 10.12

    lbdgETlH-Xw&feature=recentlik i'm getting closer:cool: Statistics for 10-19-2010 16:47:46 Average: 10.12 Standard Deviation: 0.52 Best Time: 8.13 Worst Time: 11.44 Individual Times: 1. 9.43 L B D2 U2 F' U L2 R2 F2 L' U2 R' B F' R2 U' L2 R2 U2 L' U' F2 L2 R U 2. (11.44) L2 B' F2 U2...
  10. collinbxyz

    Free Gift?

    I ordered my cube4you.'us' cube about.....3-4 weeks ago. And only last Wednesday was it shipped, so I think I should be getting it tomorrow, but I am wondering, would he usually add an extra item since he made this mistake? I haven't seen the email, but my mom just said it was shipped, so I...
  11. D

    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    Edit: Please find the latest suggestions in this thread here. Ok, so I am really sick of people asking what kind of cubes should they get. It seems that I have started the "The XXX Thread" wave at this forum, although some of the threads are pretty useful, the invarible title really annoys me...
  12. B

    The FMC thread

    So I started FMC 2 weeks ago because of the forum competition, and it's the funnest (note: not funniest) thing in cubing for me by far and nothing comes close :D (well, maybe big cubes BLD, which I've quit :p) But being a noob and all in FMC (only 6 attempts so far), I couldn't find a place...
  13. *LukeMayn*

    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Read before posting. Search before posting a question. The "search thread" tool in this thread can be used to see if someone already asked a similar question here. Depending on the question, you may also find answers on the Speedsolving Wiki, or in other threads. If you have questions about WCA...
  14. E

    Where do you stop being a beginner and become a speedcuber?

    ironically, not definite which section this should go in (speedcubing or beginners section), but any thoughts? I wouldve said sub 1-min but any other ideas? P.S please let me know if this should go anywhere else.
  15. C

    [Help Thread] Finger Tricks

    Guides How to guide: clicky Exercises and tips: clicky Les Finger Tricks (French): clicky Videos
  16. edd5190

    Accomplishment Thread

    A thread for accomplishments, hence the title, "Accomplishments Thread". Just post your accomplishments here. I decided to make an accomplishments thread because they have one in TwistyPuzzles and I think it would be nice to have one here too. I'll start: I've finally gotten around to...