1. M

    Selling Entire SpeedCube collection (with Some Rare Other Twisty Puzzles)

    Hello! I have lost interest in Twisty Puzzles over a year ago and decided to put up my collection for CASH offers (paypal). Email me at [email protected] to discuss offers. PRICES ARE NOT FINAL My collection includes : 1 StackMatPro Timer w/ Mat ($15) 1 Shengshou 7x7; Great...
  2. V

    [WTS] Big pack cubes (almost anything you want) bargain !

    Hello im having some money troubles, so im now selling my most precious pieces of my collection for need. The prices are very low because i need to sell it fast. you can buy them separetely, make your own pack with the cubes you want but at least minimum amount 50€, but the ideal would be...
  3. TorbinRoux

    [Unofficial] 10.64 average of 5 with 7.88 single!

    Decent average
  4. X

    [Unofficial] Rubiks cube + juggling

    Rubiks cube + juggling - Tomás Canevali hey everyone well i wanted to do this for a couple of days now so here it is. sadly its not my best and im sorry for the sloppyness on some parts anyway,hope you enjoy it :)
  5. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 10.36 Avg5 ft. 8.69 single [rawz da bawz]

    Pretty good first and last solves. I was going for sub 10, but eyyy, this will still do. Both the average and single are on-cam-PBs so yayy for that. Using left hand U2s and index finger pushes for U, I can do some CMLLs without regripping which seems to be paying off. Half of my solves...
  6. Meneghetti

    [Official] 12.58 3x3 Average (Diego Meneghetti)

    PB! There's definitely room for improvement, though. Any tips on where to focus my practice sessions? (14.67+), (11.93), 12.75, 12.97, 12.03 = 12.58 cubecomps
  7. RhysC

    [Unofficial] 11.45 3x3 avg5 w/ 9.31 single!

    Quite happy with this. PB average, and single ties it. Scrambles were really easy, but my solving was pretty nub. Wasn't able to roll the 15 :P
  8. scorpion24

    [Unofficial] 2x2-5x5 relay 3:42.26 (with commentary) 25 subscriber special

    Here's a 2x2 to 5x5 relay of 3:42.26, with commentary and english subtitles (if you don't understand spanish) Splits: 2x2: 4 3x3: 19 4x4: 1:07 5x5: 2:12
  9. CuberRiley

    [Unofficial] (UWR) Most Rubik's Cubes Solved while Hula Hooping! (42)

    Hey! I'm officially sore for life! I submitted these to Guinness and I'm just waiting to hear back! Here is the time lapse video: And if you want proof this was all legit or you have no life/unlimited free time, here is the full video: Thx 4 watching bro
  10. S

    3 color 3x3x3 algorithm thread

    the 3 color 3x3x3 that has yellow opposite yellow, red opposite red, blue opposite blue can be solved using a different set of algorithms. I did not find a thread for this so I made one. there are 4 of each edge. there are 3 unique edge color combinations. there are 4 of each corner piece. there...
  11. S

    Weird 3x3 Mod Idea

    I've been thinking of making a half-truncated 3x3, but instead of normal caps, add something like lego onto the cut sides, making what I would call a rubiks hybrid. I would have to cut the lego so as it would fit on top on the sides, but if i did this right, I think it would be a pretty neat...
  12. molarmanful

    3 3x3 Walkthrough Solves (White cross)

    This is my first walkthrough solve. Not the best angle, but it'll do. Enjoy!
  13. Meneghetti

    [SAR] 6.84 3x3 single - Pedro Roque

    First sub-7 in South America! Pedro's WCA profile Cubecomps Scramble: B2 F2 R2 U R2 D U L2 B' D2 U B F2 L' B L R D2 L y' x' U' R' Rw D' L D // 6/6 U R' U' R U' R' U R // 8/14 y' U' R' U R2 U' R' // 6/20 y' U R U2 R' U' R U R' // 8/28 y R' U2 R U R' U2 R // 7/35 U' L' U L y' U...
  14. molarmanful

    3SetTimer (MinimalisTimer for 3x3 move sets and subsets)

    There's MinimalisTimer, and then there's 3SetTimer. Only 3SetTimer is dedicated exclusively to 3x3 and its move sets and subsets. 3SetTimer also has a different theme. What do you guys think? What other move sets or subsets should I add? Anything else?
  15. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 11.99 Rubik's Cube Avg12

    i believe that this is my first sub 12 on film. its a bit disappointing that it is such a lame sub 12, but that's the best ive got for right now :| 11.92, 12.64, 11.96, 11.01, (10.50), 12.13, (12.74), 11.68, 11.73, 11.64, 12.58, 12.61
  16. X

    [Unofficial] 3x3 bld 50.45s - Tomas Canevali

    that would be nr in my country so im good with it. mi pb right now is definetly a low 40s i use 3 cycles and very cold hands for this solve theres not much else to say about it. enjoy
  17. Minnesotacubes

    [Unofficial] 18.47 OH solve

    I was testing out my gopro and on my second solve I got this. It was a hand scramble but still one of my best ever. Really fun to get on cam.
  18. L

    Which FangShi Cube is the Best?

    Hello guys, I am thinking about getting a fangshi cube to expand my collection, and am unsure of whether to get the ShuangRen V2 or Guangying. Both seem to be great, but with their differences. I prefer a cube with a crispier feel and lighter turning, although not so much as to make your hands...
  19. CuberRiley

    3x3 27.82 Ao5 Best on Cam!

    Here's my best 3x3 Ao5 on camera too! I added a cool song so comment down below what you think! http://youtu.be/06R0wMQqx1g -RECuber